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					CAMRA York Branch - Selby Pubs                                                                                            10 January 2011

Town/Village       Name                 Address          Postcode    Telephone        Website Map     Image          CAMRA        Listed     Cask
                                                                                              Link    (Streetview)   Inventory    Building   Ale
Appleton Roebuck   Roebuck Inn          Main Street      YO23 7DG    (01904) 744351             Map   Image

Appleton Roebuck   Shoulder of Mutton   Chapel Green     YO23 7DG    (01904) 744227             Map   Image

Barkston Ash       Ash Tree             London Road      LS24 9PP    (01937) 557247   Website   Map   Image

Barkston Ash       Boot & Shoe          Main Street      LS24 9PR    (01937) 557374   Website   Map   Image

Barlby             Bay Horse            York Road        YO8 5JH     (01757) 703878             Map   Image

Barlby             New Inn              Howden Road      YO8 5JE     (01757) 702349             Map   Image

Biggin             Blacksmiths Arms     Main Street      LS25 6HJ    (01977) 685353             Map   Image

Bilbrough          Three Hares          Main Street      YO23 3PH    (01937) 832128             Map   Image

Bolton Percy       Crown                                 YO23 7AG    (01904) 744255             Map

Brayton            Grey Horse           Doncaster Road   YO8 9HD     (01757) 702719             Map   Image

Brayton            Swan                 Doncaster Road   YO8 9EG     (01757) 703870             Map   Image

Brotherton         Three Horseshoes     High Street      WF11 9EY    (01977) 670996             Map   Image

Burn               Wheatsheaf           Main Road        YO8 8LJ     (01757) 270614   Website   Map   Image

Burton Salmon      Plough               Main Street      LS25 5JS    (01977) 672422             Map   Image

Camblesforth       Black Dog            Selby Road       YO8 8HX     (01757) 618247             Map   Image

Camblesforth       Comus Inn            Selby Road       YO8 8HR     (01757) 617416   Website   Map   Image

Carlton            Foresters Arms       High Street      DN14 9LY    (01405) 860315             Map   Image

Carlton            Oddfellows Arms      Selby Road       DN14 7JP    (01405) 860254             Map   Image

Cawood             Castle Inn           7 Wistowgate     YO8 3SH     (01757) 268324   Website   Map   Image

Cawood             Ferry                2 King Street    YO8 3TL     (01757) 268515             Map   Image

Cawood             Jolly Sailor Inn     Market Place     YO8 3SR     (01757) 242589   Website   Map   Image

Chapel Haddlesey   Jug                  Hirst Road       YO8 8QQ     (01757) 270718   Website   Map   Image

Church Fenton      Fenton Flyer         Main Street      LS24 9RF    (01937) 557009             Map   Image

Church Fenton      White Horse          Main Street      LS24 9RF    (01937) 557143   Website   Map   Image

Cliffe             New Inn              York Road        YO8 6NN     (01757) 630837             Map   Image

Colton             Sun Inn              Main Street      LS24 8EP    (01904) 744261   Website   Map   Image

Drax               New Huntsman         105 Main Road    YO8 8NT     ()                         Map   Image

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Town/Village     Name               Address             Postcode    Telephone        Website Map     Image          CAMRA       Listed     Cask
                                                                                             Link    (Streetview)   Inventory   Building   Ale
Fairburn         Three Horseshoes   Silver Street       WF11 9JA    (01977) 672543             Map   Image

Fairburn         Waggon & Horses    Great North Road    WF11 9JY    (01977) 675459             Map   Image

Hambleton        Owl Hotel          133-135 Main Road   YO8 9JH     (01757) 228374   Website   Map   Image

Hambleton        Red Lion           Main Road           YO8 9JL     (01757) 228297             Map   Image

Hambleton        Wheatsheaf         87 Main Street      YO8 9JD     (01757) 228294   Website   Map   Image

Hemingbrough     Crown              Main Street         YO8 6QE     (01757) 638434   Website   Map   Image

Hemingbrough     Fox & Pheasant     Main Street         YO8 6QE     (01757) 638327             Map   Image

Hillam           Cross Keys         The Square          LS25 5HE    (01977) 683840             Map   Image

Kelfield         Grey Horse         Main Street         YO19 6RG    (01757) 248339             Map   Image

Monk Fryston     Blue Bell          86 Main Street      LS25 5DU    (01977) 683236             Map   Image

Monk Fryston     Crown Inn          75 Main Street      LS25 5DU    (01977) 682468   Website   Map   Image

North Duffield   Kings Arms         Main Street         YO8 5RG     (01757) 288492   Website   Map   Image

Osgodby          Wadkin Arms        Cliffe Road         YO8 5HU     (01757) 702391             Map   Image

Riccall          Greyhound          82 Main Street      YO19 6TE    (01757) 249101   Website   Map   Image

Riccall          Hare & Hounds      8 Silver Street     YO19 6PA    (01757) 248255             Map   Image

Ryther           Rythre Arms        Main Street         LS24 9EE    (01757) 268372   Website   Map   Image

Saxton           Crooked Billet     Wakefield Road      LS24 9QN    (01937) 557389             Map   Image

Saxton           Greyhound          Main Street         LS24 9PY    (01937) 557202             Map   Image          Regional

Selby            Abbey Vaults       James Street        YO8 4PY     (01757) 702857   Website   Map   Image

Selby            Albion Vaults      New Street          YO8 4PT     (01757) 213817             Map   Image

Selby            Bay Horse          57-59 Micklegate    YO8 4EA     (01757) 702873             Map   Image

Selby            Blackamoor Head    6 Finkle Street     YO8 4DS     (01757) 702987             Map   Image

