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									                               PHI DELTA CHI
                                 The Tattler
                                     Unive r s ity of M i chig a n
                                         Alpha Cha p te r

PDC JOINS THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY IN THE BATTLE                                            May 22, 2008
                                                                                               Volume 2, Issue 1
  By: Idan Hannawa and         brothers held an Easter         The collaboration of the
      Sarah Zukkoor            bake sale and hosted a bar      members of Phi Delta Chi,
We all know or have heard      night, which contributed to     as well as the faculty and      Inside this issue:
of someone afflicted by        exceeding the goal. The         staff of the College of Phar-
cancer and understand the      most successful event was       macy, was a vital aspect in
                               the guest-grilling fundraiser   the success of this event.      Immunization     2
devastation it can cause.
                               at Bd’s Mongolian Barbe-        Thanks to everyone, espe-       Education
This year, over 1.3 million
Americans will be newly        que, which was recognized       cially families and friends,
                                                                                               St. Jude Fund-   2
diagnosed with the disease     as the largest one day fund-    for their support and gen-      raising
and begin the struggle to a    raiser out of 161 teams         erosity. Through combined
hopeful recovery. In an        registered at the University    efforts, over $4000 was         Fall Chore Day   2
effort to fight back, the      of Michigan. PDC also           contributed to the collec-
Alpha Chapter of Phi Delta     made a large charitable         tive $262,000 raised for        Regionals        3
Chi at the University of       contribution in memory of       the American Cancer Soci-
Michigan participated in       Nancy Ascione, the wife of      ety, making the University
                               Dean Frank Ascione, who         of Michigan the most suc-       2008 Rush        3
the American Cancer Soci-
ety’s annual Relay for Life    passed away from cancer in      cessful college Relay in the    Ski Trip         4
on April 5-6, 2008. Relay      2007.                           nation. Although this
                                                               year’s Relay for Life has       Lineage Cook-    4
for Life is a 24-hour event                                                                    off
in which participants unite                                    ended, you can fight back
                               On the day of the event,        against cancer on a daily
in raising awareness and       team members and friends
money to fight this disease,                                   basis. Small changes in
                               rallied together at Palmer      your everyday life can make
celebrate those who have       Field on the University of
survived, and remember                                         a big impact in reducing
                               Michigan campus. A repre-       your risk. By wearing sun-
those who have passed.         sentative for the team          screen, avoiding tobacco,
                               walked the track every          exercising and eating right,
In the months leading up       hour, while team co-            you can fight back against
to Relay for Life, the team    captains remained at the        cancer.
held several fundraising       tent site, selling baked
events in an effort to raise   goods and collecting last
as much money as possible,     minute donations. In the
surpassing our goal of         spirit of this year’s Holly-
$3000. In addition to the      wood theme, the red carpet
multiple emails sent to        was rolled out and the tent
loved ones, faculty, and       adorned with stars, winning
fellow classmates, the         the Best Decorated Tent
                                                 Site Award
                                                 for 2008.
Spreading The Word About Immunizations
                                           On Nov 8th, 2007 the pledge brothers        were influenza and HPV vaccines. Ad-
                                           of Phi Delta Chi braved inclement           ditional informational flyers and pam-
                                           weather to present an educational           phlets were distributed to those that
                                           poster on the Diag. The presentation        stopped by if they wanted more infor-
                                           was an informative display geared to-       mation on the vaccine including the
                                           wards immunizations applicable to col-      cost and location it could be received.
                                           lege age students. The immunizations        Another information session is being
                                           presented were on the MMR, HPV,             scheduled for this spring.
                                           Influenza, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and
                                           Meningococcal vaccines. The hot top-
By: Frank Bertone                          ics of the day for those that stopped by

Fundraising for St. Jude
By: Jake Holler                            Jude’s Children’s hospital. The letter writing
                       On a cold No-       campaign produced close to 1300 letters and
                       vember night,       over $4500. Fun, games, and pizza helped to
                       brothers of         lure the brothers in from the cold, but many
                       Alpha chapter       came out of the goodness of their
                       gathered at the     heart. This campaign is part of a
                       houses of their     four year plan to raise over
                       WIG and             $200,000. The Prescription for
                       WMA. Jake           Hope would result in the ‘Phi
                       Holler and          Delta Chi’ outpatient pharmacy
                       Arturo              should the goal be met. Thanks to
                       Dominguez           all the brothers who came to sup-
hosted over 30 brothers to support St.     port the children.

