How to Use a Barbecue Smoker by hkksew3563rd


									Using a barbecue smoker is easy. Everybody can do it as long as he knows the steps to
do it. With barbecue smoking, the end product will taste great, the meat tender and
very tasty. Here are the steps that will help in your cooking.
  The first tip is easy. If you want smoked barbecue, then get a real smoker. There are
different types to choose from, and they all have a heat source from where you can put
water soaked wood chips that will create smoke that will cook the meat. The trick is
to find a smoker that is within your budget and that will suit your needs.
  In order to have a tasty meat, prepare the meat before cooking. Put marinade,
seasonings and spices to the meat. If you want a tastier meat, there are lots of
available recipes where you can find barbecue recipes that you can use. Aside from
cook books, barbecue recipes are also available over the net.
  Cook the meat in a low fire at a slow pace. This means to cook the meat at a low
temperature; at around 225-250 degrees F for a few hours. The temperature rises as
you add the coals or wood chips, so use the vents in adjusting the heat until it is low
and steady. Cooking time could take up to five to six hours; for brisket or pork
shoulder cuts, it can take up to 8 to 12 hours.
  Add warm water to the pan as this will prevent in a sudden temperature drop, then
you can put the meat to smoke. Barbeque review sites say that except for the
egg-shaped smoker, most smokers are designed to house lots of meat at one time as
the cooking time is really slow. Monitor the temperature of the smoker and flip the
meat during the process. Put on the sauce at a later time so as not to burn and give the
meat a black color.
  Lastly, clean the smoker after use. Barbeque review and tips says that cleaning after
the session is easier than letting the dirt stick; this will also help in maintaining the
barbecue smoker for a long time.
  You can find more in depth information on websites and e-books that give barbeque
review and tips to people who want to perfect their smoked barbecue.

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