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					The city of Malaga is located in the Andalusia region of Spain. It has an open face
with the Mediterranean Sea along its southern borders and has a rich cultural and
historical tradition, resplendent with natural and scenic beauty as well. The city of
Malaga is an eclectic blend of the old with the new. There are so many aspects of
modern life that's imbibed in this city's culture along with its traditional past. This has
not only been successful in drawing large number of tourists to this city but also
turned it into a popular destination for a weekend stag party as well. In the last few
years, Malaga stag parties have become a popular destination among those looking for
a weekend of celebration cum entertainment. Malaga Weekend Stag There are several
reasons behind the large number of stag weekend parties are held in Malaga. The city
is a quiet one that packs a punch when it comes to entertainment and thrill. You will
be pleasantly busy all through your stay with different kinds of attractions on your
stag party weekend in Malaga. There are plenty of activity options along with the
beaches and the surf. You can sample some of the most exotic range of culinary
delights here in Malaga. There are a large number of cafes and restaurants to take you.
Malaga stag nights are incredibly vibrant and eventful with a large number of clubs
and discos. There are also several arrangements for a party of your choice. Malaga
Weekend Activities There are a large number of exciting and thrilling activities on
offer for a malaga weekend . You can enjoy them at any point of time whether on a
stag party or even on a weekend break to the city. Here are some of the activities for
your reference. Go Karting - When in Malaga, Karting is must do activity. There are
some of the best karting tracks at Malaga that can give a rare experience alike to that
of the formula one racing. Paintball Malaga - If you are in a stag group that loves to
play paintball malaga has extraordinary arrangements in store. The package includes
200 paint balls and a three course Spanish lunch as well. if your group continues to
play you can also buy boxes of paintball. Quad Biking - Put your driving skills to the
test as you cruise along the roads and off road routes. This is also the best way to
enjoy the picturesque locales of Malaga. Beach Games & Water Sports - Malaga has
some of the best beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. The long stretches of sand
gives you chance to enjoy many activities on the beach as well as go out into the
water. There are several options available from wind surfing to jet skiing and
parasailing. Malaga Stag Nights The nights at Malaga promises to be as exciting and
eventful as the days. There are plenty of nightclubs and pubs that can ensure a
nightlong party of dance and music. You can also check out other options with your
travel planner like arranging for a night boat cruise with meals and entertainment
options. There is nothing that Malaga will stop at when it comes to a wonderful and
entertaining stag weekend party to remember.

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