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                              Liberty Post

                              V o l u m e     2 ,   I s s u e   1                                          S e p t e m b e r      2 0 0 7
It’s now time to
purchase your 2007-
2008 SCA Member-
ship. Two types of
                       SCA Fall Coaches’ Conference!
membership are
available—Regular      Increase your knowledge and make yourself more              Conditioning and Training (2 hour session)
Membership for         valuable and knowledgeable to your team and your            This session will focus on proper warming up,
school and club
teams and Associate
                       school! Learn how to run safer, more productive             stretching, conditioning, and cool down exercises to
Memberships for        practices and what to do if and when an injury occurs.      complement your cheer or dance program and to
those not directly     Find out what the judges are looking for and how            build balance and stability in your athletes.
associated with a      routines are scored. Learn how establish proper
team. New—with
Regular Member-
                       stretching, conditioning, and cool down as part of your     Pom Choreography (1 hour session)
ships, you have the    program and how this can benefit your team.                 This session will discuss the specifics of pom, how it
option of having a                                                                 differs from dance and how to develop routines with
team bio and picture
posted on our          The SCA is pleased to announce that the First Annual        the focus on the SCA pom score sheets
website! More          SCA Coaches’ Conference will be held on Saturday,
information, prices    November 10th at the University of Regina. This
and application
                                                                                   What the Judges are Looking for; How to make
forms can be found     conference is aimed towards everyone involved with          the most out of your routine (1 hour session)
online at              cheerleading—coaches, advisors, teachers, and even          This session will explain the 2007 SCA score sheets,            athletes. We are excited to announce that the               review the 2007 SCA rules and discuss how to make
                       following sessions are available                            the most out of your routine.

                       Keynote: Coach or CEO?! Embracing the Chal-                 Physiotherapy for Cheerleading Injuries (2 hour
                       lenging Role of Running A Cheer Program                     session)
Inside This            Presenter: Charmaine Wintermute                             This session will deal with management of common
Issue:                                                                             and chronic cheer related injuries including a practical
                       Beginner Stunting; Moving your athletes through             component.
Sequences &        2   beginning stunt progressions and teaching them
Transitions            correctly the first time! (1 hour session)
                       This session will cover the roles and responsibilities of   Running a Safe and Successful Cheer Program at
                       each member of a stunt group. Attendees will learn          Your School (1 hour session)
Featured Team— 2                                                                   This session will focus on elements of starting and
                       what they need to see demonstrated in a skill prior to
                       moving on and learn how to teach it right the first time    running a cheer program. It will cover topics such as
Adventure Rebels                                                                   practice planning, fundraising, organizing parent
                       rather than correcting bad habits later! Come prepared
Rider                  to get involved!                                            groups and committees, the role of the teacher advi-
Cheerleading                                                                       sor, resolving team conflict, working with a school
Team’s Success         Advanced Stunting; - Moving your athletes through           administration and accountability and consequences
                       advanced stunt progressions and teaching them               for coaches and advisors.
2008 Provincials   3
                       correctly the first time! (1 hour session)
Date & Host
                       This session will build upon the Beginning Stunting
                       session and talk about building on the basic stunting       DETAILS:
Featured Stunt—    3   skills. This will include proper technique, stunting        $25.00 for SCA Members
Toe Touch              progressions (skills to master before you move on),         $50.00 for Non-members
Basket Toss            and what to look for as a coach.                            Registration Deadline: October 15th, 2007
Advertisement—     3
McDougall              First Aid for Cheerleading Injuries (2 hour session)
Auctioneers            This session will cover common injuries that cheerlead-     For more information and to download a registration
                       ers may suffer such as sprains, strains, fractures,         form, go to our website—
Advertising &      4   dislocations, head and spinal injuries and many more.
                       It will also cover what to do and what not to do in an
                       emergency situation.                                        See you there!
          P ag e   2

