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                                                  SIMON FRASER JUNIOR HIGH
                                                                       Bruce Johnston, Principal           
                                                                      Maureen Leew, Assistant Principal
                                                                 Phone: 777 7290     Fax:  777 7293
                                                       www.cbe.ab.ca/b646                                October
          Promoting Excellence in Education Through Peace Initiatives
Principal’s Message
We have had another truly fantastic start to the year at Simon Fraser, perhaps the best in recent history. We
have exciting news and reviews, but before we look at this information, I would like to express my appreciation
and gratitude for the work and service provided by last year’s School Council. Last year’s Chair, Sue
Hawkwood provided tremendous strength and leadership for our amazing group of parents. The other
members of the executive including, Dixie Schmidt, Patti McAlpine, Jan Tomaszewski, Debra Johnston, Colleen
McLeod, Marilyn Malcolm, Tanya Wong, Michelle Ng, and Darlene Hall, were a determined, thoughtful and
amazingly supportive group, and a real treat to work with. Numerous other parents were active members of
School Council as we saw 30+ parents, on average, at our council meetings. My thanks to all of you!

  As to be expected we had another fabulous turnout to our first School Council Meeting (and Annual
       General Meeting) on September 19, with an attendance of 39. This year’s new School Council
                                           Executive includes:
            Ms. Darlene Hall        Co-Chair (School Council)
           Ms. Dixie Schmidt        Co-Chair (Educational Support Association)
           Ms. Bev Buckley          Vice-Chair
           Ms. Debra Johnston       Co-Secretary
           Ms. Brenda Lukinuk       Co-Secretary
           Ms. Sherry Southwood      Treasurer
                                  Key Communicator(s) – Still Open
           Ms. Michelle Ng          Volunteer Coordinator

Our School Council also includes Feeder School Liaison as follows:
       Ms Liz Spencer                  Simons Valley Elementary
      Ms. Kathy White & Ms. Susan Ridley
                                        Captain John Palliser Elementary
                                   Dr. Coffin Elementary (still open)
                                   Queen Elizabeth High School (still open)
                                    Sir Winston Churchill High School (still open)

We would be delighted if four or five parents could step forward to fill the remaining openings.  The work
is light, enjoyable, and rewarding with only a commitment to one or possibly two meetings per month. 
Come on out and have some fun!  Our next meeting is Monday October 17th.
We are delighted to welcome all of our new staff to Simon Fraser:

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Mr. Vern Chang                         Industrial Arts (IA) and Outdoor Education
Ms. Lena Davis                          Art, Health and Year-Book
Ms. Theresa Locker                   Resource and AISI
Mr. Ryan McLeod                      Band, Health and ESL
Ms. Philana Tam                        Grade 9 Math
Ms. Jodie Roberts                     Behaviour Support Worker
Mr. Howard Bowles                   Facility Operator
We are more than fortunate to have acquired these fine talents to our already fabulous staff.
As noted in our brief notice sent out on September 15th, we were able to allocate funds toward hiring a
new Band teacher, Mr. Ryan McLeod.  Our ability to fund an additional staff member is due to the
additional funds allocated to Simon Fraser based on 30+ additional students above our projected
enrolment.  Mr. McLeod is an established Band Leader with seven years experience teaching at the
Junior and Senior High School levels.  We are delighted to welcome Mr. McLeod.  Our first Band
Parent’s Association meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 11 at 7:00 PM in the Library.  The
Annual General Meeting will also be held at this time.
Our athletic activities are well underway with tremendous participation and representation by students
in Cross Country, Soccer, and Volleyball.  Our Scorcher Volleyball Tournament was a great success, and
our Junior Girls and Boys Volleyball teams played with heart and determination.  Congratulations to all
of our young athletes, and many thanks to their coaches for all of the extra time and dedication given
to our students.  This year’s two dedicated Peace Initiative Days on September 14th and 15th were
again amazing in their planning and outcomes.  Our Bowness Park day was filled with fun and focused on
team building, group dynamics, and building responsible citizens.  Our focus on Peace carried through
during the activities and celebrations on day 2 back at the school, and will be our ongoing focus for the
duration of the year.
We are looking forward to a busy month of October beginning with our Grade 9 Leadership Camp
running October 5 & 6.  Our Grade 9 Riverwatch Program runs on October 11, 13, and 17. Parents are
reminded to book into Parent Student Teacher Conferences by phoning in beginning Thursday October
13, starting at 7:00 AM.  Grade 8 Swimming will be introduced to the Phys Ed program again this year
beginning October 17.  Please remember our next School Council Meeting October 17.  Our first set of
Parent Student Teacher Conferences runs October 19, 20 and 21.  Please check the schedule (&/or
Student Agenda) for detailed times. Ms. Moore in the Library is also hosting our annual Book Fair
during conferences.   We look forward to meeting with you at this time.  We are also looking forward to
the Halloween Howl – Dance on Thursday October 27.  And please be aware of the change of date for
our Annual Biathlon, now being planned for Friday October 28.  Information and applications are
available from the office.
As I’ve said in the past, I speak with great pride when I speak of our Simon Fraser Learning
Community.  Thank you again for your tremendous support.

