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									                              Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit # 22

                            HOW TO EARN ACT 45 HOURS
                                                                           September, 2009

       Act 45 of 2007 affects all active school and system leaders employed in the following

         * Principal                         * Intermediate Unit Executive Director
         * Assistant or Vice Principal       * Intermediate Unit Assistant Executive Director
         * Superintendent                    * Director of an Area Vocational-Technical School
         * Assistant Superintendent

       School and system leaders will be required to fulfill their continuing professional education
       requirements in programs that address one or more of the nine PA school leadership
       standards. For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions about
       Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership legislation at:

       Bucks County educators who need to meet the requirements of Act 45 have four options:
          1.    Complete an activity offered by the Bucks County Intermediate Unit. PDE has
                approved the Bucks County Intermediate Unit as a provider of any of the 17
                modules listed below. Each module requires 13 hours and must include four hours
                of class time, five hours of related, job-embedded assignments, and four hours of a
                final product/culminating activity. To qualify as an act 45 activity, a minimum of
                25 hours is required. Therefore, at least two modules will need to be completed to
                constitute an activity for Act 45 credit.

                      1.1   Leadership and Vision: Systems and Organizational Theory
Program 1             1.2   Strategic Thinking: Leadership Theories in Schools
Quality leadership    1.3   Effective Communication for a School leader
through strategic     1.4   Negotiations, Consensus, Team Building
thinking              1.5   Data Driven Decisions – A Results Driven School
                      2.1   Learning Theories: What’s Under Your Roof?
Program 2             2.2   Can Professional Knowledge Be Measured in Hours?
Leadership that       2.3   Differentiated Instruction – Responding to the Needs of the Special Learner
Builds a              2.4   CIA: Solving the Mystery of Curriculum Design Literacy and Mathematics
Continuous            2.5   Human Resource Management
Learning Ethic        2.6   Resource Management
                      2.7   Leadership in Technology
                      3.1   School/Community Relations – Engaging the Community
Program 3             3.2   Responding to Diversity in Schools
Leadership and the    3.3   Ethics for School Leaders
Artful Use of         3.4   School Law – How to Stay Out of Federal Court in Three Easy Steps
Infrastructure        3.5   Change Theory
2.   Complete an activity offered by a Bucks County School District in collaboration
     with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit. These activities must be based on a
     combination of at least two of the modules listed above. Districts interested in
     offering an activity must:

           Contact Mike Masko at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit to discuss
            developing a customized activity for district administrators.
           Complete the BCIU Act 45 Planner (web address) and submit it to Mike
            Masko for approval. After your planner is approved, the Intermediate
            Unit will post your course online for participant registration.
           Ensure that the instructor is included in the BCIU Act 45 faculty list.
            (Contact Mike Masko to add an instructor.)

     Participants will need to register on the Bucks County Intermediate Unit online
     Coursewhere system.

     Instructors will use moodle to evaluate the following for each participant:
          Professional Education Evaluation
          A job embedded assignment log
          A final project/culminating activity log
          Professional Education Impact Evaluation

3.   Complete a Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) principal induction or
     continuing professional education course scheduled for the Delaware Valley
     region. These courses are 45-90 hours each. Information is available at:

4.   Complete a program with another approved Act 45 Continuing Professional
     Education Provider. These include the University of Pennsylvania
     Superintendents’ Study Council, Temple University’s Leadership for Student
     Learning Program, Wilkes University’s Professional Development and
     Supervision Course (ED 625), and others listed at

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