                       Sequences & Transitions!
                       These are two important         quence of skills that demon-     quence and expect to earn
                       words for the 2007-2008         strates the ability for groups   the elite marks!
                       season. Today’s teams are       to work together and dem-
                                                                                        Please remember that elite
                       combining skills with innova-   onstrate their strength and
                                                                                        skills are TOUGH! That is
                       tive transitions to show off    endurance. What is an ex-
                                                                                        why they are elite. Do not
                       group endurance and team-       ample of an elite sequence?
                                                                                        assume that these skills can
                       work and to increase their      To earn a 9/10, you need to
                                                                                        be mastered within a couple
                       scores. This does not only      have a sequence of 2 ad-
                                                                                        of practices—some teams
                       refer to stunts, but also to    vanced stunts, such as a
                                                                                        work on these skills for
                       tumbling and jumps. In          liberty then transition to a
                                                                                        months (or even years) to
                       2007-2008, the SCA DOD          arabesque. To earn a
                                                                                        perfect them.
                       Scales and Score Sheets         10/10, you need a sequence
                       reflect this change in rou-     of 3 advanced stunts, such       The SCA has incorporated
                       tines. Elite marks are now      as a liberty then transition     these changes to reflect
                       given to teams that demon-      to a heel stretch then tran-     where cheerleading is head-
                       strate a sequence of skills.    sition to an arabesque. A        ing at a provincial, national
                       Why? Let’s take the old SCA     ‘transition’ is a movement       and international level. We
                       DOD Scale into considera-       from one skill to the next       want to provide a goal for
                       tion. Elite marks were          without the top touching         teams to work towards and
                       achieved based on liberty       her feet on the ground.          reward teams that work hard
                       variations that relied almost   These elite skills are           to get there. So, get your
                       solely on a top’s flexibility   achieved when the entire         thinking caps on and get
                       (extended scorpion for ex-      team performs these skills—      down to it—cheerleading is
                       ample). Now, elite marks        so you can’t just have one       about creativity and hard
                       are achieve through a se-       stunt group doing the se-        work!
  The U of R Cheer

Team is holding its

annual Cheer Camp       Featured Team—GA Rebels
 on Friday, October     The Gymnastics Adventure Rebels are an open/all-star team
26th and Saturday,      based out of the Gymnastics Adventure gym in Regina. The
                        team is coached by Eric Bestvater, Jade Baiton, and Trent
 October 27th. For      Kubitha. Eric and Jade are part of the Rider and Ram cheer
 more information,      teams. The team has been around for several years with
                        great success. This year they will be competing in the Senior
       please go to     All-Star Division. In previous years, they have competed in
                        this division as well as Junior and Elementary Divisions. Some
                        of their goals this year include getting more athletes involved
                        (20+ would be great!), develop more tumbling skills, and to
                                             train athletes in different positions to boost
                                             their versatility. Last year, the team really
                                             enjoyed the West Edmonton Mall, BRIT,
                                             and URCC competitions. They placed 1st
                                             at URCC and 2nd at Mustang Mania last
                                             season. The girls really love working with
                                             team members from all different schools. (Since it is an open
                                             team, they accept athletes from any school). Many of the girls
                                             come from schools that do not have a cheer program, so this
                                             team provides them with the opportunity to do what they love!
                                             They practice two times a week at Gymnastics Adventure. The
                                             athletes’ parents are VERY supportive and the team would like to
                                             thank them for their time and support!
   V o lum e        2 ,   I s s ue      1                                                                                                                         P ag e      3

  Rider Cheerleading Team
Forging a new path for cheerleading in Saskatchewan, the Rider Cheerleading Team has
                                              combined awesome stunting with excep-
                                              tional dance skills. The reception of the
                                              new team structure has been amazing.
                                              Fans are appreciating the quality of dance choreog-
                                              raphy and the addition of stunting skills so much,
                                              that they are letting the team know! The team
                                              performs 4 on-field routines in addition to sideline
                                              material. The team will be attending away games in
                                              Winnipeg and Calgary in September and Grey Cup in
                                              November. The team would like to send a HUGE
                                              thank-you to their coaching team—Nicole Bidwell,
                                              Darren Lacey, and Megan Alfonzo. They provide
                                              great guidance and motivation for the team!

