Stuck for Christmas Dinner Ideas- Try Potatoes Anna.

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					Christmas dinner ideas are harder to come by than any other holiday menu. Most
people have deep traditions when it comes to their Thanksgiving table, but Christmas
presents a great opportunity to try new things, new ideas for the coming new year.
  Let 鈥檚 start with starch. Potatoes are high in calories, high in carbohydrates, high
in starch and sugars. For nutritional value, you 鈥檙 e better off with complex grains,
but who wants quinoa next to their holiday ham? No one. If we want to change
something, let 鈥檚 change the potato.
  Holiday eating is about fulfillment of the soul, not the food pyramid, and potatoes
are great comfort food to many families. But, instead of the same-old mashed potatoes,
how about a new Christmas dinner idea this year, Potatoes Anna?
  Potatoes Anna gives you the best of both worlds that cooked potatoes have to offer.
Starting with a basic saut 茅 procedure, sliced rinsed and dried potatoes are layered
over hot clarified butter. After a bit of salt and pepper, and more butter, another layer
of sliced potatoes are added. Continue in this fashion until the pan is filled with a
daisy-wheel of layered potatoes.
  After browning the Potatoes Anna in the saut 茅 pan, cover it with a lid or foil and
finish the dish in the oven. This combination of direct source conductive heat along
with the indirect convective heat of the oven will give us a new side dish that 鈥檚
brown and crunchy on the bottom while still soft like mashed potatoes in the middle.
  You 鈥檒 l see why this is such a great potato side dish when you invert the saut 茅
pan onto a plate and witness the beautiful plate appeal of browned potatoes atop
layers of soft, steaming slices of fragrant goodness.
  Try something new this year and get away from basic mashed potatoes. The New
Year is coming; it 鈥檚 time for new traditions, new journeys, exploration and
education. Your search won 鈥檛 end with this one Christmas dinner idea, but
hopefully it 鈥檚 the start.
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