How to pick a hotel in Marbella by hkksew3563rd


									When it comes to iconic beach resorts and sun kissed shores, there’s no place quite
like the Costa del Sol. Famous as the playground of the sun worshipping rich and
famous, for decades now this small stretch of Spanish coastline has seen literally
millions of holidaymakers return year after year for a guaranteed good time. However,
ask almost any seasoned visitor where the best place to be is and, more often than not,
you’ll probably hear Marbella. Exotic, luxurious and in a perfect location for
exploring the rest of the coast, Marbella is the crown jewel of the Costa del Sol and
makes for a superb holiday destination. To make the most of it though, you need the
right hotel for your holiday, and here are some tips on how to find one.
  The town itself is as picturesque as any in the Mediterranean Sea and very typical of
a once traditional fishing village. However today Marbella is undoubtedly one of the
most prestigious and glamorous beach resorts in the entire country, and its attractions
and activities reflect this. So when choosing a hotel, first have a rough plan of what
you would like to do or see on your stay there. If your holiday just involves hitting the
beach by day and boulevard at night, then there are dozens of beachfront hotels to
choose from. However, if you plan to try a little bit of everything, consider looking
for a more centrally located hotel, with parking too if you need to hire a car.
  The town backs onto the Sierra Blanca mountains, which are perfect for trekking and
scenic day trips. If you want to get a little adventurous on your holiday and follow one
of the many tried and tested walking paths, then choosing a hotel on the outskirts of
the town might be a little more convenient than in the heart of the action. Plus the lure
of the beach can be more than a little distracting, so you might have a more varied
break taking a step back from the beach in terms of accommodation.
  For travellers who are looking to make the most of Marbella’s superb attractions like
its many golf courses or the town’s famous Historic Quarter, then look for a room in
the Old Town. Overlooking many quaint courtyards, like Orange Square, and
weekend markets, the oldest parts of Marbella offer relative quiet and the charms and
discoveries available are often missed by many visitors to the town.
  If you don’t want to hire a car though and plan to get around on foot, then look for a
hotel maybe a couple of streets back from the beach. Not only will this save you a
considerable amount of money but it will also put you in the best spot for making the
most of everything without killing your feet. However, Marbella taxis are not
particularly expensive, so you can still afford to splash out on a ride back to one of the
many Marbella hotels after one or two margaritas on the shore.

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