Bruce Johnston, Principal

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          It has come to our attention that this year parents may apply for a Rebate of Instructional
          Resource Fees. 
          If, as a family, you have paid in excess of the $264 limit in Instructional Resource Fees,
          the fee the Board charges for junior high ($105), elementary and high school.  You may request
an Application for Rebate of Instructional Resource Fees from the office.  It is your responsibility to
submit the form and all the required receipts to the Board.
                                NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL
Parents, we post our newsletter on our school website @ www.cbe.ab.ca/b646 the first of each month.
  It saves on paper and time and we know that the newsletters would get home.  We will send an email to say
the newsletter is posted.  If you do not wish this means of communication we will send a hardcopy.  Please
email lmjeffery@cbe.b.ca with your email address.
                           TEACHER EMAIL ADDRESSES
Please be advised that email addresses of teachers will only be given out by those teachers consenting to
do so.

Due to the volume of calls that we receive each day, please be aware that unless it is a dire emergency,
phone calls from parents to students will not be put through to the student’s current classroom.  Please
make arrangements for appointments, pickups etc. prior to school.  Thank you for your assistance in this
                        DAILY MENU OPTIONS OFFERED IN OUR
MONDAY – Chicken Noodle Soup $1.00, Ginger Beef $2.25, Chicken
                     Burger $2.25, Perogies 6/$1.50, Mini Spring Rolls (4) $1.00, Salad $1.50, Chef Salad $2.00;
                     Pudding (Choc or Vanilla)$ .50
 TUESDAY – Cream of Broccoli Soup $1.00, Nachos & Cheese/Salsa $1.50,Jalapeno
                     Spuds (8) - $1.50; Taco Salad $2.25, Fiesta $2.25, Fruit Bowl $ .50, Muffins (Banana or
                     Blueberry) $ .50
 WEDNESDAY – Vegetable Soup - $1.00; Subs (Ham & Turkey) $2.25, BLT
                         Buns (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) $2.00, Fries $1.00, Fish & Chips $2.25,
                        Fish (2) $2.00, Caesar Salad $1.50, Caesar Salad $1.50, Cookies
                        (Oatmeal, Raisin or Macadamia Nut) $ .50,
 THURSDAY – Classic Chicken Noodle Soup $1.00, Hot Dogs $1.00, McCain’s Pizza
                        $1.00, Little Charlie’s Pizza $2.25 Lasagna $1.50, Salad $1.50, Chef’s Salad - $2.00; Rice

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              Krispies Square $ .50
 FRIDAY – Won Ton Soup $1.00, Fingers & Rice $2.25, Chicken Fingers
          4/$2.25, Chicken Caesar Wraps $2.00, Rice $1.00, Caesar Salad $1.50, Fortune Cookies 3/$ .25,
          Cinnamon Buns $ .50

                                          HOME ECONOMICS
               Parents, if you have any material remnants (cotton fabric preferred), sewing notions, buttons,
               etc., that you would like to donate to the home economics room, the students would be most

                                QUEBEC TRIP UPDATE
The parent information meeting that was held on September 26th was well attended.  Your son or daughter
will be receiving a letter to take home that hopefully clarifies everything covered at the meeting.  Parents
who were unable to attend this meeting will need to meet with Mr. Lalonde before their child is eligible to
go.  By the end of the first week of October, we hope to announce that we have enough students in order
for the trip to go.
M. Lalonde

It has been brought to the school’s attention that anyone volunteering must have on file the Consent to
Search and Disclosure of Personal Information.  This form, once approved is now valid for 5 years.  Parents
who are currently approved and on file in this school, do not have to reapply.  Those parents whose students
came to us from elementary, and had a search done last year, may ask the school to forward a copy on to us
and we can use this for one year only.  Please note that when you now complete these forms, you will be
asked to disclose all names that you may have used in the past.  We need to have a copy of your driver’s
license and Alberta Health Care Card.   These forms need to be turned into the office so that they may be
witnessed by Administration.
Simon Fraser Junior High staff, spearheaded by Mrs. Martin, Ms. Doppmeier and students, provides
Christmas hampers for 10 – 15 under-privileged families every year.  We collect food, clothing and gifts at
the end of December.  There are some basic items that we need year after year.  If you are out and about
and see these items on sale perhaps you could pick them up.  We need you to keep them at home (the school
has no storage space) until we ask for them in December.  Some of the items we always need are:

