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Pathfinder offers a range of retail software products and solutions which integrate a wide
spectrum of customer requirements, streamlining business functions and increase
organizational efficiency with a definite mark of quality with a ROI assurance.

To become a valued organization that delivers the innovative business solutions by
leveraging technology, and world class people.

To ensure shareholders value and customer satisfaction, by providing cost effective world
class services and solutions in an innovative work environment with the best-in-class
people leveraging technical expertise.

One of the very best investments you can make in your independent supermarket business
is a state-of-the-art supermarket POS system.

But state-of-the-art doesn't necessarily mean over-the-top-ridiculously-expensive; it
simply means ensuring you get a point of sale software system that is specifically designed
for your particular market segment and has all the features and functionality required to
take your supermarket or grocery store from ordinary to extraordinary.

So, whether you are considering the purchase of a supermarket business or already have
one or a chain of supermarkets and you are thinking of upgrading your system, let's look at
some of the amazing benefits you and your business will gain with the technological
advantages of a supermarket POS system.

Your business would quickly have to put up the shutters without a steady and loyal
customer base; probably more so than any other business, a supermarket relies on regular
customers who know the staff by name and also know in which aisle they are bound to find
the household supplies they are looking for.

That's the beauty of a supermarket point of sale system; it takes care of the paperwork and
processing so you can take care of your customers!

And what's more, with additional time on your hands you can focus more energy on
improving and expanding your business.

A supermarket POS system enables you to input the prices for every item in your store.
Sure, that's a time consuming process when you first start out, although importing all your
product data all at once, including prices is often possible. Once the products are in,
changing prices is about all you need to do. Some suppliers even provide this information
in a file which is easily imported into your POS system, eliminating the need to do this

Save time and money with Retail ADVANTAGE POS This integrated solution is a complete
answer to your needs because you front desk needs like cash register functions and
customer management is integrated with inventory control, payroll, accounts payable and
financials! Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software is the answer to your computer
Software. Commission calculations, sales reports, customer mailings, inventory reordering
and financial statements are easy and fast with Retail ADVANTAGE Point of Sale Software.

Supermarket POS in the Back Office

Let's face it: one of the most laborious tasks for supermarket owners and managers is
trying to keep track of stock, invoicing, suppliers, accounts, inventory and re-ordering.

A supermarket point of sale software system handles all the paperwork online. It will track
each and every sale of a particular item as it passes through the checkout, so with a few
clicks of the mouse you can view the quantity sold and quantity still in stock for all your
products. You can view your stock-at-hand and see when stock is running low and reorder
as needed.

Once you have confirmed the re-order list, you can email or fax the order to your supplier,
or the software can electronically message your suppliers for fresh stock, if you have the
correct supplier integration. This functionality applies whether you have one store or one
hundred stores.

The point of sale system can also display a range of data to help you manage and improve
margins and profit levels. For example, you can view data on the most profitable and
popular brand of baby nappies so you can forward-plan accordingly. It can show you how
many products were sold today, last week or last month.

With the 'multi-buy' pricing feature, you can easily set up in-store discount promotions or a
'buy one get one free' offer.

In addition, you can group your customers into different segments so that special discounts
will automatically apply for, say, seniors or your 'regulars'.

A supermarket POS system reduces the day-to-day menial paperwork, leaving you free to
focus on the more important things. What's more, it creates a positive and reassuring
experience for your customers as well as promoting a less stressful experience for your
staff. And isn't that a win-win-win situation for everyone?

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Author: T.Muthukumar

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