How to Translate Requirements into Technical Solutions by hkksew3563rd


									The business requirements for microsoft exams securing communications might not
be directly stated. Instead, what you might see is a simple statement of requirements
for communications avenues that enable employees to work while away from the
office, that connect employees from different sites to headquarters, or that provide the
ability to share information or sell products to business partners. In addition, you
might be instructed to use the least expensive option possible. Some organizations
might include state?ments that explicitly state the level of security wanted. For
example, government con?nections in the United States might require compliance
with the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). Your job as a security
designer is twofold: first you must determine the level of security that is required free
MCITP PDF questions, and then you must interpret this need into a technical solution.
The following sections explain how to do these things.
  To determine the level of security required, you must understand the nature of the
data that will be transported from site to site, understand the risks involved in
transporting this information, and question management about the security posture of
the organization. The security posture of an organization is both a statement of its
understanding of the need for information security, its stated requirements for security,
and its actual security history. You would be remiss in your obligations if you did not
recommend what you consider to be appropriate security, but ultimately the decision
is not yours to make. You also cannot simply always recommend only the most secure
solution in total disregard of the stated requirements, technical limitations, and
budgetary requirements of the project. It is OK to provide a recommendation for the
most secure solution, but you should also provide an acceptable solution that takes
into account the perceived risks and meets the free A+ practice exams business

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