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									Delhi - the majestic capital of the India is the home for several monuments and
memorials. The memorial of the father of our Nation 鈥?Mahatma Gandhi is present
over here and surely needs to be given a visit by all. Also Delhi boasts to have a large
number of weekend gateways which have been frequented by all people from our
country. Here we can have a short discussion about the possible weekend gateways
from the capital of our country.
  Agra - which is termed as the most beautiful city in India is one of the hot selections
for the people of Delhi. It is about a 7 hour journey from the country 鈥檚 capital and
is considered to be one of the best destinations in the country. The only thing that
comes to a person 鈥檚 mind is the romantic Taj Mahal which is present in this
beautiful place. This miracle is one among the Seven Wonders of the World. It was
built by Shah Jahan in memory of his wife 鈥?Mumtaj. The Taj Mahal is still new in
its looks and is beside the River Yamuna. India still boasts this pride for this
wonderful monument which was built during the 18th century. Agra is also the home
for many gardens and plants which are present in the heart of the city. Rose garden
and the zoological garden are frequented by the tourists who come to Agra.
  Next weekend gateways from Delhi is the clean and peaceful city of Chandigarh.
The city to be mentioned separately is the cleanest city in India and has a decent
culture prevailing in there. The climate is the highlight for Chandigarh and during the
hot times in Delhi people spend a vacation over here. It is also the home for the
famous Punjabis and has traditions which are loved by all.
  Next among the weekend gateways is Jaipur which is at a fair distance from Delhi.
Jaipur is primarily known for its forts and old buildings which were built during the
early stages of Indian civilization. Jaipur also called as the pink city of India is a hot
destination and also houses some of the wonderful palaces in the country. In the Delhi
- Jaipur highways are also places which can be adored.
  Thus Delhi serves as a perfect base for weekend gateways as it has a whole lot in
store over there and also nearby. When anyone plans for weekend trips they can give
more importance for the above mentioned places.
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