How to Prevent a Foreclosure

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					Typically a person's largest investment is their home. Although the mortgage payment
on your home may have seemed affordable at one time, sometimes utility bills,
excessive lifestyles and even uncontrollable circumstances can drastically alter your
financial situation to a point where your house may become in danger of being
foreclosed. Foreclosure prevention is an incredibly important step to not only save
your good credit history, but also save your home.
  If it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay your monthly mortgage payments, and
you are concerned about the possibility of foreclosure on your home, you may feel
like digging your head in the sand and waiting for things to get better. But it is
extremely important to take evasive action before it is too late. There are a number of
foreclosure prevention options available to a person having difficulty paying their
  The Key to Foreclosure Prevention
  The first step in foreclosure prevention is to be upfront with your lender. Instead of
ignoring mortgage bills and avoiding phone calls, talk with your lender to let them
know that you are having difficulty, but that you are taking every step possible to turn
things around financially and get back on track with your mortgage payments.
  Often when lenders know upfront that there is a financial problem, and that the home
owner is putting forth an effort to make mortgage payments, the lender will offer
some leniency in the mortgage payments.
  Lenders may come up with a foreclosure prevention plan that will allow for certain
adjustments and temporary altered payment options so that a homeowner can pay only
a percentage of the mortgage for a set time until they have a chance to get back on
their feet. This foreclosure prevention option may come with a tacked on fee that is
added to the mortgage, but may be a viable option for someone facing foreclosure.
  Homeowners may also seek advice on foreclosure prevention from financial experts.
Many websites offer expert advice on foreclosure prevention which could give some
useful tips. It is important to be wary of your sources when obtaining advice from an
internet site, but there is also an array of extremely valuable foreclosure prevention
information which can be found just a mouse click away.
  It is also important for a homeowner who is in fear of foreclosure to seek legal
advice. There are many legal options one must consider when seeking foreclosure
prevention. You may be able to modify, recast, or re-mortgage your home, which can
then make the mortgage payments more affordable.
  Although it most likely won't be your first option, but you may also want to consider
selling your home and moving to a more affordable home. Although this option may
not be favorable it is a better alternative then having your home foreclosed upon,
which will then make it extremely hard for you to obtain a mortgage on a different
  The most important step to take when facing foreclosure is to make a plan of action.
Educating yourself on foreclosure prevention and taking action can allow you to
maintain your credit rating and hold on to your home.
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