Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Appendix 5 Waste Local Plan 2003

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					Cambridgeshire and Peterborough                                       Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                                           Existing Facilities

                                  APPENDIX 5

                          EXISTING WASTE FACILITIES

                            (AS AT OCTOBER 2001)

                           Key to Tables:
                              LS - Landfill Site
                              SY - Scrapyard
                              CA - Household Waste Recycling Centres
                              TS - Transfer Stations
                              NGR - National Grid Reference
                              Waste Category (see Appendix 4)

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough               Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                   Existing Facilities

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough                                                                Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                                                                    Existing Facilities

Landfill Sites

Site                                 Operator                        Type of Facility     Grid
Ely Road, Waterbeach                Donarbon Ltd                     Putrescible          TL480, 690
Thornhaugh Quarry                   SITA                             Putrescible          TF049, 001
Buckden South                       Anti Waste                       Putrescible          TL207, 685
Buckden North                       Anti Waste                       Putrescible          TL210, 693
Decoy Farm, Whittlesey              C D Band                         Inert                TL292, 983
Cement Works, Barrington            Rugby Cement                     Inert                TL395, 508
Dogsthorpe                          Shanks                           Putrescible          TF210, 020
Conington Sidings                   British Rail                     Putrescible          TL203, 842
Flint Cross                         S M Akhtar                       Inert                TL414, 429
Eye Quarry                          RMC Environmental Services       Putrescible          TF235, 015
Pitt Farm, Little Paxton            Eaton Tractors                   Inert                TL188, 635
Woolpack Farm, Hemingford Grey      M Dickerson                      Inert                TL301, 684
Cow Lane, Godmanchester             MLR                              Putrescible          TL263, 713
Long Drove, Somersham               MLR                              Inert                TL376, 789
Ash Pits, Thriplow                  Vetspeed Ltd                     Inert                TL445, 445
Milton                              East Waste Ltd                   Putrescible          TL467, 625
Grunty Fen                          East Waste Ltd                   Putrescible          TL497, 777
Hundred Road, March                 Anti Waste Ltd                   Putrescible          TL407, 988
Short Drove, Somersham              MLR                              Putrescible          TL374, 800
Cow Lane, Godmanchester             MLR                              Putrescible          TL257, 710
Kennet Centre Basin                 Anti Waste                       Putrescible          TL694, 685
Whaddon Road, Meldreth              Eternit UK                       Inert                TL365, 468
Wilbraham Chalk Quarry              LOC Plant Hire and Haulage       Inert                TL565, 546
Southorpe Quarry                    M George                         Inert                TL085, 020
Puddock Hill, Warboys               Fenside Waste Management         Putrescible          TF305, 817
Cow lane, Godmanchester             Green                            Inert                TL255, 705
Barrington Park Farm                C R Onslow                       Inert                TL398, 485
Hinxton Quarry                      Midldleton Aggregates Ltd        Inert                TL487, 467
Blackhorse Lane, Swavesey           Barwell Machine and Rubber       Putrescible          TL358, 688
                                    Company Ltd
Ely Road, Waterbeach                Donarbon Ltd                     Inert                TL485, 681
Station Road, Isleham               LOC Plant Hire and Haulage       Inert                TL647, 733
Grafham Water Treatment Works,      Anglian Water Authority          Inert                TL155, 666
Cottenham/ Landbeach                 Dickerson                       Putrescible          TL485, 681
Harlton                              Seearo                          Inert                TL387, 524
Mepal Airfield                       Dickerson                       Inert                TL437, 795
The Carrops, Red Lodge               Dickerson                       Inert                TL699, 691
Offord Cluny                         Eynesbury Plant                 Inert                TL220, 675

Metal Recycling Yards
Site                             Operator                    Type of Facility             Grid
Potton Road, Sandy               Izzard                      n/a                          TL234, 510
Padholme Road, Peterborough      Mountstar Metals            Solid non-toxic and non      TL210, 993
                                                             hazardous ferrous and non
                                                             ferrous metals
Snailwell                        Mayer Perry                 Scrap metal                  TL635, 679
Chatteris                        J Fuller and Son            n/a                          TL389, 858
March                            CFC Disposals               n/a                          TL493, 970
Barnwell Junction Railway        E & S Metals                n/a                          TL471, 596
Sidings, Swann Road,
Wilburton                        DMR                         n/a                          TL484, 773
Brinkley                         Gowring Auto Spares         Scrap metals                 TL630, 540
Chatteris                        Chatteris Salvage           Scrap                        TL388, 972

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough                                                               Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                                                                   Existing Facilities