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                  •     Sheet sets (twin, queen, double)
                  •     Towels, facecloths
                  •     Warm soft blankets (for our cancer families)
                  •     XL clothes for men and women
                  •     Brita water jugs and filters (for cancer families)
                  •     Juicers (for our cancer families) heavy duty electronic
                  •     Hats, coats and mitts (in all sizes)
                  •     New socks and underwear
                  •     Bulk pastas and sauces
                  •     Canned meat
                  •     Canned fruits and veggies
                  •     Gift certificates to grocery stores and movie theatres
                  •     Rice and cereals.
                                                  News from the Library
    The library orientation for all classes has been completed and every student should have a barcode for
    borrowing library materials in their agenda.  If a student does not have a barcode they should see me.  
    During the orientation the students were introduced to the new CBE electronic catalogue, which is
    called WebCat.  To access this catalogue do the following:
•        URL:   www.cbe.ab.ca Homepage for the CBE
•        under either the Parents or Students tab on the menu at the top of the page click on CBE Library
•        Discover CBE Library  - click on WebCat
•        Sagebrush Accent School Libraries catalogue 
•        My Stuff Tab will give the students access to what they have signed out, the date[s] due, and any
        money that is owing
The Library Club has had its initial meeting and the various groups will be meeting over the next couple of
weeks.  Also, the Boy’s Book Club met and they decided to read books written by S.E. Hinton.  Within the
next month or so we will be watching the movie The Outsiders that is based on a book written by this
The Chess Club is underway with about 15 members, and some of them are girls.  They meet in the library
at lunch on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 
The Owls Nest Book Store will be doing the Book Fair for us again this year on the following dates:
October 19th and 20th   - in the main foyer, from 4:30 – 8:30 pm for the PST  
October 22nd  - in the main foyer, from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm for the PST Conferences
All LA classes will be scheduled into the library during class time to see the books that will be on display
for the sale.  Items can be pre-ordered by contacting me at the school
[Ext 2022].   This is a fundraiser for the Library and your support is appreciated.
Ms. Moore

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                                   16th Annual Biathlon – October 28th
                            The 16th Annual Simon Fraser Biathlon will be held on October 28th.  This event
                            is open to all members of our community.  Students can either participate as an
                            individual or as a two-person team.  The event consists of a 500m swim (Sir
                            Winston Churchill Pool) and a 3km run using the school field. Students can team
up with a fellow student, parent, teacher or SFJH alumni.  Each student receives a t-shirt, post race
refreshments, certificate of competition and possibility to win several draw prizes.  Sign up forms will be
provided the first week of October and students can get them from their PE teacher, Mr. Nelson or Mr.
Jorgensen.  We are always in need of student and parent volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering
please call the school.

Thanks to everyone who came out for this year’s girls’ soccer team.
Congratulations to:
Bijou Leavins                                        Kristyn Smith
Bronwyn Chhay                                     Tamara Oakes
Kayla King                                            Tessa Hollenbach
Jennifer Martinot                                 Megan Schulte
Samantha Pekarchuk                             Erin Dewaal
Shaleen Ladha                                      Taryn Ferguson
Mikayla Hill                                          Alex Carlson
Kelsea Pedersen                                    Cydney Hall
Reilly Whittaker
This year the girls’ soccer team has had an amazing start.  The team has demonstrated excellent
sportsmanship, skills and dedication to the sport.    Our team has won their first three games and the next
game is a home game on Thursday, October 6, at 4:00.  Please come out and support our team.
                                                                      Study Skills for Youth
On Saturday, October 15, 2005, The Columbia Learning Society, through Columbia College, will be offering
a free one-day workshop for students.  This workshop is a great way to help your teen start this year off
with some added study tools at their disposal! 
During this four-hour workshop the following items will be covered:
Time Management
        o 25 ways to get the most out of now
Memory Techniques/Reading Skills
        o Techniques for memory and muscle reading

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Note Taking Process
       o Taking notes during lectures and while reading
Test Writing and Test Anxiety
       o Different styles of exams and how to approach each one
       o How to reduce test anxiety by being prepared
To register for this workshop please contact Julie Campbell at 235-9300 or e-mail juliec@columbia.ab.ca
before October 10, 2005.  