Selby            Café Manyana       1 Gowthorpe         YO8 4HE                      Website   Map   Image

Selby            Cochranes Wharfe   71-73 Gowthorpe     YO8 4HE     (01757) 707427             Map   Image

Selby            Cricketers         Market Place        YO8 4PB     (01757) 702873             Map   Image

Selby            Elizabethan        12 Finkle Street    YO8 4DS                                Map   Image

Selby            Gipsy Moth         Powell Street       YO8 4BX     (01757) 703844             Map   Image

Selby            Golden Lion        30 Millgate         YO8 3JZ     (01757) 705315             Map   Image

Selby            Griffin            42 Micklegate       YO8 4EQ     (01757) 703227             Map   Image

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Town/Village        Name                       Address                Postcode    Telephone        Website Map     Image          CAMRA       Listed     Cask
                                                                                                           Link    (Streetview)   Inventory   Building   Ale
Selby               Highwaymans Tavern         Ousegate               YO8 8BL     (01757) 704068             Map   Image

Selby               Londesborough Arms Hotel   Market Place           YO8 4NS     (01757) 707355             Map   Image

Selby               Nelson Inn                 134 Ousegate           YO8 8BL     (01757) 702187             Map   Image

Selby               New Inn                    4 Gowthorpe            YO8 4ET     (01757) 290710             Map   Image          Regional

Selby               Olympia Hotel              Barlby Road            YO8 5AB     (01757) 702459             Map   Image

Selby               Queen Lizzy Sports Bar     46 Ousegate            YO8 4NH     (01757) 703290             Map   Image

Selby               Riverside Bar              70 Ousegate            YO8 4NJ     (01757) 700656             Map   Image

Selby               Station                    Ousegate               YO8 8BH     (01757) 700777   Website   Map   Image

Selby               Three Swans                Church Hill            YO8 4PL     (01757) 241225             Map   Image

Selby               Unicorn                    15 Bondgate            YO8 3LX     (01757) 290381             Map   Image

Sherburn in Elmet   Foresters Arms             35 Kirkgate            LS25 6BH    (01977) 682629             Map   Image

Sherburn in Elmet   Oddfellows Arms            40 Low Street          LS25 6BA    (01977) 682368             Map   Image

Sherburn in Elmet   Red Bear                   4 Low Street           LS25 6BG    (01977) 683634             Map

Sherburn in Elmet   Swan                       1 Low Street           LS25 6BG    (01977) 682235             Map   Image

Sherburn in Elmet   Wheatsheaf                 Moor Lane              LS25 6DX    (01977) 862583             Map   Image

Skipwith            Drovers Arms                                      YO8 5SF     (01757) 288433   Website   Map   Image

South Milford       Queen O’T’Owd Thatch       101 High Street        LS25 5AQ    (01977) 682367             Map   Image

South Milford       Swan Hotel                 Low Street             LS25 5AR    (01977) 682783   Website   Map   Image

Stillingfleet       Cross Keys                 Cawood Road            YO19 6SB    (01904) 728361             Map   Image

Stutton             Hare & Hounds              Manor Road             LS24 9BR    (01973) 832164             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Angel & White Horse        23 Bridge Street       LS24 9AW    (01937) 835470             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Bay Horse                  11 Commercial Street   LS24 8AB    (01937) 832299             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Britannia Inn              2 Commercial street    LS24 8AA    (01937) 832168             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Calcaria                   2 Westgate             LS24 9AB    (01937) 835965             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Coach & Horses             16 Commercial Street   LS24 8AA    (01937) 833411             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Falcon                     10 Chapel Street       LS24 9AR    (01937) 832272             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Fox & Hounds               18 Leeds Road          LS24 9HB    (01937) 832292             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Howden Arms                40 High Street         LS24 9AT    (01937) 832887             Map   Image

Tadcaster           Jackdaw                    Sutton Road            LS24 9HJ    (01937) 835407             Map   Image          Regional

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 Town/Village                           Name                                            Address                                      Postcode             Telephone                   Website Map                     Image                       CAMRA                Listed     Cask
                                                                                                                                                                                              Link                    (Streetview)                Inventory            Building   Ale
 Tadcaster                              Leeds Arms                                      51 York Road                                 LS24 8AE             (01937) 834019                                 Map          Image                       Regional

 Tadcaster                              Queen                                           21 High Street                               LS24 9AP             (01937) 831010                                 Map          Image

 Tadcaster                              Royal Oak                                       8 Wighill Lane                               LS24 8EX             (01937) 832283                                 Map          Image

 Temple Hirst                           Sloop                                           Main Street                                  YO8 8QN              (01757) 270267                                 Map          Image

 Thorganby                              Ferryboat Inn                                                                                YO19 6DD             (01904) 448224                                 Map          Image

 Thorganby                              Jefferson Arms                                  Main Street                                  YO19 6AD                                                            Map          Image

 Thorpe Willoughby                      Fox                                             Leeds Road                                   YO8 9LX              (01757) 704273              Website            Map          Image

 Towton                                 Rockingham Arms                                 Marston Road                                 LS24 9PB             (01937) 832811              Website            Map          Image

 Ulleskelf                              Ulleskelf Arms                                  Church Fenton Lane                           LS24 9DW             (01937)                                        Map          Image

 West Haddlesey                         George & Dragon                                 Main Street                                  YO8 8QA              (01757) 228198                                 Map          Image

 Wistow                                 Black Swan                                      Church Hill                                  YO8 3UU              (01757) 268305                                 Map          Image

The information in this list is correct to the best of our knowledge. If you aware any errors in the information listed, please contact the branch's Pubs Officer - Contact details   *Pubs included on the National or Regional Inventory of Historic Pub Interiors

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