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   T   H   E           M       E       R       C   E   R

Law Alumnus
Leads University
in Two Key Roles

           W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3
  F r o m                        t h e                 D e a n

                                                       this completed the major renovation work on the        traditional course requirements. This curriculum
                                                       first floor. In addition, work began on replacing      also places a heavy emphasis on legal writing.
                                                       the Law School’s 50-year-old roof this past summer     The Law School’s Legal Writing Certificate
                                                       and should be completed in early 2003. We also         Program, begun in 1998, has been featured in the
                                                       hope to soon begin work on adding several              National Jurist magazine and in the American
                                                       classrooms, faculty offices and library space in       Lawyer, and has been recognized as a “cutting
                                                       what is currently unused space on the third floor of   edge” law school program.
                                                       the Law School. If you have not had the opportunity         With all that has changed at the Law School
                                                       to visit the Law School recently, I encourage you to   these past 25 years, though, it is important to note
                                                       do so. The Law School is looking very good.            that its basic character has not changed. The Law
                                                            The Law School continues to attract highly        School still looks at the “entire person” when
                                                       qualified students. Applications rose from 896 in      admissions decisions are made, recognizing that
                                                       2000 to 954 in 2001, and continued to rise this past   there is more to an applicant than simply his or
                                                       year. The Law School received 1,169 applications       her grade-point-average and LSAT score. We are
                                                       for the 2002 entering class, up 31 percent from the    interested in good people, because good people
                                                       previous year (compared to a nationwide increase       make good lawyers.
                                                       of 26 percent). Not only are the number of                  The Law School still takes pride in its small
                                                       applications up, but the Law School is attracting      classes and the personal attention and support
                   Mike Sabbath                        extremely talented young men and women. This is        given to our students. We recognize that no matter
                    Interim Dean                       due, at least in part, to our numerous scholarship     how attractive or how “wired” the classrooms, the
            Walter F. George School of Law             programs. The Law School is blessed with a             key to student learning is a dedicated faculty that
                                                       wonderful endowment, and with loyal and                takes teaching seriously and that is accessible to

               FTER SERVING SEVEN YEARS AS             generous alumni and friends that enable the            our students. Regardless of what resources are
                our dean, Larry Dessem left the        Law School to provide much-needed financial            available in our law library, without competent,
                 Law School this past summer to        support to many of our students.                       courteous professional librarians, the library cannot
                   become the dean of the law school        During my years at Mercer, the size of the law    properly serve our students and members of the
                      at the University of Missouri-   faculty has grown with the addition of men and         legal community. It makes no difference how many
Columbia. Larry accomplished much during his           women with remarkable credentials. These faculty       computers we may have in our computer lab, or
deanship at the Law School, and he will be missed.     members excelled as students at some of our            what other technology is available to our students,
President Godsey has appointed a Dean Search           country’s most prominent law schools and most          if we do not have people skilled in maintaining
Committee that is in the process of conducting a       had significant legal experience before joining        those computers and in training our students in
national search for a new dean. I am excited about     our faculty. A number had previous teaching            the use of this technology. What defines the
having the opportunity to serve as the Law             experience at other law schools before joining         character of a law school is its people — this has
School’s Interim Dean during the dean search.          Mercer’s law faculty. They are excellent teachers,     always been true and will never change.
     I began teaching at the Law School in 1978,       have produced significant scholarly works and are           Through the years, the Law School has
soon after the Law School moved from its location      increasingly active in various legal and community     consistently produced outstanding lawyers, and we
on the main campus, Ryals Hall, to its current         organizations.                                         are very proud of our alumni. During my time as
location on Coleman Hill. During my 25 years on             Our curriculum also has seen some significant     interim dean, I plan to spend a lot of time visiting
the faculty, there certainly have been some changes    changes over the years. The Law School’s               with alumni throughout the Southeast. I hope that
at the Law School, and I am very proud of all that     innovative Woodruff Curriculum, which was              you will be able to attend any alumni gathering
has been accomplished during these years.              implemented by the faculty in 1990, takes a            that may be held in your area. I look forward to
     We are fortunate to have one of the most          comprehensive approach to teaching practical           telling you more about the Law School and
beautiful law school buildings in the country. In      skills and professional ethics. It received the        learning more about what has been going on in
recent years, though, the building began to show       Gambrell Professionalism Award from the                your lives since graduation. It will be good to see
its age. During Larry Dessem’s tenure as dean, the     American Bar Association for its “depth and            you again.
first floor of the Law School was almost completely    excellence” and its “obvious commitment to
renovated. All of our major classrooms have been       professionalism.” This curriculum provides an
modernized and equipped with the latest                orderly progression toward the general practice of
technology. The renovation of the Law School’s         law for all students by incorporating simulated
Moot Courtroom was completed in February 2002;         and real practice clinical experiences with the           Mike Sabbath
             T   H    E       M   E   R     C   E   R