March                           Fenland Breakers            Solid and liquid             TL413, 983
Home Farm, Alconbury            B Ayers                     n/a                          TL185, 763
Hicks No 1 Yard, London Road,   Simsmetal UK Ltd            Non-hazardous ferrous and    TL189, 957
Peterborough                                                non-ferrous metals
Cottenham                       A & C Aldridge              n/a                          TL464, 678
College Farm, Whaddon           College Farm                n/a                          TL353, 466
Wisbech                         B D Porter                  Solid and liquid             TL456, 438
Molesworth                      J R & O H Hunt              n/a                          TL076, 756
4 Drove, Fengate,               Fengate Salvage             n/a                          TL217, 991
3 Drove, Fengate,               D K Salvage                 n/a                          TL218, 984
Fen Road, Cambridge             C Halls                     n/a                          TL477, 607
Ramsey                          Sheltons Motors             Scrap                        TL285, 865
March                           Ford Factors                n/a                          TF427, 003
Oxney Road, Peterborough        Spriggs Reclaim Centre      n/a                          TF220, 005
Fengate                         City Salvage                n/a                          TL216, 992
Rampton                         Rampton Car Breakers        n/a                          TL21, 674
St.Ives                         C & W Scott                 n/a                          TL312, 715
Wisbech                         Wisbech Motors              n/a                          TL462, 084
St. Neots                       Graveley Garage             n/a                          TL248, 643
Whittlesford                    Banshir House               n/a                          TL483, 474
Upton                           Glebe Farm                  n/a                          TL174, 787
Chatteris                       New Road                    n/a                          TL404, 864
Soham                           GW Car Repairs              n/a                          TL588, 727
Thorney                         W J E Clarke                n/a                          TF317, 049
Ramsey                          Smiths Autos                n/a                          TL284, 858
Ramsey                          Enterprise Metals           Solids                       TL284, 862
4th Drove, Fengate,             Osmans Salvage              n/a                          TL218, 991
Cambridge                       Charlton Auto Parts         n/a                          TL484, 683
March                           Hardiman Auto Salvage       n/a                          TL425, 975
Wilburton                       Lakeside                    n/a                          TL487, 758
Bottisham                       Autos and Sons              n/a                          TL560, 599
Shakespeare Avenue,             SOFA                        n/a                          TL197, 014
Staughton Moor, Great           Universal Salvage           n/a                          TL128, 618
Station Road, Fordham           S Boak                      n/a                          TL619, 699
Second Drove, Fengate,          Peterborough Auto           n/a                          TL207, 982
Peterborough                    Salvage
Stibbington                     Dave Barnes                 n/a                          TL080, 989
Station Yard, Bluntisham        H J & A A Woodfield         n/a                          TL367, 743
Bottisham                       Robert Smith                n/a                          TL557, 599
Leverington/ Common             Denton                      n/a                          TF402, 083
Thriplow                        Solopark                    n/a                          TL440, 461
Hundred Road, March             D W Conner                  n/a                          TL407, 988
Greengates, Fen Road,           C Hollis                    n/a                          TL476, 605

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough                                                                 Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                                                                     Existing Facilities

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Site                     Operator                Type of Facility            Grid Reference
Bluntisham               Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL364, 749
Dogsthorpe               Peterborough City       Household Waste             TF204, 023
Grunty Fen               Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL497, 778
March                    Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL410, 986
Milton                   Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL465, 633
St.Neots                 Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL187, 606
Thorney                  Thorney Parish          Household Waste             TF282, 053
                         Council/ Peterborough
                         City Council
Whittlesey               Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL282, 968
Wisbech                  Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TF485, 088
Thriplow                 Anglia Salvage          Household Waste             TL447, 454
                         (Thriplow Ltd)
Alconbury Weston         Cambridgeshire County   Household Waste             TL190, 783

Transfer Stations

Site                     Operator                Type of Facility            Grid Reference
Duxford                  Ciba Composits          Bulk chromic acid and       TL487, 455
                                                 drummed special
Hauxton                  AgrEvo UK Ltd           Drummed waste               TL428, 528
Cowley Rd, Cambridge     Cleanaway Limited       Controlled wastes           TL473, 614
Cottenham skips          Whyatt & Sons           Inert                       TL443, 557
Red Lodge                Anti Waste Ltd          Putrescible                 TL700, 690
Pet Crematorium,         Vetspeed Ltd            Non-special animal          TL443, 446
Thriplow, Duxford                                tissues
Hardwick Road, Toft      Warton and Clark        Putrescible                 TL364, 562
Addenbrookes Hospital,   NHS Trust               General clinical ‘sharps’   TL465, 554
Edith Cavell Hospital,   NHS Trust               Clinical Waste              TF167, 002
Station Road, Ely        Isleham Tyres           Tyres                       TL647, 733
Station Road,            Keyworth Casings        Tyres                       TL399, 681
Kennett                  HEH Enterprises         Stable waste                TL683, 687
Hardwicke Road, Great    J E McDonald            Tyres, scrap                TL276, 566
Whittlesey               Rose and Sons           Soils                       TL275, 980
Melbourne Avenue,        Fenland Contract        n/a                         TL408, 985
March                    Services
Cottenham                Andrews                 Putrescible                 TL451, 705
Coleseed Rd, March       Ogden and Philips       Putrescible                 TL436, 960
Hasse Road, Soham        Hasse Estates           Vegetable                   TL618, 771
Bourn                    Caxton mini skips       Putrescible                 TL332, 577
Ermine Way, Caxton       Cambridgeshire County   n/a                         TL302, 591
Station Road,            Cambridgeshire County   n/a                         TL486, 475
Whittlesford             Council