                                                                                       Featured Stunt—Toe
  2008 Provincials Date &                                                              Touch Basket Toss
  Host Announcement                                                                    Basket tosses are always crowd
                                                                                       pleasers. The toe touch is a classic
  MARK YOUR CALENDARS! After a jaunt to southern
  Saskatchewan last year for the 2007 SCA Provincial                                   toss in which the top reaches a
  Cheerleading Championships, we are heading north in                                  straddle position in the air. It is
  2008! The University of Saskatchewan Huskies in                                      important to ensure the upper body
  Saskatoon will be hosting this year’s Provincial Cham-                               is upright and the legs come to the
  pionships on Saturday, March 15th, 2008. Todd                                        body, rather than having the body
  Knihnitski and the U of S Team are proud to provide a                                reach forward to the legs. This toe
  large venue and some exciting ideas to make this                                     touch basket toss is demonstrated
  year’s competition bigger and better than before.                                    by the U of S Cheer Team.


TERMS: Auction Sale Subject to 10% Buyers Premium . Will accept CASH, INTERAC, VISA, MASTERCARD
AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: Eunice and Alfred of JC Distributors have been in the community for many years and have supplied dancing, skating & gymnastics communities with their
specialized fabric for many years. Many of you will have known them personally, and just this summer they have decided to retire and close their business.
FABRIC: Gymnastics, Dance & Skate wear materials consisting of hundreds of meters of Lycra/ stretch and non-stretch materials in assorted colors and patterns. Also many cut-out
pattern packages, plus sewing supplies
ACCESSORIES: Dance, Skate accessories including hats, shoes, sequins, elastic, and rhinestones.
TIGHTS: Approx 500 tights - Danskin assorted sizes and colors, Phantom black, brown, pink in various sizes.
OTHER MERCHANDISE: Childrens’, Ladies, Mens’ Assorted Sizes and Colors of Socks. T-Shirts: Stanfield, Fruit of the Loom, Watson. Mens Watson Briefs; Women's Brown Tights;
Face Towels; Hand Towels; Tea Towels; Bath Towels; Beach Towels.
FIXTURES & OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Fabric Display Fixtures, Coat Hangers, Pegboard Hooks, Fabric Stands, Office table, Chair, Filing cabinet etc

View photos at:

PHONE: TERRY McDOUGALL—SASKATOON: 652-4334                                                                     List Subject To Additions & Deletions   Lic#: 318116
                                                             The Saskatchewan Cheerleading Association aims to
                                                             support and promote cheerleading through the following

                                                             •     Develop standardized safety regulations.

                                                             •     Act as a regulating body for cheerleading in

                                                             •     Encourage participants to respect the sport and other
                    P.O. Box 31090
                      Regina, SK
                       S4R 8R6                               •     Support schools in the promotion of cheerleading and
                                                                   providing resources when running competitions.
                                         •     Forge a better understanding with school staff, school
                                                                   board administration, physical education
                                                                   departments, and other school athletic associations.

                                                             •     Encourage coaches and judges to become actively
                                                                   involved and knowledgeable through clinics and con-

                                                             •     Establish communication between provincial, national,
                                                                   and international cheerleading associations.

                                                                 Do you have a submission for a future publication? Send it
                                                                              to me—

2007-2008 Advertising & Promotional Opportunities

Liberty Post                                                          March each year. SCA School and club members from
                                                                      across the province bid to host this prestigious event. There
•   Business Card Ad - (approximately) 3.25"w x 2"h -                 will be media coverage in print, on radio, and on television.
    $20.00 per issue
                                                                      •    Title Sponsor Package ($2000)
•   1/4 Page Ad - (approximately) 4"w x 5.5 "h -
                                                                      •    Gold Sponsor ($1000)
    $40.00 per issue
                                                                      •    Silver Sponsor ($500)
Full year special: Purchase and pay for a full year of Liberty
                                                                      •    Bronze Sponsor ($250)
Post (4 issues, ¼ page ad) by September 14 and pay only
                                                                      Deadline for all competition packages is February 1st,
Deadline: 1st day of each publication month (December,                2008.
February, April, September).
                                                                      The SCA would be happy to work with you to customize a
                                                                      package that best suits the advertising needs of your
Website                                                               company. We may be able to offer discounts to companies
Additional advertising is available on our website’s main page        who sponsor multiple events or advertise in multiple
– Prices will be negotiated on an individual ba-          publications.
                                                                      For more information or to reserve your sponsorship, please
Provincial Championships
The SCA Provincial Championships is the culmination of the            Hillary Ibbott Neiszner
competitive cheer season in Saskatchewan and is held in               SCA Events Coordinator

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