                                                                                                     4Two Key Areas
                  Winter 2003
                             President                                                          page
                          R. Kirby Godsey
                   Executive Vice President
                       Horace Fleming                                                           Leader in
     Senior Vice President for University Advancement                                           Jim Bishop Heads Search Committee and Trustees
                 and University Admissions
                       Emily P. Myers
   Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

                     Thomas G. Estes Jr.
                              Provost                                                                                   page
                          Peggy H. DuBose
       Interim Dean, Walter F. George School of Law
                      Mike Sabbath                                                     Law Students Say “I Do”
          Assistant Dean for Career Services and                                             Some Law Students Leave with
      Alumni Services/Walter F. George School of Law                                           More Than a Legal Education
                       Patricia Bass
      Senior Associate Vice President for Advancement

                                                                                                    11 with Alumni
                      Gloria O. Marshall
          Assistant Vice President for Advancement                                              page
                         Emily Turner
         Associate Vice President for Alumni Services
                and University Special Events                                                   Checking In
                        T. Raleigh Mann
                                                                                                A Law Degree Can Be Used in Many Ways
      Associate Vice President for University Relations
                   and Marketing, Editor
                      Judith T. Lunsford

      Assistant Vice President for University Relations
             and Marketing, Managing Editor                                                                       page
                     Richard L. Cameron
              Elizabeth Flader, Jennye E. Guy,                    DeKalb Court’s First Hispanic Judge
             Roban Johnson, Matthew Spaulding
                                                                                One of Four Hispanic Judges in the State
                 Tiffany Brown, Peggy Cozart,
                 Jon Newham, Bruce Radcliffe

                  BOARD OF DIRECTORS
      Preston B. Lewis III, JD ’79, President, Waynesboro
       James V. Hilburn, JD ’69, President-Elect, Dublin
William C. Sanders, BA ’67, JD ’75, Vice President, Thomasville
                                                                                                    16 Interim Dean
                                                                                                Sabbath Named
        M. Tyus Butler Jr., JD ’74, Secretary, Savannah
S. Catherine Phelps, JD ’91, Immediate Past President, Atlanta                                  Bishop Chairs Dean Search Committee

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                                                                  On the Cover — Law School alumnus James A. Bishop, who practices with The Bishop Law Firm
                 Mercer University is an equal                    in Brunswick, is currently serving his alma mater in two key roles. Bishop is chair of the Law School Dean
           opportunity/affirmative action institution.
                                                                  Search Committee and is also the newly-elected chairman of the Mercer University Board of Trustees.

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F   E       A       T       U       R       E

                                                        Mercer Benefits
                                                    FROM BISHOP’S
                                                    LEADERSHIP & LOYALTY
                                                    When Mercer University President Kirby Godsey needed someone to chair
                                                    the Law School Dean Search Committee last summer, he knew just the right
                                                    man for the job –– Mercer trustee and law alumnus James A. Bishop.

