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How Toric Contact Lenses Can Benefit You


									There are many types of contact lenses available now days and sometimes it is hard to
know exactly which ones to select. Many people who where contact lenses generally
find one brand and one type of contact lens and stay loyal to it. This is due to the
comfort level of the band and lens. If you have an astigmatism then you would want
to get a Toric contact lens. The Toric lens were created to correct the condition call
astigmatism, which occurs when your cornea is shaped in a oval type shape versus the
traditional round cornea.
  Toric contact lenses correct an abnormal cornea or lens curvature. The curvature
correction makes light rays, that previously bent and produced an unfocused image,
focus on one point at retina. This causes the vision to stay identical whether it is
positioned as inserted in the eye, or if it rotates to any other position in the eye.
  Specialist have been working on Astigmatism to correct contacts in order to have
clear vision or the sight will stay fuzzy and not crisp. Several years ago the only
correction for this condition was through wearing glasses to adjust out the vision.
Toric contacts were invented for this purpose. Toric contact lenses are designed with
two prescriptions of sight in them and have to stay in one position for the wearer to
see appropriately. The contact lenses contain a thicker bottom or weight in them so
that they maintain the same position and do not turn with the consumer’s eyes.
  There are several types of toric lenses that you are able to select from. You can wear
soft toric contact lenses or gas perm toric contact lenses. With a soft toric contacts, the
contact lens is designed specifically to orientate itself on the eye. Once you place on
your toric lens, it may take a few seconds of blinking for the lens to line up and adjust
properly. After a few seconds, your vision will correct and should be clear with great
  Gas permeable toric lenses work a little different than soft contact lens. They are
made in many different designs based on the refraction and shape of the cornea. While
gas toric lenses need to be properly fitted, they provide superior optics along with
crisp consistent vision for the consumer. There are also toric contact lenses designed
for Multifocal and Bifocal consumer needs. As you enter and move through your
forties, chances are toric bifocal contact lenses will meet your eye needs.
  While glasses are designed to correct single vision’s with bifocal and trifocals a
multifocal toric contact lenses correct all distances in one lens. The lenses are
manufactured with the principle that when a person looks down to read something up
close, the pupil sees through the center of the contact lens. While looking out to
further distances, the pupil will look through a range further out on the contact. With
this concept, all vision at any range is always in focus with a multifocal which is a
technological advance in eye care.
  For more details about contact lenses & toric contact lenses, please visit us online. .

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