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Portable Google Chrome by TBari


work in a restrictive environment?? don't have permission to install chrome?? use this technique....

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									Portable Google Chrome

Sad that you are working in an restrictive office environment where the strict access protocols prevents the downloading and installation of Google Chrome? Wish to have your favorite browser in your pocket every where you go? It’s time to try out Portable Chrome. Again, Google doesn’t provide an official portable version of Google Chrome. A good guy named Carsten regularly gives out portable versions of Google Chrome. Get the latest version as of writing this down here. You need to download the exe, extract it a folder in the USB stick and run the ChromeLoader.exe. Portable Chrome – first version at Carsten’s site (German) Portable Chrome – first version at Carsten’s site (Translated to English) Portable Chrome – latest version direct download link If you are ready to do a bit more work, this page at might interest you as well.

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