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									Social bookmarking is a tool which allows one to arrange, share and search for
various links and webpages. Over the last few years this has emerged as an important
online approach when marketing a business which is online. The main idea of using
the bookmarking tool is to make sure that the business is not just popularised but also
that people relate and identify with the products.
 However, one must keep in mind to check the various bookmarking websites, though
most of them are free, however a few websites do charge a fee for the same. There are
a number of features that are available to the users and these include categorizing the
various links and websites depending on the content of the page or the blog. These
websites also offer live web feeds which give an update. These live feeds will keep
updating the user from time to time regarding any new updates or comments received
by the user or another user who is linked to the profile or account of the user.
 The best part about live feeds in social bookmarking is that it enables one to check
and bookmark any news webpages or links. This is not all they can also share the
same with people on their friend list. There are a few social bookmark websites which
provides links and also numbers the visitors visiting the user's profile.
 The benefits of social bookmarking are that it connects one user to many through the
medium of the internet. This connection not only helps promote one's business but at
the same time also helps in the marketing of the same. However, the other side of the
coin or the cons are that there are chances of spamming.
 The use of book marking also makes the business noticed on the search engines.
Here the links and webpages are available with a brief description hence making it
easier for the user to know what they are looking for. The content mentioned in the
search engine search make a lot of things easier, since one need not go to the webpage
directly. With technology taking new leaps every day, visual bookmarking is also
gaining popularity.
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