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough                                                              Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                                                                  Existing Facilities

                            John Henry and Sons     n/a                   TL478, 614
Stirling Way, Witchford     Cambridgeshire County   n/a                   TL515, 788
Dullingham, Newmarket       Cambridgeshire County   n/a                   TL620, 575
Hunts                       Cambs Construction      Inert                 TL233, 727
Fordham                     Whites                  Inert                 TL618, 699
Eldernell Lane, Coates      P J Thory Ltd           Putrescible           TL318, 980
Lancaster way,              Personal Hygiene        Clinical waste        TL288, 737
Huntingdon                  Services Ltd
New England,                Peterborough City       Putrescible           TF179, 010
Peterborough                Contract Works
Brook Farm, Colne           M L Anderson            n/a                   TL380, 754
Second Drove, St.Ives       Mick George             n/a                   TL323, 707
Littleport                  Allens Skip Hire        n/a                   TL583, 888
Thorney                     The Concrete Company    Putrescible           TF283, 052
Dukesmead Industrial        Nippa skip Hire         n/a                   TF164, 028
Estate, Werrington,
St. Neots Road,             R V G Jupp              n/a                   TL365, 597
Warboys                     Fenside Waste           n/a                   TL309, 818
Buckden                     Buckden recycling       n/a                   TL205, 901
Duxford                     Hexcel                  n/a                   TL483, 450
Station Road,               John Henry and Son      n/a                   TL399, 680
Fourth Drove, Fengate,      Shanks                  n/a                   TL216 991
Windover Road,              Rexam Harcostar         Non biodegradable     TL273, 732
Station Road, Ely           Mr and Mrs White        n/a                   TL542, 797
Hardwick Road, Great        Bowden and Rose         Tyres and scrap       TL276, 566
Marston Road, St            Hales Waste Control     Local traders waste   TL193, 595
Neots                       Ltd
Brampton Road,              Anti Waste Ltd          n/a                   TL200, 688
Ermine Business Park,       Personnel Hygiene       n/a                   TL228, 737
Huntingdon                  Services
Station Street, Chatteris   Cambridgeshire County   n/a                   TL388, 864
North Street, Stilton       Cambridgeshire County   n/a                   TL160, 898
Stanton Way,                Cambridgeshire County   n/a                   TL233, 727
Huntingdon                  Council
Alconbury                   Cambridgeshire County   n/a                   TL188, 777
Ely Road, Littleport        Cleanaway               n/a                   TL565, 839
Stukeley Business           Huntingdon Plant        Inert                 TL234, 738
Park, Huntingdon
Gamlingay                   Cambridgeshire          n/a                   TL237, 514
Spooners Drove,             JCE Plant Hire          n/a                   TL624, 784
Prickwillow Road,
Hostmoor Ave, March         M & L Goakes            n/a                   TL404, 981
Northfield Road,            A White                 n/a                   TL590, 746
Brookfields Business        Malary Oils             n/a                   TL459, 691
Park, Twentypence
Road, Cottenham

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough                                                Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                                                    Existing Facilities

Heath Road, Burwell     AJ Thompson              n/a        TL607, 634
Hasse Road, Soham       D Shah                   n/a        TL608, 765
Ashwell Road, Steeple   Hasler                   n/a        TL282, 417
Alconbury               Huntingdon Life          n/a        TL188, 749
Meadow Lane, St.Ives    Mick George              n/a        TL328, 702
Gidding Road, Sawtry    BAS Ltd                  n/a        TL163, 834
RAF Molesworth          MoD                      n/a        TL076, 776
Station Road,           Saxon Refining Ltd       n/a        TL484, 473
Hillcrest Farm,         Intervet UK              n/a        TL245, 640
Toseland Road,
Conington Sidings       Eastern Track renewals   n/a        TL203, 842

Composting Facilities

Site                    Operator                          Grid reference
Bluntisham Heath        Hensby Bio-tech Ltd               TL338, 754
Road, Woodhurst
Boxworth                Boxworth Research Centre (ADAS)   TL343, 633
Cottenham/ Landbeach    M Dickerson                       TL485, 681
Milton                  East Waste Ltd                    TL467, 625
Hasse Road, Soham       D Shah                            TL608, 765
Hundred Road, March     Anti-Waste                        TL407, 988
Dogsthorpe              Shanks                            TF204, 023
Woodhatch Farm,         B J Marshall & Sons               TL184, 717

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough               Appendix 5
Waste Local Plan 2003                   Existing Facilities


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