SketchPad- a Filmmaker's Storyboard an Innovative iPad App to Revolutionize Moviemaking by djsgjg0045


									The Apple 庐 iPad, which was released on April 2010, could grab over 3 million
users with in the very first months, bringing a revolution in technology. IPad is
booming for its tremendous and highly acceptable features in the world market so as
the demand for intelligent iPad apps. SketchPad: A Filmmaker 鈥檚 Storyboard, is
about to make a revolution in iPad industry with the most advanced features of movie
making. Tikibone, LLC who develops this ultra modern app is about to introduce
SketchPad for iPad IOS 4.2. The application has become a hot topic among the beta
users who got a chance to use the application before its original release. The
developers of SketchPad aim to make it something more intelligent than the ones
available with all the vital tools necessary to develop a complete movie storyboard
absolutely anywhere.
  Though the app is so powerful and stylish enough to be loved by its users, the
developers have given good care to make it easy to understand and flexible to handle.
SketchPad: A filmmaker 鈥檚 storyboard is as simple and mobile as sketching on a
paper pad, SketchPad for iPad adds sophisticated tools up until now available only
with complicated or heavy systems, cumbersome laptops. One of the many attractive
features is its uncluttered interface and intuitive controls mean users can be productive
shortly after they download the app. SketchPad lets users in diverse fields, such as
business, education and more, to map out their ideas visually guaranteeing an iPad
app for the next generation of storyboarding.
  With SketchPad, no matter how many pages, the storyboard never gets heavier or
more difficult to carry. A for now the conventional storyboarding is a difficult to
handle as each new scenes require a separate page and the editing process is
protracted as well. SketchPad eliminates all these hassles and more. Storyboard
directly on the iPad 鈥檚 virtual paper. Sketchpad 鈥檚 synthetic pressure sensitive
design means users can easily mimic the very same brush effects artists achieve on
paper. Not an artist? Not a problem, Import photographs for easy integration into
storyboards. For people who want to stay traditional SketchPad has got a print feature
which can print up to 11x17, 6 panels page.
  Sharing storyboards feature to export completed storyboards as PDFs, feature to
share the storyboards in Photoshop format with anyone in the world instantly etc
shows how a professional application has to be developed. Detailed information can
be found at the application page of Tikibone. New users can sign up and can be
among the first to learn when SketchPad: A Filmmaker 鈥檚 Storyboard for the iPad
is available from the App store at
  About Tikibone, LLC
  Tikibone is a rapidly growing team of developers working on the next generation of
bigger, faster, stronger and easier applications for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With
the debut of SketchPad, Tikibone aims to be one among the apps developers where
users can expect ultra modern and useful applications. 鈥漌 e are the coolest, hippest,
funniest people on the planet, and we love to make apps you can actually use. If we
can make the world better or your life easier by creating apps, we 鈥檙 e happy. That
鈥檚 what we 鈥檙 e about.鈥?says Mr. Roger O. Trier Jr., founder and Chief
Creative Officer of Tikibone. Detailed information about the moviemaking iPad app
can be found at the app website.

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