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					                    Performance School of Music
                              Oakville FALL SURVEY 2009
                 In order to “better serve you” please take a brief moment to complete
                               and then bring with you to class this week!
Please indicate 1st & 2nd choices for days/times in the curriculum of your choice as we are testing many
of the times/days listed, and your first choice may not be offered depending on survey results.
Your Child’s Name                                           Current Curriculum/Day/Time
I wish this CURRICULUM/DAY/TIME was offered:
          (If your choice is not listed below, please write-in your desires here.)

          VILLAGE Ages: Newborn – 18 mos.
          (45 minute class w/ Grown-Up)                 IMAGINE THAT Ages: 3 -5
          Tuesday 10:45        ____                     (45 minute class w/ Grown-Up exit for 15 min)
          Saturday 11:00       ____                     Tuesday 1:00          ____
                                                        Saturday 9:15         ____

          OUR TIME Ages: 18 mos.-3                      YOUNG CHILD 1 Ages: 5 & 6
          (45 minute class w/ Grown-Up)                 (1 hour class w/ Grown-Up last 10-15 min)
                                                        Tuesday 2:00          ____
          Tuesday 9:45        ____                      Saturday 12:00        ____
          Saturday 10:15      ____
                                                        YOUNG CHILD 3 Ages: 6 & 7
                                                        (1 hour class w/ Grown-Up last 10-15 min)
                                                        Available only in Burlington currently.

          ABC Music & Me Ages: 4-6
          (30 minute class w/o Grown-Up)

          Tuesday 11:45       ____

K.I.S.S. “PRIORITY” ENROLLMENT (Keep It Simple Service) will begin Monday, May 11th
       Week 1: May 11-16 - Only Families Reserving Same Day & Time
       Week 2: May 18-23 - Families moving to new day/time/curriculum, or adding siblings.

      K.I.S.S. PRIORITY DISCOUNT = $13 + FREE CD (Enroll May11th-23rd)
                                                                   Fall 2009 Preview
                                                                           CALL 905-319-8025
                                                                                  Online Enrollment at

                          Feathers and Do-Si-Do
                          ages newborn to 18 months                                                              See What I Saw
                                                                                                                 ages 3 ½ to 5 years
                   Feathers introduces Baby and Parent/Caregiver to a
                   delightful range of songs, movement activities, object play                          Books, storytelling, language, drama, puppets – these are all
                   and vocal play relating to our feathered friends. The                                essential ingredients to the Imagine That! Curriculum. Each
                   Australian Kookaburra, the African Ostrich and many                                  acts as a dramatic catalyst for integrating thematic songs,
                   more birds from across the world are featured in songs,                              activities, events and feelings. In the first unit, See What I
                   dances and poems. A Yiddish folk song, a Muskogean                                   Saw, you’ll enjoy the many wonders of a trip to Grasshopper
melody, and Mother Goose rhymes set to music are just a few of the                                      Park.
colorful and exciting pieces introduced in this curriculum.                      The music in Imagine That! represents a variety of different cultures with songs
                                                                                 from Ghana, Latin America, Greece, and France. You’ll find some old favorites
                    Do-Si-Do stimulates a wonderfully unique experience of       too, including Ha Ha This-a-Way, Jim Along, Josie, and Mr. Sun, as well as
                    rhythm and movement for Baby and Parent/Caregiver.           familiar folk tunes such as A Tisket, A Tasket, Shoo-Fly, and Allee Galloo.
                    Movement highlights include a Virginia Reel, a               There are also many new, original compositions like the chant Everything is
                    combination Tango, Cha-Cha! and a “move-to-it” poem.         Just Fine.
                    Other activities range from chime ball play to instrument
                    exploration and more. Music selections draw from many        At Home materials invite the children to continue the fun and learning at home
traditions, including African American, Mexican, Scottish, South African and     through the use of a Kindermusik slide whistle, a themed play set, two literature
Southeast Asian. Come Dance with your BABY!                                      books, a Family Activity Book, and two CDs
2 Sets of Home Materials (1 of following for each unit):                          At Home Materials include:
 • Baby’s Rhyming Literature Book                                                 • Park Play Game & Cards Set
 • PDF File of Baby’s Home Journal                                                • Two Literature Books
                                                                                  • Two Home CDs
 • Home CD
                                                                                  • Slide Whistle
 • Art Banners
                                                                                  • Imagine That! Backpack (free to all first-time IT enrollees!)
 • Themed Instrument

