Stretch Mark Remedies Getting Rid of Stretch Marks in the Early Stages by djsgjg0045


									When the middle layer of your skin breaks due to a sudden or constant stretching,
stretch marks are created. Our skin is usually tight and tout from the elastic fibers and
collagen inside it, but when it is placed over its stretching capacity it will eventually
tear and expose your dermis. The end result of the tearing is the exposure of the
underlying tissue together with a slight change in color. Women oftentimes experience
stretch marks during pregnancy, another case where stretch marks are exhibited is
during obesity. Stretch marks can be easily treated for as long as you take action on it
right away. Though it can still be treated, old stretch marks are very stubborn and
removing it will be difficult.

A very important part of its treatment is prevention, constantly check on your body's
fatter parts for an early detection of stretch marks. Early detection will definitely help
you remove it right away. Early signs of stretch marks on your skin will usually tell
you that you need to start trimming down before things get worse if you are obese, or
start consulting your doctor for creams and hypo allergenic moisturizers if you are
pregnant. Depending on your skin tone, the discolorations produced by your stretch
marks will vary. However, old and untreated stretch marks especially those which are
getting more severe will start to display a red or purple color.

A great way to treat stretch marks using common products at home is cocoa butter.
This product contains natural moisturizing agents that help your skin gain back its
elasticity. Applying this product several times a day can help rejuvenate damaged skin
including the ones that have started to look like scars. For better results, you can also
try moisturizers that are cocoa butter based or ones that can help rehydrate your skin
through topical applications. This treatment however will only work during the initial
stages of the skin problem and will also work best as a complement to diet and

Natural oils have also been proven to be very effective in the treatment of stretch
marks. Oils help make your skin smoother and softer this is a great property that can
help you treat your stretch marks. The skin cell regenerating property of Wheat germ
oil is a highly effective property against stretch marks and that is why it is a highly
suggested oil for its treatment.

Exfoliation can also help your skin recover from stretch marks. Before you start it
though, you will need to keep in mind that over exfoliation can cause your skin to be
too dry and rigid, make sure to do it gently. In due time, constant exfoliation helps
your skin to produce newer and healthier skin cells, this can help you slowly get rid of
your damaged skin. Always do exfoliation lightly and gently, rough scrubbing will
cause scratches and abrasion and it will tend to increase your stretch marks instead of
minimize it. There are more effective topical creams available in the market, Glycolic
acid, retinoid and tretinoin are proven products but you will have to consult your
doctor before using it.
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