                                                                                     he assigned task has not been an easy        the next Mercer Law dean possesses, but he also is
                                                                                     one as currently 28 other law schools        an expert at identifying the best candidates.
                                                                                     across the country are looking for new           “He knows the law practice and what law firms
                                                                        deans as well. Over the past months, he and his           are looking for in law school graduates,” said
                                                                        committee members have poured over hundreds               David Hudson, an Augusta attorney who has known
  “Jim wants to be                                                      of pages of qualifications and have held dozens           Bishop for 20 years and served with him as a Mercer
                                                                        of discussions. But, the 1967 law graduate is             Trustee. “He knows what our alumni are looking
  a part of raising                                                     deeply committed to seeing his alma mater become          for in our Law School, and he has a great rapport
                                                                        the shining star that he knows it to be, and has          with our committee, on which roughly half the
  the visibility and                                                    accepted the responsibility with the same                 members are faculty or university administrators.”
                                                                        determination and efficiency that have marked                 Hudson feels the search will benefit from
awareness of Mercer                                                     his successful law career.                                Bishop’s five years’ experience as a Mercer Trustee,
                                                                             “Our school is not too large and not too small,”     his status as a Mercer alumnus, and his experience
   to a substantial                                                     explained Bishop. “We think the size is perfect for       as a practicing lawyer for more than 35 years.
   and important                                                        a dean who really wants to have an impact on the              Judge Griffin B. Bell, LLB ’48, LLD ’67, who
                                                                        life and future of the Law School. We have an             serves as chairman of the Advancing the Vision
     institution of                                                     outstanding faculty and exceptional physical              Campaign and is one of Mercer’s most respected
                                                                        facilities. We are blessed with an endowment that         alumni, agrees. The former United States Attorney
 higher education.”                                                     is twice the size of any other law school in the state,   General describes Bishop as “about as good an
                                                                        and, frankly, larger than many of the law schools         alumnus as we have. I wish we had more like him.”
 DR. KIRBY GODSEY                                                       presently involved in dean searches.                          After six months into the search, Bishop feels
                                                                             “We have had more than one of our candidates         the search is going well. “We have an exceptional
                                                                        tell us that we are viewed as having the best             committee,” he said. “It’s a small committee, by
                                                                        opportunity of those schools presently searching          choice. We have outstanding faculty members and
                                                                        for a dean,” he said.                                     alumni, plus University administrators who are
                                                                             Bishop is the right man for the right job at the     serving our committee with a dedicated spirit
                                                                        right time. Not only does he know the opportunity         toward our mission of finding the number one

4       T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /     W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3                        B   I   S   H   O   P   B   E   N   E   F   I   T   S   M   E   R   C   E   R
James A. Bishop, standing, and James A. “Jimmy” Bishop Jr., seated, are both alumni of the Mercer Law School and practice together at The Bishop Law Firm in Brunswick.

dean candidate in the country.                                                  individual must have the respect of the Bench                   want to follow in his footsteps. For Bishop, not
    “Our timetable would be hopefully to select                                 and Bar members in the state and must represent                 only did his son follow his father’s educational
someone for the deanship who could begin                                        the Law School well throughout the state and in                 footsteps to an undergraduate degree at the
before fall 2003, and that is something that                                    legal settings.                                                 University of Georgia, then to the Mercer Law
might happen,” Bishop explained. “But, it is                                        Serving as a liaison with alumni is an                      School, but he also joined him in practice at
not something that has to happen. The process                                   important role for the new dean, Bishop added.                  The Bishop Law Firm in Brunswick.
began on time. It has stayed on time.”                                          “All of us, because of the size of the University,                  “Jimmy had a great experience at Mercer Law
    One action that Bishop felt would add                                       feel a closeness to our alma mater. We need to                  School,” Bishop said. “He graduated and found
credence to the selection of the new dean was                                   encourage continued support, both emotional                     out that he had passed the bar one weekend, then
having input from the Law School faculty. As                                    and financial, to the school. I think the new                   was married the next weekend. He decided he
chair of the search committee, he went to the                                   dean should have that as a high priority.”                      wanted to come and practice law with me. It has
Law School and visited with the faculty. “It was                                    During the search Bishop has not only pulled                been a grand experience for me.”
a unique experience and one that I enjoyed very                                 upon his personal experience as an alumnus, but                     Bishop praises the Brunswick area for
much,” he said. “It is very important to the                                    also that of his son, Jimmy, who graduated from                 providing an excellent community to practice
faculty who will fill this position.”                                           Mercer Law School in 1996.                                      law and to have a family. “Brunswick has a great
    The new dean, according to Bishop, will have                                                                                                legal community,” he said. “We have a good
expectations to fill from several constituencies,                                                                                               Bar and a lot of fine lawyers, who are fine
                                                                                The Bishop Law Firm
with alumni being one of the most important.                                                                                                    people.” He and his wife, Mary, have raised their
In addition to developing a close working                                           Perhaps no greater compliment could be                      family on Georgia’s coastline. His daughter, Mary
relationship with faculty and students, the                                     given any man than for his son or daughter to                   Elizabeth, is following in his and her brother’s

