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									             Be at the
                                                                                               The Australian Government has
                                                                                               funded a new $55 Million National
                                                                                               Center for Groundwater Research
                                                                                               and Training to ensure that this
                                                                                               natural resource remains for future

              center of
                                                                                               generations. This initiative has created
                                                                                               opportunities for study and careers in
                                                                                               water, unlike this industry or discipline
                                                                                               have seen before in the world.
                                                                                               The Center is based at Flinders

                                                                                               University and has 20 university and
                                                                                               industry partners located across
                                                                                               Australia. The focus of the centre
                                                                                               will be to train the next generation
                                                                                               of groundwater scientists and
                                                                                               professionals, conduct highly
                                                                                               innovative and internationally
                                                                                               recognised research, and to create
                                                                                               world-class infrastructure that will
                                                                                               support the needs of groundwater

                                                                                               research and industry for years to
                                                                                               The Center is supported by some of

                                                                                               the world’s most revered groundwater
                                                                                               scholars, creating exciting
                                                                                               opportunities to learn from and work
                                                                                               with renowned influential thinkers.
                                                                                               To bring this project to fruition, we’re
                                                                                               seeking the brightest minds from a
                                                                                               wide range of science, engineering,
                                                                                               and social science disciplines including
                                                                                               earth sciences, mathematics,
                                                                                               chemistry, physics, biology,
                  natIonal center for groundwater research                                     environmental engineering, natural
                  and traInIng australIa                                                       resources management, geography,
                                                                                               economics, and law.
                                                                                               We have over 170 positions waiting to
                  170 positions across australia – research scientists,                        be filled including over 40 Postdoctoral
                  Postdoctoral research fellows, Phd scholarships &                            Research Fellowships (Senior Research
                                                                                               Fellow / Research Fellow levels), over
                  Technical Support Officers.                                                  40 PhD studentships and scholarships,
                                                                                               as well as numerous Research
                                                                                               Scientist and Technical Support Officer
                  the environmental, social and economic issues associated with                positions, with attractive remuneration
                  groundwater, as a natural, viable water resource are often                   including the most lucrative PhD
                  undervalued and poorly understood. this vital resource has                   scholarships available in Australia.
                  global applications and is the cornerstone in the foundation and             This initiative has drawn national and
                                                                                               international attention, as nowhere
                  sustenance of many environmental systems.                                    else in the world has this scale and
                                                                                               scope of opportunity for research
                  however, due to climate change and human behaviour, the                      and training into global groundwater
                  natural replenishment and quality of this vital resource is under            reform been seen before. Take
                                                                                               advantage of your opportunity to be at
                  threat. People and new knowledge are urgently needed to                      the center of cutting edge international
                  address the issues relating to this prescious resource.                      groundwater research.

                  To find out more visit www.groundwater.com.au or email recruitment@groundwater.com.au or phone 61 8 8201 2193

                                                           National Centre for
                                                           Groundwater Research and Training
                                                           sustaining a vital water resource

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