Hypnotherapy For Public Speaking Anxiety by hkksew3563rd


									In recent years, a growing number of people have overcome their public speaking
anxiety through the use of hypnotherapy. While nearly everyone feels a little bit
nervous when they are giving speeches, many professions suffer from a degree of
public speaking anxiety that is holding them back in the careers. Hypnotherapy has
been shown to be an effective treatment for this problem even for individuals who
have tried every other alternative cure without success. Let's take an inside look at
some of the most common hypnotherapy techniques used by hypnotists to treat public
speaking anxiety and why they are so effective at treating this common problem.

 The primary reason that hypnotherapy is such an effective form of treatment for
problems like public speaking anxiety is that it addresses the unconscious processes
that trigger all anxiety disorders. When people who have a serious fear of public
speaking begin to approach a group to give a speech, they experience a range of
physical symptoms like hypertension and excessive perspiration. These symptoms are
a result of the unconscious mind perceiving public speaking as a serious threat and
automatically switching the body into fight or flight mode.

 Other types of treatment for public speaking anxiety sometimes fail because they
attempt to convince the conscious mind to stop this fight or flight response, which is
nearly impossible. Instead, hypnotherapy introduces a calm, hypnotic state during
which the unconscious mind is open to suggestions that there is nothing threatening or
dangerous about addressing a large group of people. Over time, the unconscious will
accept these suggestions as valid facts and will stop triggering the body into going
into a state of panic whenever an individual needs to speak before an audience. Once
the entire mind has finally come to associate speaking in front of groups as a safe
activity, most people find that they never have to deal with public speaking anxiety
ever again.

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