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					HP's Envy broad range consists of sleek and potent multimedia machines, furthermore
to the HP Envy 17-1050ea could be the newest entry, a 17.3-inch laptop powered by
Intel middle i7. There's no doubt that that is primarily a desktop alternative with
limited portability, but a mixture of great performance, a considerable definition
display with one another with a built-in Blu-ray generate would make this a in reality
worthy laptop for movement photo lovers.
  The HP Envy 17’s middle i7 processor offers stunning quantities of power,
wonderful for operating different intensive usages at when or actively playing games.
4096MB of speedy DDR3 storage helps every little thing to operate smoothly.
  A dedicated ATi Mobility Radeon HD 5850 artwork card may be also on board the
HP Envy 17, with 1024MB of movement photo memory. that is amid probably the
most potent GPUs we've observed over a laptop, and DirectX 11 help signifies the HP
Envy 17 can comfortably deal with the newest suits even in considerable detail.

  Both films and suits glance superb near to the HP Envy 17’s high-definition
17.3-inch screen, which could be as vivid and colourful since it is sharp. to create
probably the most in the display, HP has involved a slot-loading Blu-ray generate to
hold out high-definition films instant from the disc.
  A plain but attractive pattern have been utilized to the HP Envy 17, receiving a silver
accomplish in the direction of the dependable chassis. Only the palm rests
furthermore to the lid trait a subtle textured pattern, even although the lid also features
a glowing HP icon that lights up once the laptop is turned on.
  Although the HP Envy 17’s chassis is pleasingly solid, it's also weighty and at 3.3kg
isn't a laptop that you'll desire to hold far. We haven't experienced a opportunity to
check battery life, even although wouldn't anticipate much over a few several hours
from this sort of the huge and potent machine.
  While there's undoubtedly an amazing offer to adore concerning the HP Envy 17,
there are also a few minor construct issues. For one, the left element in the laptop
heats up extremely quickly, and is also as well warm to touch subsequent 10 to fifteen
mins of use.

  The HP Envy 17’s touchpad also has computer mouse buttons integrated to the
bottom edge, which hampers usability. Resting your fingers near to the buttons would
make the cursor jerk near to the screen, as does pushing the buttons, which could be
primarily a instead stiff action. We'd have an amazing offer preferred separate buttons.
  Still, the keyboard is properly sized and responsive, and there's space for just about
any dedicated numeric keypad for swift information entry. every solitary essential
protrudes up through person holes reduce from the HP Envy 17’s chassis, which helps
to separate the keys and prevents crumbs furthermore to other bits infiltrating the
laptop's innards.
  Features are strong, using the HP Envy 17’s sizeable chassis leaving a massive
amount of space for ports. VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort connections are supplied for
attaching exterior displays, if you actually desire to check out your films over a bigger
 There are 4 USB ports for attaching peripherals, just one of which doubles as an
eSata port for speedy information pass with an exterior difficult drive. A 5-in-1
storage card reader may be also included, even although the HP Envy 17’s 500GB
difficult disk is much over adequate to home most people's mass media collections.
HP Envy 17 Review

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