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									CBSE class X papers are often considered the first set of 鈥榬 eal 鈥?exams that a
student takes during his schooling. Before the advent of the Comprehensive &
Continuous Evaluation (CCE), CBSE class X papers were compulsory board exams
that all students studying under the CBSE board had to clear in order to get promoted
to the next class. However, after the introduction of CCE, these end-of-the-year CBSE
class X board papers have become an optional exam that students can take on demand.
Students who wish to change their school or board after class X are required to appear
for the CBSE class X board papers /board exams.
  Students who opt for CCE are required to take two summative and four formative
assessments in an academic year. Apart from these paper & pencil tests, students are
also required to actively take part in the year-round formative assessments that test
their skills related to public speaking, leadership qualities etc.
  Why should students take their CBSE class X papers seriously?
  Students who wish to excel in their lives and are aiming for a bright career should
take not only the CBSE class X papers but all the exams very sincerely. These exams
are not only geared to test their knowledge and understanding in that particular
subject, but also their endurance to stand the stress of demanding situations. If a
student is planning to opt for 鈥楽 cience 鈥?as a subject of choice in class XII and is
required to decide between opting for the medical vs the non-medical streams, his/her
performance in CBSE class X papers along with an honest introspection into is
strengths and weaknesses can help him make a choice. If he/she has performed
extremely well in Physics & Chemistry and has performed relatively poor in Biology
and finds understanding concepts in Biology difficult, and further if he is not keen on
becoming a doctor or pursuing other fields related to Biology such as Botany,
Zoology etc, then 鈥榥 on-medical 鈥?Science should be his choice.
  Thus, your performance in these exams not only help you in choosing the right
career, but they also help students develop basic computation and analytical skills that
are essential in day-to-day life. For example, an architect is expected to know how to
calculate area of a plot and have a general idea about dimensions & volumes,
concepts that are taught in class X (Chapter- Mensuration).
  How to study for CBSE class X papers?
  Being attentive in the class and engaging in rigorous self-study sessions are a must
for any student who aspires to excel in studies. Students should start their studies by
giving the chapter a thorough read, followed by solving the end-of-chapter NCERT
questions. Students face any problems while trying to solve NCERT questions can
seek help from websites that provide free NCERT solutions to the end-of-chapter
questions. These solutions are further enriched with high quality videos & animations
that explain the concept(s) so as to make learning effective. Apart from these NCERT
solutions, students can also seek help from other learning & assessment aids that are
available on this website.
  So the next time you appear for your CBSE class X paper, you will know how to
study effectively. Don 鈥檛 you?
  Happy studying!
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