Speed up Slow Windows 7 - How to speed up your Slow Windows 7 easily- by djsgjg0045


									We all know that with the regular use of the Slow Windows 7, as you copying and
saving files, installing and removing software on the Slow Windows 7 consistently,
the performance is losing gradually. Do you want to speed up your Slow Windows 7
quickly but do not know what you should do? Don’t worry, here are a few steps you
can carry out to speed up your Slow Windows 7 easily, here is how:
  Step1 to speed up Slow Windows 7: Remove old program or software that you rarely
or no longer use is a very simple way to speed up Slow Windows 7. Just go to control
panel, then open the add/remove tool, you may find a list of almost all the programs
you installed on your Slow Windows 7. Check the list carefully, find out the
unnecessary programs and then remove them all to free your Slow Windows 7
computer more resources.
  Step2 to speed up Slow Windows 7: The graphics adapter is very important for a
Slow Windows 7 which affects its performance directly, if there is anything wrong
with the display drivers, your Slow Windows 7 may refuse to run certain programs or
games, it may even halt or crash when it is running. You can visit the sites of the
manufacturers and check for the latest update of the display drivers. This will not only
speed up Slow Windows 7 but also keep it consistently function properly.
  Step3 to speed up Slow Windows 7: Go get an anti-spyware/adware program and
keep running it regularly, malicious Spyware will install themselves in your Slow
Windows 7 without user’s knowledge, some of the adware will track down your
online information and send them back to various sources, while spyware is much
harmful as they will steal the personal information you stored in the Slow Windows 7
such as online account passwords, credit card number and passwords, they can
severely slow down your Slow Windows 7 as well.
  Step4 to speed up Slow Windows 7: In order to speed up Slow Windows 7 and make
it function properly, the Slow Windows 7 needs a bare minimum RAM, this is the
basic criterion for the operation system. Clogging up the RAM further with other
unwanted software and games would slow down even the fastest Slow Windows 7.
  Step5 to speed up Slow Windows 7: Clean out your registry. Every time you
uninstall a program, not everything of it were removed from the Slow Windows 7, its
entries, settings, configuration etc were still left in the Windows registry. What most
people don’t know is, Windows will keep reading these wasted entries to search
programs which didn’t exist at all, as the number of these wasted stuff become bigger
over time, Windows is getting more and more sluggish. By running a free registry
scan to clean out the registry can help you get rid of these unwanted entries, settings
as well as fix the registry errors, your Slow Windows 7 speed can be improved
dramatically after you clean the registry.
  To sum, even though a slow Slow Windows 7 is unavoidable, there are still ways for
you to speed it up instantly. If you want to speed up your Slow Windows 7 quickly, I
highly recommend you to download and run the best registry cleaner to thoroughly
scan your computer right now. You will be very surprised to see how fast your
computer is after a registry cleanup.

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