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									The son of a skateboardim or her, Spencer Semien had been on the skateboard himself
when he was three years old.

"All of the unexpected, skateboardent grew to become their enthusiasm,Inch says his
mom, Marla Sneed.

As any parent understands, a child's passion can be quite costly as well as Spencer
required the part-time job to aid their skateboardent activities. He currently
experienced an interest in computer systems and, in fact, experienced constructed a
personal site, so building one dedicated to skateboarding had been the actual
reasonable next step. By using their mother along with a Denver-area skateboard store,
the actual 11-year old got their website installed and operating. The recognized
release date had been March. Twenty one of last year.

First of all, the site markets skateboarding equipment to intermediate-level skaters and
better. Skaters can purchase pre-built total decks (this is a fully put together
skateboard) as well as individual car parts and accessories, from tires, in order to hold
mp3, (intended to provide the skater the surer foothold about the panel), to skateboard
restore resources, towards the latest safely gear.

And people that switch from skateboardent in the warm weather to snowboarding
during the cold months haven't been neglected; the site also provides a snowboarding
section having a choice of boards and protective equipment.

In addition to helping as an equipment provide headquarters, the site provides a full
range of skateboarding services.
Website visitors can access the technical support page, which supplies information on
which skateboard may best function their needs, or study (and purchase) programs for
building a skateboardent bring of their own.

Website visitors can access the technical support page, which provides information on
that skateboard might best serve their needs, or study (and purchase) programs with
regard to creating a skateboarding bring that belongs to them.

For the current skaters, the site utilizes video technologies. Video clips allowing
aspiring skaters to study methods carried out through people Spencer offers chosen as
"worthy to be sponsored" by their web site are represented. After a number of days of
watching "sponsor me" movies, the select few had been selected to get
acknowledgement as well as free products out of this website.

The website also caters to site visitors who are not skaters, for example mother and
father of skaters or those who want to become more knowledgeable about a pal's
favorite pastime. A history area particulars the actual evolution associated with
skateboardent, from the earlier 1900s to the present day time, using the concentrate
being on the actual evolution of the real skateboard and skateboarding contests, but
also being careful to deal with the problems that have plagued the activity through the
years, specifically, problems coping with safety.

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