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					There is a plethora of beautiful places to visit, sights to see, people to meet and
experiences to undertake in India. From the forts and palaces left behind by the great
kingdoms to the bazaars and handicrafts markets, from the warm people who open
their hearts and homes to one and all to some of the most mouthwatering cuisines in
the world, this country has it all. It comes as no surprise then that India is one of the
most popular tourist destinations in the world.
  Just about anybody who likes to travel will want to visit India sometime or the other.
Whether it is the great India Gate in the capital city of New Delhi paying homage to
those sacrificed in war with its eternally burning flame or the world famous white
marble TajMahal- the symbol of everlasting love and devotion for people all around
the globe, India has so many enriching experiences to offer.
  Planning a tour to India is a great idea but it can be an overwhelming experience. If
you belong to some other country and have never visit India before there are a great
many things to take care of in advance. Since the national language of India is not
English, the currency is in Indian Rupees and there are hundreds of local customs and
ways of life that will not be known to travelers, it can be tough for a first timer to
arrive in the country and find accommodation, get used to traveling within the country
by local transport, finding currency exchange offices, knowing what places to visit
and so on.
  It is in this light that the role of the India tour operator becomes clear. The basic job
of a tour operator is to bring together different parts of a travel plan and tie them
together into one single package. This includes travel to and fro the country,
accommodation during the visit, currency exchange advice and aid, tips on how to
move around in the country, advice on different places to stay, signing up for a tour
program during the stay and so on.
  In simpler words, the role of the India tour is to take care of the different elements of
the travel plan so that you can enjoy yourself fully without having to worry about
being responsible for a variety of things.
  Even if you are somebody who enjoys planning DIY travel trips it makes sense to
enlist the services of a qualified tour operator or agency. India as a country is teeming
with places to visit and sights to see and on your first time to the country you will
want to see the most important and beautiful spots. A tour operator will be able to take
care of this need of yours by guiding you to the best tours.
  If you go through the formal channels the tour operator will be able to get you the
best accommodation at best prices for your needs and budget so that when you arrive
in the country you have someplace comfortable to head to.
  Hindi is the premier language spoken in the country though English is prevalent in
the cities as well. Since it will not always be possible to rely on local help it is vital to
take care of the essentials with the aid of an India tour operator.
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