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How to Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Boarding and Dog Kennels


									Moving your dog to a boarding kennel while you are away on holidays or travelling
for business can be a significant move for some families and their dogs. Every dog is
different and depending on your relationship and their level of independence each dog
will react differently when separated from their owner. Be prepared when taking your
special friend to a boarding kennel to ensure they have a happy and comfortable stay.
   Make Your Dog Feel at Home
 If you dog is particularly dependent and suffers from separation anxiety it might be a
good idea to take him to the kennel prior to the big stay. An overnight stay might ease
your dog into a longer stay at a later date. Become familiar with the kennel and
consider how your dog might react to different situations including training, feeding
and other dogs. If your dog needs special attention or has special requirements, alert
the kennel staff so they are familiar with your dogs behavioural tendencies.
   If your dog is particularly anxious, you can walk them to the kennel yourself.
Establish the area as a friendly and safe environment. For the more confident pooches
there are pick-up and drop-off services available. Bring your dogs favourite toys and
bedding as familiar scents will relax them and make feel more at home.
   Boarding Kennel Checklist         Ensure your dog is immunized according to the
kennel's requirements at least 10 days prior to the stay. This is to make sure the
vaccination related symptoms have subsided so any real symptoms can be identified if
necessary. Bring a record of their vaccinations to the boarding kennel for their records.
     If your dog has special dietary preferences bring your own dog food rather than
use the boarding facility's food. Your dog may feel more comfortable with its usual
diet. Ensure any food that you do bring is labelled correctly. Clearly     mark      any
medication with the correct dosage, prescription number and veterinarian contact
details. It is important these details are up to date should another dog ingests the
medication or your dog develop any adverse effects.        In case of an emergency have
a list of contact details including your phone number while away, that of a local friend
or relative and that of your dog's veterinarian. Don't forget to alert the staff of any
allergies. Be confident you are leaving your special friend in the caring hands at All
Dogs Boarding. Scott Donald and the committed team at All Dogs Boarding have you
and your dog's best interest in mind. Scott Donald is a dedicated dog boarding and
professional dog trainer who understands the difficulties faced by owners choosing
the right boarding kennel.
 Scott's All Dogs Boarding and Training Kennel offers every Brisbane, Gold Coast,
Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast family the reassurance that their dog is in safe, loving
hands while you relax and enjoy your time away. For more information on Scott
Donald and the All Dogs Boarding Kennel, visit or call
07 3808 4755 in Brisbane or 07 5546 6306 on the Gold Coast.

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