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					Initial SEO Analysis The purpose of an SEO analysis is to establish a plan to modify
the code of the site and the visible content to reach its peak potential or add more to
improve it. This process makes it clear the required
  Keyword Phrase Selection The keyword phrases chosen for your site are the focus of
your SEO campaign. By evaluating the content, the services and the products your
company offers, keyword phrases can easily be established and then elaborated on to
improve your website's search engine presence. Analyzing your competitors' sites and
researching product trends will also help establish a focus for the rest of the
  Site Optimization Once the keyword phrase selection has been made, the search
engine optimization company can start with the on-site optimization. The SEO
company will run an initial report to document the progress of the optimization before
the SEO and after periodically. After they run the initial report they can add all the
essentials: Meta Data, Heading Tags, image tags and titles, footer text links and more
to help the search engines see as much of your site's content as possible.
  Site Submission After the on-site optimization changes are completed, the SEO
company will proceed to submit your site to the major search engines manually. This
is essential for good rankings because Google, Yahoo and Bing do not look kindly on
automated submissions by software programs, no matter how easy it is to use.
  Reporting Use a tried and true ranking report software to "grade" your optimization
on a month-to-month basis, because more frequently than a month, or so, will irritate
search engines. These reports however give you valuable, "hard data" to improve your
rankings with ease. As well as give you a definitive Return-On-Investment (ROI) for
your SEO as you watch your website climb the rankings month after month.
  Content Advisement SEO changes can be made to your website "as is" and ideally
your website could be off to the races for excellent search engine rankings. This
scenario is rare and unlikely unfortunately. The company can make recommendations
based on your SEO campaign's goals and improve your keyword phrase density
within your website's content to improve your search engine rankings to their true
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