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					If you are thinking of buying stethoscopes for your clinic or hospital, there are many
options for you. Advanced technological breakthroughs in various models of
stethoscopes are available in Australia. Stethoscopes are a symbol of your profession
and your partner at work and that is why it is very important to choose the one that
serves your purpose and is of the best quality as well.
  There are many varieties of stethoscopes. They are designed to meet the needs of
healthcare professionals all over the world. Whether you are a nurse, a specialist
doctor, a medical student or a cardiologist, you need one that will serve you
  Preventing Cross Contamination
  According to the rules of the inspection control plan for medical equipments, the
stethoscope should be free from various germs, viruses and bacteria. Contamination
of stethoscopes can be dangerous as it can spread diseases and infections through just
five minutes of contact. By using stethoscopes made of materials which are bacteria
proof and have no risks of cross contamination, you can ensure safety and prevention
of disease in your medical facility. The stethoscopes are made following the highest
standards in quality.
  There are leading brands of stethoscopes available for sale in Australia. You can also
purchase stethoscopes online from a stethoscope shop. Various types of stethoscopes
are available to suit different needs. Specially designed for cross contamination
prevention, these are verified by inspection control in Australia. There are specially
made stethoscope covers which are designed for single use which helps in preventing
disease germs from spreading through contact from the stethoscope.
  Types Of Stethoscopes * Classic Stethoscope: These use the standard turntable
diaphragm for improved low-frequency response and can hear both low and high
frequency sounds without turning over the chest piece. * Welch Allyn Stethoscope:
This type has many models which are latex free, double and triple headed and
electronic among others. They are optimized for higher frequency to hear murmurs,
clicks and ejection sounds. * DRG Stethoscope: Doctors research group offers the
medical industry the DRG stethoscope, which is acoustic and has the tube technology
which helps sensitive cardiac examination. * Adc Stethoscopes: These come in many
varieties, are lightweight, double-sided or single-sided, and come with
color-coordinated accessories. There are specific models for nurses and cardiologists
also. * EMT Stethoscopes: Cardionics electronic stethoscopes are specially designed
for those hard of hearing, and include headphones too. * Paediatric Stethoscope:
These are available in a variety of models including classic stethoscopes and other
stethoscopes from the Littmann range. * Littmann Stethoscope: These feature
innovative and technologically advanced designs with exceptional performance.
  As you have seen above, there are many models of stethoscopes for sale in Australia,
some of which are also equipped with disposable stethoscope covers. Medical
stethoscopes which follow inspection control guidelines are available to suit all
budgets and needs. Even if you are price conscious, it is advisable to buy leading
brands certified by inspection control rather than cheap stethoscopes.
  In stethoscope reviews, it is recommended that you buy from a leading stethoscope
dealer's websites as they are a reliable source to purchase this vital medical
equipment. is the website for sale of Stethoscopes Australia- Inspection
Control Guidelines. All the leading brands are available with specially designed
innovation for preventing cross contamination.