Social Networking among Local Communities

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					When U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton titled her book "It Takes a Village," she
was affirming a truism long known. Local communities are the best source of support
for local people. You can invest back into your own neighborhood in a number of
ways, including buying products locally, getting services locally, taking part in local
improvement efforts, and more.
 Yet, we live in a society that has become more and more fragmented. More and more
people are losing touch with their local neighborhoods. While the internet is in most
every home and has opened us up to a whole new world of resources, it has taken us
away from what is right outside our front door. We buy products online without much
regard to their origin. With the explosion of social networking we now use Facebook,
Twitter, and Myspace to form social groups filled with people from all over the world.
What is to be done?
 How about social networking online with those in our local communities! This does
not mean we have to give up the online networking we already have in place. Who
can’t handle their personal Facebook account, business Facebook account, and Twitter.
We can easily multitask and spread out our time to all. So let’s add a social network
that concentrates on people that live in our geographic neighborhood. Talk online with
people in your neighborhood about community needs, community functions, and
community opportunities. If people in your neighborhood prosper, then your
community will benefit. If your community benefits, it will be good for you.
 Think about it. Maybe they want to close the library in your neighborhood. How do
you even know? Most of us do not read the local newspaper - we get local news
online. Maybe there is a new toy store that focuses on developmental toys. How do
you even find out about it? Maybe there is a crime problem and people are needed for
night watch programs. Social networking with people in your local area is a way to
keep up with things that really do matter in making your life better through a more
vibrant community. This could be the next big thing on the internet! Join in with your
neighborhood and help to make it better.
 Marina Mitchell is a Operations & Development Manager at ServiceBox.
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