                            Wiggles & Giggles                                                      Kindermusik for the Young Child*
                            ages 18 months to 3 years                                                         ages 5 to 7 years (Kindergarten – 2nd Grade)
                  Wiggles & Giggles is a wonderful blend of the unlimited
                  physical energies and uninhibited playfulness of the Our
                  Time age child! One favorite movement activity is the          Young Child – GENERAL INFO Students explore many facets of music –
                  Music & Movement Story Time with the Watch Me! Book.           speaking, singing, moving, listening, creating, playing instruments, and learning
                  Other delightful songs include “Wishy Washy Wee!”, “I          about reading and writing music.           Creative movement or dances are
                  See You”, and “Clapping Land.”                                 interspersed with quiet activities like drawing or focused listening. The
                                                                                 curriculum introduces the thrill of the glockenspiel, a pre-keyboard instrument,
                  A variety of activities focus on various lesson themes         and the wonder of string and woodwind instruments like the dulcimer and
such as steady beat, tempo, and musical form. Children will enjoy exploring      recorder. This is the capstone of Kindermusik! Young Child is the perfect
shaker instruments and metal instruments and incorporating fun, creative         pressure-free preparation for private instrumental instruction.
props like scarves, sponges, hoops, and mirrors.
                                                                                 *Year One - Semester 1 of Kindermusik for the Young Child
The At Home Materials help you keep wiggling and giggling at home all
                                                                                 opens the world to new and different ways of learning about
through the week! You’ll love the At Home CDs, the Home Activity Book,
                                                                                 music. The focus and content includes beginning notation
the literature books and the original home instrument for this semester, a
                                                                                 (rhythmic and melodic dictation), exploring the musical staff,
pair of zig-zag blocks.
                                                                                 beat versus no beat, and auditory discrimination of percussion
We hope you’ll join us for a great time of wiggling, giggling, bonding and       instruments, brass instruments, and melodic direction.
nurturing in this unit!                                                          Semester 1 utilizes & introduces the glockenspiel, a pre-
At Home Materials include:                                                       keyboard instrument. Favorite themes in Semester 1 include “Music is
 • Two Music and Movement Books                                                  Everywhere”, “Meet the Mallets”, and “Discovering Melody and Mozart.”
 • Home Activity Book
 • Two Home CDs                                                                  Year Two – Semester 3 begins the exploration of your
 • Carry Bag                                                                     child’s first “stringed” instrument, the dulcimer. Along with the
 • Zig-Zag Blocks                                                                glockenspiel, we will utilize these instruments to learn musical
                                                                                 concepts that include ‘call and response’, improvisation,
Questioning in which class to place your child? Is he/she just on the            meter, and further advance notation-building on first-year
‘border’ of the minimum age suggested for a curriculum? Feel free to             skills. Some favorite themes include “Music of Appalachia”,
talk to us, to call our office, or to visit our website, where you’ll find an    “Music of the Sea”, and “Native American Music and “A touch
article on “transitional ages and stages”.                                       of Tchaikovsky”. You will see your child’s skills soar. This is truly an exciting
                                                                                 year as we prepare your child for private instruction on either piano or violin
*Children will enjoy the greatest success in Young Child if they are             post graduation from Musical Pathway.
at least 5 years old and enrolled in/or have completed Kindergarten
                                                                                 At Home Materials include:
when they begin Young Child classes.                                                  •   Folder, Weekly Activity Pages and Stickers
                                                                                      •   Weekly Music at Home Activity cards
Thank you for your continued commitment to life-long learning for                     •   Games Bag and Manipulatives
your child. We are looking forward to an exciting 2009-2010.                          •   Family Songbook and Home CD
                                                                                      •   Glockenspiel for those new to Young Child & Semester 1
                                                                                      •   Dulcimer (Semester 2)