Human Circulatory System Disease by hkksew3563rd


									The human?s circulatory system consist of the body?s organs that transfer nutrients,
blood and oxygen throughout the body, to and from all its tissue. This process protects
the body from diseases and helps to stabilize the regular bodily functions. This is
mainly made up of the cardiovascular system which is the heart, its vessels and the
blood it transfers and the lymphatic system which distributes lymph. Any infection
that counteracts this regular circulation can be classified as a human circulatory
 There are two man types of circulatory problems, they are congenital circulatory
diseases that are present when a baby is born or others that are developed after birth.
Among these disease are arrhythmia, angina, aortic aneurysm, atherosclerosis, high
blood pressure, and peripheral vascular disease.
 Arrhythmia causes irregular heart beats for example starting from very slow to rapid.
Angina occurs when there is a obstruction in the blood vessels that travels to the heart
which causes insufficient amounts of blood and oxygen to go reaching the heart. This
situation is followed by discomfort in the chest area. Aortic Aneurysm due to aortic
dissection which is a abrasion in the aortic wall that can lead to heavy bleeding. The
walls of the aorta then push out. Atherosclerosis happens when plaques form from
calcium, cholesterol, and fatty deposits into the medium or large arteries and cause
hardening of the arterial wall. This hardening can slow down the blood circulation and
cause great discomfort within the affected area. High blood pressure occurs when the
systolic pressure in the body surpasses 140 mmHG and the diastolic pressure go over
90 mmHG. All these ailments are capable of causing health problems that can greatly
affect the circulatory system.
 If symptoms of any of these ailments occur it is advised that you seek a doctor to get
a check up and prescribe treatment for the disease.Rob Thomas studies human
circulatory system diseases and follows a cardiac diet.

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