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Sony Broadcast And Tv System Used In The Shanghai World Expo by djsgjg0045


									2010 May 1 to October 31 in Shanghai, this is the first ever organized by the World
Expo in China. Organisers expect to attract visitors from around the world to 70
million people, is the largest in the history of World Expo.

 As the world's leading supplier of video and audio equipment, Sony Corporation
Radio and TV Specialized systems and equipment will be widely used in the Shanghai
World Expo site Broadcast Sony China Professional Solutions Group will be the Expo
before and during the World Expo provides a full range of technical support to ensure
the normal operation of systems and equipment.

  Multi-channel three-dimensional photography system Sony as a global leader in 3D
technology and equipment providers, will be during the Expo Shanghai Media
Interactive Television Limited (Shanghai Oriental Media (Group) Co., Ltd., a
subsidiary) to provide part of the 3D images of video recording equipment used
during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Make Expo 3D program material.

  Shanghai Media Interactive Television Limited is a well-known class of radio and
television program production and distribution unit, to expand the 3D programs
require a professional 3D production of radio and television filming equipment to
offer a wide range of 3D technology of video recording equipment.

 Sony provides is easy to move the box contained a set of multi-channel live
broadcast system, which Sony's new 3D real-time effects processor will be the first
application in the system. The broadcast system will help Shanghai Media Interactive
Television Limited completed during the Expo Expo important activities during the
real-time broadcast.

 High definition TV Cart Sony China Professional Solutions Group Following the
success of the major domestic TV station High definition television delivered more
than ten cars car this year, Sony China Professional Solutions Group construction of a
high-definition television car in turn by the Shanghai Oriental Media (Group) Co., Ltd.
for the World Expo will be broadcast live. The car is a Sony broadcast the special
needs of specific clients, tailored with noble qualities and excellent performance of
high-definition broadcast trucks. It comes with top high-definition equipment, after
using the Expo will be held in November 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games marched
before the service on its track and field stadium - throwing events on television. We
believe that high definition television Zheliang car through its excellent performance
and the performance of China and the world showed the audience a visual feast of

 System features: 8-Channel HD Video camera +8 Road external signal, the signal
input rich

2.5 M / E also has premium features 2CHDME
MVS-6000 a powerful full-featured digital switch panel

P / PPGM were achieved with M/E1PGM standby switching, 2 sets of programs
completely independent production.

 TALLY extensive input and output to achieve the complete set of the two vehicles

SystemManager by SONY's MMStation and equipment to complete the entire vehicle
monitoring and unified management

  Highly compact and dense, full-featured, complete and represent the development
trend of the future of broadcast vehicles will also be promoted across.

 Innovative design ultra-luxurious body: German super-luxury Mercedes-Benz

chassis driving seat.

 12 ultimate body length, box length of 9.5 meters, 1 meter side pull.
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