How To Start A Home Or Commercial Cleaning by hkksew3563rd


									Are you a person who "loves" to clean? Then you would likely do well by starting a
cleaning business! There are many people who just abhor anything to do with
cleaning at all, even daily, while some others that don't mind light work but hate to do
deep dirty work or so-called spring chores. You can turn your love of cleanliness and
your skills at housekeeping into a full time or part time business opportunity.
 How much you can make with a this type of business depends on how big you want
to be or become. A one-person operation that you run from your home and where you
clean just a few units is ideal for some folks, while others may be interested in renting
a commercial office and hiring other people to work with them or for them.
Determine what kind of set-up you want, and whether you want to start small and
grow, or start large and grow, both ways can earn you some great money.
 You will also want to decide the extent of the services that you will offer, like
vacuuming, making beds, dusting, mopping/waxing the floors, and more. Will you do
the laundry? Will you offer a specific number of services, like all of the above, for a
daily rate, or will you charge by the hour? Will you give estimates? It is a good idea to
give estimates if you plan to offer a daily or per room rate because some homes have
more rooms or larger rooms than others, which may require more work on your behalf.
When determining the pricing you will offer, take a look at how other local cleaning
services set their prices.
 Your costs for getting started with your cleaning business will be based on the size of
your company, and whether you will operate from home or need to rent or lease a
commercial building. The tools that you will need like cleaning supplies, carpet
cleaners, brooms, mops, and more should all be included in your start up cost. Will
you be buying a van to use for the business? Also factor in your advertising costs.
Free advertising like word-of-mouth is great, but paid advertising will also need to be
used to reach the maximum number of customers. Your might also consider
establishing a website so that you can be included in local search queries when
someone local is searching for a cleaning service. A website can also be used by
potential clients to contact you and request services or a quote, or to ask a question;
simply put, a website will help build your brand and is very inexpensive to get started
 Once you have a few clients established, it is usually always "uphill from there" with
most cleaning businesses as this is a service that will always be needed. Yes, as long
as there is dirty floors and dirty laundry, the cleaning service will have its place in this
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