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									Sunless tanning is also called fake tanning, spray tanning, self-tanning, or UV-free
tanning. This kind of tanning takes the sun out of the equation and also its harmful
UV rays. UV rays have harmful effect on the skin. But, this is not the only method of
getting a tan without the sun. A person could also go to a tanning salon where the light
bulbs that emit UVA are used for the tanning process. This again causes skin ailments.
So, the best bet is self-tanning. Retail Sun Labs spray tan and tan lotion are ideal to
get a sunless tan.
  Tanning Solutions For All
  The Retail Sun Labs spray tan is ideal to get a beautiful glossy tanned look that
would last for a few days. The spray product is available in different varieties and
quantities. The spray solution is offered by the gallon as well as in smaller
manageable bottles. They are available for very dark tan as well as medium and light
tan. There are sprays sold for airbrushing. When the tanning liquid is airbrushed on to
the person, it avoids streaks and unevenness. Airbrushing gives a very flat and
unclogged tan. For airbrushing tans, people usually need to go to salons. Then there
are the spray bottles that are easy to use and dispose. They too give an even tan and
the process can be done in minutes by a person who is on the go. The retail Sun Labs
spray tan gives beautiful golden or bronzed appearance and last for a few days in the
  Sun Labs spray tan solution also includes tanning kits. These kids have an
exfoliating body scrub which can be used before the tanning process so that the body
is well rid of the dead skin. Exfoliating is essential before any kind of tanning as the
body needs to be clean and devoid of dead skin cells for effective tanning. There are
also the overnight tanning lotions that need to be applied before going to bed and an
absolutely great tan is developed overnight. Tan maintenance moisturizers are also
available which ensure that the tan stays longer. The Lab is coming out with
innovative ideas to make the application of the tan easier. One such product is the
roll-on tan which has something that resembles a rolling pin attached to the spray
bottle. This helps the person apply the tanning solution without getting any on the
hands and also in smooth and easy strokes.
  Self-tanning is a new trend that is catching on like wildfire. From celebrities to
models, everyone sports a bronzed look. The best part of self-tanning, besides the
great results, is that it totally removes the harmful effects of the sun on the skin. The
self-tanning lotions and sprays are harmless and can be used frequently as per the
whims of the user. The retail Sun Labs spray tan is one of the best in the market. Visit for sunless tanning lotions and sprays. The retail Sun Labs
spray tan prices are a good deal for any customer.

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