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									                     IRS SMALL BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE
                             AUGUST 28, 2007

Pat Baird             MN Secretary of State
Roger Belfay          Attorney
Cindy Collett         SBA
Tom Copeland          Redleaf National Institute
Dave Costello         MN Chamber of Commerce
                      Minneapolis Regional
Kristen Dalen         Chamber of Commerce
Kathleen Flom         MN DOR
Dona Harris           MEK Accounting
Melissa Heus          Mpls Empowermen Zone
Gary Johnson          MN DEED
Marlys Kocourek       MEK Accounting
Thomas Larson         AccountAbility Minnesota
Dan Lee               MN DOR
Jeff Nelson           MN DEED
Michael Nelson        MN Secretary of State
Ibrahim Noor          MN DEED
Tom Reese             MN DEED
Mike Schaitberger     MN DEED
Narin Sihavong        Mpls Empowermen Zone
John Stiffen          MN DOLI
John Svigel           MN DEED
                      Social Security
Mark Vevea            Administration
Corey Walton          US DOL
Shane Ferguson         IRS Stakeholder Liaison
Pat Buttweiler          IRS Stakeholder Liaison
Alan Gregerson         IRS Stakeholder Liaison
Ann Makres             IRS Stakeholder Liaison
Michelle Benson        IRS Governmental Liaison

Meeting Summary:

Pat Buttweiler, Stakeholder Liaison, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and
providing a folder of information, including the meeting agenda.

Tom Reese, DEED Business Services Specialist, welcomed everyone to the Workforce
Center and provided information about the Business Services Specialists and Workforce
Centers around the state.

Shane Ferguson, Stakeholder Liaison Area Manager, talked about Stakeholder Liaison
and IRS products and services for small businesses and the Tax Gap. He highlighted e-
News for Small Businesses, Tax Talk Today, Phone Forums and Tax Tip 2007-06 on
Choosing a Tax Preparer. Two attendees requested to be subscribed to e-News for Small
Theresa McGill, Senior Bank Secrecy Act Specialist, spoke about the Bank Secrecy Act
and Money Services Businessses. She said she will be in Minneapolis on September 6th
speaking at the Regional Money Order Business Convention and is looking for other
speaking opportunities in Minnesota. As a result, a member of the MN Bar Association
said he plans to facilitate a speaking engagement for her with the Bar Association. SL
will contact the MN Attorney General to facilitate a BSA presentation.

Dave Costello, member of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Small Business
Committee, provided information about the Chamber and the Small Business Committee,
which discusses and solves common problems for Minnesota small businesses. The
Chamber represents 2,600 businesses of all types and sizes across Minnesota. It partners
with local chambers to speak as one voice on critical issues that affect the economy. SL
will attend the September meeting of the Small Business Committee to talk about SL, the
tax gap and IRS products/services for small business.

Pat Baird, Office of Secretary of State, a new partner with Stakeholder Liaison, is
embarking on an effort to provide business information from all agencies to it’s
customers. Many times, the first thing a new business does is register with the SOS
followed by asking questions regarding the next steps to be taken. The SOS office
handles 150 walk-in customers and 350 telephone calls each day. It is creating a mailer
with contact information for all agencies and requested information from each. SL
provided Pub 4591, Small Business Federal Tax Responsibilities. Several other agencies
made arrangements to send their information to Pat.

John Stiffen, MN Department of Labor and Industry, provided updates on several MN
laws, including the MNOSHA Act, Minimum Wage Laws, Fair Labor Standards Act and
the new Packing House Workers Bill of Rights. He requested that everyone provide him
with contacts in the meat processing industry.

Gary Johnson, MN Department of Employment and Economic Development
Unemployment Insurance Program, provided updates on 2007 law changes. He also
provided a brief overview of the Leveraged Employment Tax Workshops that are
presented monthly by DEED, MNDOR, IRS Stakeholder Liaison and MN Worker’s
Compensation. Worker classification is a topic covered at every workshop. A discussion
of worker classification issues resulted in many of the attendees requesting the topic be
addressed more fully by all of agencies at a future Roundtable. The IRS link for
registering for the workshops is:
http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=99125,00.html, which is in the Small
Business Events section of the IRS website. An invitation was given to other agencies to
participate in the monthly Leveraged ET Workshops and John Stiffen of MNDOLI
indicated an interest.
Roundtable Discussion:

Kathy Flom of the MNDOR Withholding Division shared that they plan to make personal
visits to small businesses in the Fall and would be willing to take along a one-page flyer
of small business resources. SL followed up with Kathy

Tom Larson of AccountAbility Minnesota asked Stakeholder Liaison to find out if
taxpayers who received 1099s rather than W-2s can be sent to IRS Taxpayer Assistance
Centers for help with completing a Form SS-8. SL followed up with Tom.

Roger Belfay, Attorney, suggested that small businesses should be advised of the need
for liability insurance.

After the meeting John Svigel, DEED, shared two issues with SL regarding FUTA tax for
LLCs and S-Corporation officers. SL met with John to discuss both issues.

The next Roundtable will be March 27, 2008 and the name will likely be changed to
Small Business Liaison Meeting in an effort to increase attendance by non-government


Two attendees were subscribed to e-news for Small Businesses

SL will contact the MN Attorney General’s office to facilitate a BSA presentation.

An attendee will facilitate a BSA presentation to the MN Bar Association.

SL will attend the September meeting of the MN Chamber Small Business Committee to
talk about SL, the tax gap, IMRS and IRS products/services for small businesses.

SL will provide Publication 4591, Small Business Federal Tax Responsibilities, to the
Office of the MN Secretary of State for placement in a mailing to new businesses. The
other agencies in attendance made arrangements to send their information to SOS.

The registration link for the monthly Leveraged Employment Tax Workshops was sent to

The agencies in attendance were invited to participate with DEED, DOR and IRS in the
monthly Leveraged Employment Tax Workshops.

The topic of Worker Classification was discussed and then requested by several attendees
to be presented more fully by all of the agencies at a future SB Roundtable.

SL partners with SBA to present Webinars. A potential future topic is Worker
Classification, which would include presenters from several agencies.

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