       A Message from the Public Health Nurse in Your School

Welcome back to school! I am very pleased to be returning to the school again this year. I will continue to
be at Simon Fraser on Thursday afternoons. Last spring I did a health survey with the students and
teachers to identify the health needs of our school community. The results from this survey showed that
the top 3 issues were as follows: Grade 7 students – tobacco/drugs, self-esteem/body image, relationships;
Grade 8 – tobacco use/drugs, body image, school pressure; Grade 9 – tobacco use/drugs, self-esteem/body
image, school pressure; Teachers – bullying, body image and school pressure. I plan to survey parents this
fall for their perspective.  This year I hope to work in collaboration with the school to address the health
needs identified to improve the health and well being of students and families.
I am also available to see students at the school with health concerns and answer any questions you may
have about your child’s health. The Grade 9 vaccination program will be organized to take place at the
school in February ‘06.
Remember, healthy kids learn better!
Sheri Lux, RN

                       Does Sugar Cause Hyperactivity?
                    No.  There is no evidence that eating sugar has negative effects on health or behaviour. 
                    Sugar is a carbohydrate, one source of energy for our bodies that can add taste and
                    enjoyment to our foods.  Sugars occur naturally in some foods, such as fruits and
                    vegetables, and are added to others such as baked goods.  However, we should not
overdo it with sugars.  Eating too many high sugar foods may cause cavities and keep you from eating other
nutritious foods that provide vitamins and minerals.  Like all other foods, sugar can fit into a healthy diet –
just be sensible.  Try to choose foods that contain other nutrients besides sugar.  For example, choosing
fruit juice provides calories, vitamins and minerals whereas a can of pop contains only calories.  For more
information, contact the Calgary Health Link at 943-LINK.
A Health Message from your School Nurse, Sheri Lux.

                             Increased Satisfaction with the CBE!

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                                             Good News
        The results of Alberta Education’s parent, student and staff survey are in: they tell a story of
parents and students who have been powerfully impressed by the quality of people in our schools, and speak
with enthusiasm about experiences with our schools. The overall findings of this survey are good news for
the Calgary Board of Education. The good news is enhanced by the reliability of the findings due to the
large survey sample.
Survey Background
        Alberta Education has identified six categories of measures for assessing school board
performance. Five of the six categories are assessed using measures from the Accountability Pillar Survey
of grades 4, 7 and 10 students, their parents and teachers. Alberta Education conducted the second annual
administration of these surveys in February 2005. Approximately 12,000 students, 6000 parents and 4000
teachers responded.
        The five categories assessed through the surveys are: student learning opportunities; a safe and
caring school environment; preparation for lifelong learning, work and citizenship; parent involvement; and
continuous improvement. What I am reporting here are the results of these findings. The sixth category,
student achievement, is assessed by Alberta Education through quantitative data, including provincial
testing the results of which I will report to you in next month’s newsletter.
Satisfaction Increases on all Measures
        On all measures, all three groups – students, parents and teachers – are more satisfied with the
CBE’s performance than they were a year ago. Improvements in the overall satisfaction averages range
from 2% to 9%. Improvements of this order of magnitude are extremely positive. The 9% increase is
particularly noteworthy because it is related to parent and teacher satisfaction with the overall
improvement of their schools and schools in the jurisdiction.
        Another powerful message of appreciation is delivered in the finding that over 90% of CBE
students who responded to the survey indicate that teachers at their schools are “good” or “very good”.
This is a tremendous tribute to our teachers and one of the ‘acid tests’ of a superior public education
        Our focus is on the work that goes on in schools, not on the corporation because that corporation
means nothing to our children. The people who are closest to the work in schools know it best. Those people
are our students and their parents and teachers and they express satisfaction with that work.
                                                 The Real Work
        Like all large public service organizations, the CBE fields its share of criticism. There are occasions
when we can feel disconsolate about the way in which our work is viewed. We also know that there are areas
where we need to improve, and we will use the results of the surveys to target particular areas for
        Notwithstanding this context, we affirm the real work that takes place in our classrooms and
schools. I specifically wish to express my admiration to all front line school staff, which actually provides
these educational services to students and their families. The satisfaction reported in this survey is a
tribute to their dedicated service, their professional expertise and their commitment to students.
        I wish, also, to thank the parents whose support of our students and schools is second to none, and
to thank the Trustees for their unswerving focus on what is best for students.
Dr. Brendan J. Croskery
Chief Superintendent


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