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					One of the hot toys for this holiday season is the Huffy green machine. It has all the
features that every boy and girl would love in outdoor fun. Be the big wheel on the
block with this great all around fun machine. It has different colors to choose from
and even comes with a model that has a squirt gun on the front.
  It was created in the 1970's or so and is still a good present today. Today's Huffy
green machine has some upgrades. Stronger construction and improved handling and
better skidding ability. Who would have thought that such a retro machine would last
as long as it has.
  Geared for kids ages 6 and up, the seat has full adjustments and can handle up to
large children. Now I know that probably means mommy & daddy can ride it, but
that's only if you can get the children off of it.
  The steering and braking of the toy are extremely good in that it is all done by the
wheels and not the user. Over-sized wheels, custom exhaust, and huge flag for safety
construct it packed full of safety for your children. You will feel confident letting
them ride the Huffy green machine again and again.
  The Huffy green machine is not too much of a chore to get together. Most of the
consumers state there are easy to read instructions and solid hardware for you to have
piece of mind that it will stay together. There are websites available for you to get
some alternate hardware but there are some things you can get at a local hardware
  The envy of the block is what you will be when your mom or dad get you one of
these. The great design and cool flag will have them talking instantly. There is a good
chance that you will be the coolest child on the block. There is some safety that you
have to follow and a helmet is unquestionably the answer. The wild stunts are one
reason that safety is key.
  With its chopper-style design and back riding position, the Green Machine is the
most fun you can have on three wheels and sometimes two. This machine is a must
have for the holiday season and young children all over the place will be requesting
this on their Christmas list. Be the initial and you will not regret it.
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