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How to Start a Computer Consulting


									Many computer professionals are tired of the 9-5 corporate lifestyle and have started
their own computer consulting business. Computer consultancy is very profitable and
hot business with great future prospects. Companies that hire computer consultants
are willing to pay large amounts for their computer services. Computer consultants
provide a range of services including software recommendations to clients and fixing
hardware problems.
 To start a computer consulting business you should have some basic hardware
knowledge and should be technically strong. Apart from technical skills you should
possess non-technical problem solving skills and of course have a desire to help
people with their computer related issues. Following are some key steps to consider
when starting a computer consulting business:
 - Business Plan:
 First and foremost draft a business plan, set goals according to your skills and limits.
Plan things properly, organize yourself and timely manage your work.
 - Quality not Quantity:
 Do not try to do too much. Focus on a specific field to create a name for yourself and
gain a niche in the market. Computer consultants often make the mistake of offering
all services instead of gaining competitive advantage by focusing on a particular
computer area.
 - Innovative Solutions:
 Stand out, offer innovative solutions to your clients. Conduct technical workshops
for company employees, or provide troubleshooting IT problems via online chat,
phone texting, or phone consultation. - Consultancy Fee:
 For business start-ups it is recommended to charge less than established computer
services consultants. Initially it is important to get clients, money should not be top
priority, however, once established you may increase your fees. - Customer Service:
 You need to have exceptional people skills to convince clients to hire your computer
services. The consultancy market is competitive and to attract customers you should
provide good services and build a good rapport with your customers.
 - Marketing:
 Advertise on the internet, on search engines like Google, and on online business
directory like, searchme4. Have a business website promoting your services, print
business cards listing the services you provide and distribute these cards at
community festivals, benefit dinners, community breakfasts, and so on. For further
information regarding computer consultants in UK refer to searchme4, a leading
online business directory.
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