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Hunter Woodturning Tools at The ToolPost- For Hollowing That's a Cut Above The Rest


									The ToolPost ( is proud to add Hunter Tools to its range of
top quality woodturning tools. These hollowing tools, developed by carbide tip
technology expert, Mike Hunter, have proven to be the most successful of their genre
and are now in the hands of some of the most respected wood turners around the

Most woodworkers are by now familiar with the use of tungsten carbide, a very
durable ceramic material, which extends the life of cutting edges and is commonly
seen in router cutters and masonry drills. In engineering these properties are used to
permit the machining of a wide range of materials using the same tooling, generally
through the use of disposable tool tips. By incorporating a tungsten carbide cutting tip,
the high wear resistance shown by the material can be exploited, with the tip usually
being capable of being rotated to alternative cutting positions to equalize wear before
the dulled tip is eventually thrown away. In the case of the Hunter Tool tips, Mike
Hunter stated, of cutting edge longevity, 鈥?00 times your expectations with high
quality High Speed Steel tools 鈥? Hence there is never any need to sharpen a carbide
tipped tool 鈥?and equally, little chance that the non-specialist could undertake this
task without considerable investment.

One shortcoming of tungsten carbide is that it does not normally produce as keen an
edge as a high speed steel tool or a carbon steel example. Unfortunately, in
woodworking the absolute sharpness of the cutting edge is of vital importance in
order to create a clean cut surface at both the macro and micro level. Hence, most
carbide tipped woodturning tools have shown effectiveness as roughing tools, but
require that the work be cleaned off subsequently using conventional tools. The
sub-surface damage caused by most of the carbide tipped tools used in wood turning
is significant. This tendency to overly aggressive cutting is exacerbated by the use in
such tools of commonly available tool tips designed for engineering applications
which generally have too great a clearance angle to allow supported cutting.

The Hunter tools overcome these limitations thanks to the extensive experience of the
company 鈥檚 founder, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of available cutters and
cutter technologies. The Hunter tools feature cutters that are diamond finished to
create a cutting edge which rivals that obtainable with HSS tools, they have a profile
which gives a fully supported (bevel-rubbing) cut, they afford full flexibility in shear
cutting angle and they are fully seated both externally and by the use of a fitted
mounting screw so that all possibilities of vibration and tip movement are eliminated.
In short, these are the Rolls-Royce of carbide tipped woodturning tools.

Given that the proof of the pudding is said to be in the eating, it is significant that
Jimmy Clewes, widely acknowledged to be one of the most able and creative
woodturners in the world, has been so impressed with the Hunter tooling approach
that he has worked with the company to create a hollowing tool that bears his name
and which is now also available from The ToolPost.
Whether you are making huge hollow forms or tiny boxes, taking whisper-thin
shavings or great handfuls of timber, working precious timbers or the toughest,
dirtiest, most difficult types, there 鈥檚 a Hunter tool that will allow you to create
your masterpiece without breaking the bank or the tool tip!

If there ever was a tip worth taking, it has to be the Hunter Tool tip!

This is just one of a number of new additions to the range of woodturning and
woodcarving tools and equipment available at The ToolPost. View the entire range at

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