Helping Seniors at Fall Chore Day
By: Jill Descourouez                       Delta Chi helped to rake leaves for 3 of
On November 10, the Phi Delta Chi          the 120 senior citizens that benefited
Alpha chapter teamed up to participate     from the event. Lead by brother Anna
in the 32nd Annual Fall Chore Day.         Christich, a total of 25 brothers and
The event was organized by Katie Olex,     pledges volunteered for the event.
director of the Community Outreach         With so many people eager to rake
and Volunteer Services for the Big         leaves, we were divided into two teams
Brothers, Big Sisters. Together, with      and assigned three houses. Everyone
over 700 volunteers, the brothers of Phi   set to work, teaming up to either rake
                                           leaves, bag leaves, or change smoke
                                           detector batteries for the senior citizen
                                           we were helping out. Blessed by a
                                           warm day, the raking went by very           hope to continue making this an an-
                                           quickly and was rather enjoyable. This      nual event for our chapter, as we are
                                           event was a great experience and pro-       always looking for fun ways to give back
                                           vided current brothers a chance to          to the community.
                                           bond with the new pledges, while also
                                           giving back to the community. We

Page 2                                                                                                            PHI DELTA CHI
                                             of course) and we were part of the larg-
Regionals                                    est gathering of Phi Delta Chi brothers
                                             for any Regional Conference. The
By: Cuong Hoang
                                             weekend consisted of committee meet-
On the weekend of April 4-6 nineteen         ings, educational workshops, and of
of our Alpha Chapter brothers con-           course lots of fun in Madison! The best
verged on Madison, WI for the Phi            part of the weekend was the sense of
                      Delta Chi Mid-         camaraderie we experience with our
                      western Re-            fellow brothers of Phi Delta Chi. I
                      gional Confer-         think it’s safe to say that we all
                      ence hosted by         came back from Regionals with
                      Delta Chapter.         a sense of pride in our fraternity
                      Our chapter            and excitement for the coming
                      came in second         year. I would like to thank Delta
                      to Theta for           Chapter for doing a great job
                      having the most        hosting the event and the broth-
                      brothers attend        ers of Alpha that attended.
                      (besides Delta

2008 Rush: One for the Books
By: Jake Holler                              ternity at Dominick’s, the rushes kept     booth in the Diag and educated people
This year’s pledge class for Alpha chap-     the fun going at Bar Louie and Ypsi-       on college age immunizations. They
ter set some records. Aside from being       Arbor lanes. To prove they could do        also planned a social outing at B-dubs
the biggest in recent years (if not all      more than just party, they began work-     to really get to know the members of
time), our pledges had record-setting        ing on their pledge projects. To demon-    PDC and demonstrate their under-
ambition, and award-winning attitudes.       strate their ability to fundraise, the     standing of brotherhood. All of this
Okay, they didn’t actually win any           pledges made over $600 selling sweat-      was done in a matter of weeks and
awards, but the rushing/pledging proc-       pants, donuts and cider, and Hallow-       really showed us that this year’s pledge
ess was a blast and if their participation   een candy grams. To show that they         class knows something about organiza-
was indicative of the future, PDC is         were professionals, the pledges set up a   tion and teamwork. We thank them for
only going to improve.                                                                                    loads of fun and look
After meeting the fra-                                                                                    forward to seeing what
                                                                                                          they can do for PDC in
                                                                                                          the future!

Volume 2, Issue 1                                                                                                         Page 3
University of Michigan
    Alpha Chapter
                                 The Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy fraternity was founded at the University of
     428 Church Street
                                Michigan, Ann Arbor on November 2, 1883 with the purpose of advancing
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109
                                 the science of Pharmacy and its allied interest, and to foster and promote a
E-mail:                          fraternal spirit among its members.
     We’re on the Web!
                                                                                                                Alterum Alterius Auxilio Eget

Time to Hit the Slopes!
   .By Jill Descourouez                             ers of every skill level joined
                                                    in, trying out all the hills
   What better way to start off a new semester      from the bunny slopes to the
   and welcome the new brothers than a week-        double black diamonds.
   end of skiing, snowboarding, and bonding?        This was the first in what
   On January 11th, the brothers of PDC headed      hopes to become a yearly
   up to Treetops Resort in Treetops, Michigan      tradition.
   for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Broth-

    Allez Cuisine!
                                         brought their dishes to Peter Nied-    our judges this year and to Peter for
                                         bala’s house to duke it out on the     hosting the event at his house.
                                         culinary stage. The winner for best
                                         entrée this year was Dan Lu’s lineage
                                         for their pot stickers. Melinda Tran’s
                                         lineage took best dessert for their
                                         mini cheesecakes topped with fruit.
                                         The best part of the evening was of
                                         course getting to eat the delicious
   By Cuong Hoang
                                         creations that included sushi, curry
   March 12, 2008 marked the second      chicken, lasagna, enchilada casse-
   annual PDC Lineage Cook-off.          role, and flan just to name a few.
   Once again we had a great turnout!    Many thanks to Dean Ascione, Peter
   The brothers of Alpha chapter         Neidbala, and Suprat Saely for being

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