HTML5 _ CSS3 Open a New Chapter in Website Design Industry by hkksew3563rd


									Most of the people in the web designing industry are aware the HTML stands for
Hyper Text Mark-up Language while CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These
two languages are free, open source and compatible with all the browsers. These
languages are search engine friendly and play an important role at indexing for the
search engine list. The coding size is reduced by the CSS and this facilitates quick
downloading. With reference to design and effect CSS is more flexible than HTML.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has recommended these two languages for
website designing and developing. Nothing is constant except change. This principle
is apt for HTML and CSS too. In the market one can find many versions of HTML
and CSS. HTML version 4.01, version 4.0, version 3.2, and version 3 are already
available in market while HTML 5 is in the making. The versions of CSS that are
available in the market include CSS 3, CSS 2.1, CSS Level 2, and CSS Level 1.
  IBM developed the first HTML language to aid the file transfer from one system to
another. 1995 was the year when the HTML Version 2.0 was released, while the year
1996 saw the simultaneous release of HTML Version 3.2 and HTML Version 4.0. The
World Wide Web Consortium released the XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 2.0. The first
draft of HTML 5 was made ready in 2008. Most of the web development companies
believe that the future of website designing is going to be dominated by HTML5
because it is going to most probably include features like video implantation void of
separate codec or plug-in, separate threads in background for processing, canvas
element, and offline access to email. CSS is utilized to offer gorgeous style to the web
page that is written with the help of a markup language. In 1996, W3C released CSS
level 1. This was to prevail over the restrictions of HTML 3.2. The year 1998 saw the
release of CSS level 2 that was created with the help of CSS level 1. In 1999
corrections were introduced in CSS level 1 and it was republished. CSS3 has been
released to facilitate the service providers. This allows flexible and complex designs
to be integrated into HTML. This technology is already being used by many custom
web development service providers.
  With passage the application of the internet and the utility along with relevance of
websites is going increase exponentially. The technical and marketing complexities
are going to increase. It is expected that the HTML 5 along with CSS will be
successful at making things simple. It is sure that HTML5 is going to ride on the
reputation its earlier versions.
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