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					The PSP-3000 is known as a renovation of Sony's widely used handheld PlayStation
Portable. The PSP-3000 has been introduced from the Leipzig games convention 2008
in Germany. The PSP-3000 is slimmer than the PSP slim & Lite, a successor to
PSP-1000. Though the PSP-3000 appears to be like almost the same as it's
predecessors there are a few helpful features built in with it that does not only boost
game play & other capabilities.
  The latest useful features unveiled in PSP-3000 are an integrated microphone,
greater color range in LCD along with 5 times the contrast ratio, superior sub-pixel
structure, trimmed down pixel reaction rate to reduce ghosting and clouding, novel
logosdisc tray & button designs. The LCD display isn't sensitive anymore due to the
fact at this point it's got a great anti-reflective coating that is certainly well capable to
resist glare helping to make for improved game play in outside the house. The earlier
PSP products measured at about 23 millimeters however in contact PSP-3000
measures at 18.6 mm.
  This constitutes into a reduction in weight with PSP-3000 weighting 189 grams and
the previous models at 280 grams. The weight loss in the PSP-3000 helps it be a
slimmer & lighter model when compared with it's previous alternatives. The useful
functions baked into PSP-3000 have increased its utility from the portable game
playing station to a communications gizmo plus more. The in built mic features can
be used in features like Skype as well as in online gaming. The inner storage is
brought up from thirty-two Megabytes to sixty-four Megabytes to increase browsers
overall performance in addition to improve loading time for UMD video games.
  PSP-3000 makes everyday living simple and easy with the launch of valuable new
features it's product sales made a new record with 141, 270 devices sold in Japan
within the very first four days of its start. An additional 267,000 devices had been sold
in October 2008 alone. Since battery capacity has been lowered by 1/3 and because of
this there are speculations that this reduction in size would likely affect it's battery
time nonetheless it proved otherwise. Meticulous engineering along with efficient
battery use meant that the battery time of PSP-3000 remained the same as that of it's
earlier versions.
  Several accessories are offered with PSP-3000 including UMD case, starter kit, 4
GB memory stick PRO Duo, battery charger, AV cable, component AV cable, battery
pack, headphones, headset with remote control, AC adaptor, traveler case, car adaptor,
wrist strap & pouch etc. There are different games genres offered for the PSP-3000
system including DISSIDA - final fantasy, NBA10: The inside, Grand theft Auto,
Madden NFL 10, Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3, Star Wars BattleFront Elite Squadron
and many others.
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