How To Start A Home Based Sign by hkksew3563rd


									Are you a forward, creative thinker who likes to do hands-on work and has an eye for
distinctive signage? If so, then starting a sign business may be the ideal niche for you.
Operating a sign business gives you the opportunity to meet new people continuously,
most of them business owners. Opening this type of business requires that you have a
bit of working capital and a lot of elbow grease to put into making the business a
success. Most businesses offer their products both offline and online and there will
always be a need for quality signs and sign products.
 Getting Started
 Before you can start, you will need to formulate a business plan. This will be
necessary not only for your own purposes of planning, but also to use in obtaining
funding for opening your business. A business plan is an essential part of starting a
small business and will help you to establish goals that you may have for the business'
 You might consider working out of your basement or garage in the early years of
your sign business to cut expenses. Many successful companies begin this way and
keeping the costs low by avoiding the cost of renting a commercial space, can help
you to grow your business stronger later on. Once you have set up shop wherever you
may choose to do so, you can begin to promote your business.
 Advertising and Promotion
 One of the best ways to promote your new company is with...signs! Perhaps creating
a few complementary signs for local businesses is a good way to show them the
quality of the work that you can do. Other ways to advertise include:
 Providing free banners to high school sports teams for display on game night.
Advertising in the Yellow pages of your local phone directory and other area
directories; remember, the nature of your business will allow you to service customers
all over the globe, so don't overlook advertising in other nearby directories as well.
 Keep business cards handy and give them out to everyone you meet; ask friends and
colleagues to take a stack of cards and distribute them to would-be customers.
 Visit businesses that might want to do business with you with a flyer in hand.
 Take out ad space in your area newspapers. Purchase the biggest ad that you can
afford during your grand opening, and advertise weekly in the business section.
 Establish a web presence. Because it is low cost to ship your products anywhere on
the planet, take advantage of having the world at your back door by establishing a
custom website that allows you to take orders from anywhere in the world. Be sure to
give your customers plenty of options to customize any type of sign that you make,
and give lots of sample work for them to look through. Go for an e-commerce site so
that you can take instant payments online.
 Build your brand and get noticed with a professional logo design. Joseph has been
helping small businesses build their brands and raise awareness by designing business
logo concepts for new start ups on a budget.

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