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									People who make a website usually do research on how to improve not only the
quality of their website but also on how to make their website more popular. As time
goes by, the competition gets more fierce since more and more new websites are put
up every day. The popularity of a site is often related to how many links from other
sites are linked to your website. Those are called back-links which I'm sure many of
you have heard of before.
  Another name for back-links are inbound links. There are many ways to promote a
website, you can submit articles on your website and make videos of your website but
the simplest and fastest way is to simply have other websites post the link of your
website on their site. Some sites offer a price for that, but some do not. Since you will
be wanting many sites to link back to you, it is preferable that you submit your links
to the sites that accept those links for free.
  When search engines do their calculations on how important a site is, a main part of
their calculation is not only how many back-links there are to a site, but also on the
quality of those back-links. When links to your site comes from a website with a
category that is similar to your website, then those sites are considered high quality
sites. For example, if your website is about selling home furniture, then the most
relevant back-links are the ones from sites that either talk about furniture or have a
home/furniture category.
  Nowadays it is difficult to get your website to get ranked high in the search engine
because of those top sites like L.A Times, New York Times, Fox news and many more.
So you need as many sites linking back to you as possible nowadays. Some sites do a
strategy called reciprocal linking which is, you link to their site and they link back to
you. But that type of strategy is looked down upon by the search engines.
  Having links from other websites linking to your site is not only about making your
site more recognized on the search engine, it is also helpful to people who came from
those various sites and got transferred to your site from clicking on a link. Having
quality back-links is the most important aspect of promoting your website online as
well as letting the search engines know how important your site is.
  I hope you now have a better understanding of the reasons why having other sites
link to your website is so important.
  Hello, I'm Brian Tse and I have seen many people who constantly look for quality
websites to submit their link to in order to promote their site. My website
http://www.submitanurl. net approves nearly all links and keeps those links for as long
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