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					                                 Barmouth Ferry

Barmouth Ferry runs from the “Point” at the extreme end of the spit of land at
Fairbourne over to Barmouth. The Fairbourne Railway has its station at the Point, and
there is a liaison between the railway and the ferry. The boats are small open boats and
do not run in bad weather or off peak times. The ferry is a short trip across the estuary
to land in Barmouth.

In 2010 the cost of an adult return is £2.50 and £2.00 for

The ferry runs between
the points shown. You
can catch the ferry from
Barmouth town, or from
Fairbourne Point
(usually by taking the
Fairboune Railway to
the Point).

If you do a round trip as
described below, the
path back from the
railway to Morfa
Mawddach is shown

It is possible to use the Ferry for a round trip. Walk across Barmouth Bridge starting at
Morfa Mawddach station, spend time in Barmouth, come back to Fairbourne Point on
the ferry. Then take the Fairbourne Railway to halfway back to Fairbourne and walk
across a clearly visible “dyke” back to Morfa Mawddach station.

!                                   Barmouth Ferry Visit!                                   1
                                              The ferry with the double arch of
                                              Barmouth bridge in the background.

     The ferry mooring at Barmouth quay.

You can get refreshments in Barmouth or, on the Fairbourne side, at the station café at
the “point”.

2!                                 Barmouth Ferry Visit