Hyundai opens up its 300th dealership by hkksew3563rd


									Hitting another milestone on the journey of success,Hyundai Cars today announced
the opening of its 300th dealership situated in Karur, Tamil Nadu. Hyundai Motor
India Limited (HMIL) with this success has plans to reach 610 sales outlet ahead with
625 workshops by the end of this year.
  The target oriented company has proved its capabilities with the tag of country's
largest exporter and the second largest car manufacturer. Now with the announcement
of its 300th dealership, the company wants to support its customers in a better way by
coming close to them with a strong strategy. This is certainly going to increase the
customer base for HMIL. By the end of this year company is targeting 320 dealership,
which is again a strong step in setting up the targets.
  At present, the company has a total of 112 sales outlets added with a 130 Hyundai
Advantage (Hyundai used cars business) dealers. This shows the increasing web of
this amazing company and its dedication towards progress. This is also evident with
the 542 locations in 290 cities all across the country where the company touches its
  The CEO and the managing director, H. W. Park stated that the company is growing
in size with the addition of more and more products in its portfolio. And in such a
situation they do require a real broad base to reach out there customers. Hence they
have adopted an aggressive strategy to trap its customers at larger scale.
  The company is known for coming up with excellent services and this is certainly
going to make its image far better in the country. Dealership is a key element in the
life span of this company. They have a huge network which they can simply flaunt for.
The company made tremendous success by crossing the 10 lakh sales in 2006 which
exceeded all expectations. To astonish the country further, the company crossed 30
lakh production in 2010. which is simply a stand out performance by the company.
The data will make greater emphasis when we compare it with the sales of 150,000
cars in the year 1998. certainly HMIL has come a long way to trace the path of

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