B   I   S   H   O   P   B   E   N   E   F   I   T   S   M   E   R   C   E   R                               T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   5
educational path and is a senior at UGA. His son,      about caring for clients and about caring for        and family members of colleagues.”
Jimmy, and his wife, Mary (daughter of Judge           our profession, and he encouraged my active              Hudson echoed the sentiments, “He’s
William Moore), live nearby with their children,       participation in the organized bar. He was a         probably one of the best-liked and most
Sarah Elizabeth and Jimmy III, who are their           wonderful mentor,” he said.                          respected lawyers in the state.”
grandfather’s pride and joy.                               Judge Alaimo, in return, said Bishop is an           One of Bishop’s closest friends, Judge Bell,
    Though Bishop has located his practice in          excellent attorney because of the respect he has     agrees. “I have known Jim Bishop for many years.
Brunswick, he has taken on cases                                                                                           He is a fine lawyer, family man and
and legal work across the state. For                                                                                       good churchman. He is very loyal
over 30 years, he has served as the
                                                  “Mercer today has 10 schools and colleges.                               to Mercer; in fact, he is 100 percent
General Counsel for Rich-SeaPack              We are the most diverse university in the country                            Mercerian. He is very much
headquartered in Brunswick and                                                                                             engaged with the Law School and
the Golden Isles.                               for a college with fewer than 10,000 students.”                            the entire University.
    While it has been 35 years since                                                                                           “Jim has shown his leadership
Bishop established his practice along Georgia’s        earned through his vast legal knowledge and          capabilities in many areas there in Brunswick,
Golden Isles, he well remembers lessons he             skills. He also admired his friend’s ability to      as chairman of the board of a bank, among
learned from one of his first employers, the           develop and nurture relationships with people        them. He takes a leadership role in whatever he
Honorable Anthony Alaimo, who was appointed            from all walks of life.                              becomes involved in. I have known him as a
judge of the United States District Court for the          “Jim not only knows them, but also has an        personal friend since he was in practice with
Southern District of Georgia in 1971. “The             uncanny ability to remember names,” Judge            Judge Alaimo, and I have served with him as a
greatest blessing of my legal career was to begin      Alaimo said. “He remembers the names of all the      fellow Mercer Trustee. He is a first-rate person
my practice with Judge Alaimo. He taught me            porters in the hotels, waitresses in the restaurants in every degree,” Judge Bell added.

                                                                                                                           James A. Bishop, standing left, has seen his son
                                                                                                                  James A. “Jimmy” Bishop Jr., right, follow his footsteps
                                                                                                                     to the University of Georgia, the Mercer Law School and
                                                                                                                   into practice together in Brunswick. Bishop said he would
                                                                                                                       love to see his grandson, Jimmy, also one day attend
                                                                                                                     Mercer Law School. Young Jimmy has already practiced
                                                                                                                        learning the ropes from his grandfather’s office chair.
     Bishop values his longtime relationship with                                consideration and an important part of the social               our own Mercer University.”
Judge Bell and Judge Alaimo. “To say that I have                                 aspect of university life as well as the academic                   “Mercer is blessed with a wonderful faculty
been richly blessed by my association with Judge                                 aspect,” explained Bishop, as he recalled a                     and an outstanding academic program.
Bell and Judge Alaimo is a huge understatement.                                  meeting he attended after Mercer’s men’s                        Throughout every town in the state of Georgia,
Both are legends of our profession and I am                                      basketball team had beaten Georgia Southern                     you will find lawyers, pharmacists, doctors,
always privileged to be in their presence. Mercer                                University the night before — for the first time in             engineers, business people, nurses, accountants
is fortunate in having the dedicated commitment                                  15 years — and the University spirit it generated.              and pastors who have been influenced by Mercer
of Judge Bell as well as another legend of our                                       As a Trustee, Bishop says he should be an                   either directly by attending Mercer or by having
profession, Judge William Bootle. How incredibly                                 ambassador for recruiting students to the                       children who have attended.”
fortunate we are to have a continuing strong                                     University. “In our community, I know of three                      The leadership that Bishop brings to the
influence of Judge Bootle, Judge Bell and others.”                               to four families who have good students who are                 Board of Trustees will continue to advance
                                                                                 looking to select the best college,” he said. “Most             Mercer to the forefront of educational institutions
New Chairman of the                                                              of these students can go to school anywhere. It is              in the country. “Jim is one who wants to see,
                                                                                 encouraging to me when I hear someone, who,                     and will work to see, the star of Mercer rising in
Board of Trustees                                                                frankly, does not know of my connection with                    the Southeast,” explained Godsey. “He knows
    With his firm commitment to Mercer as a                                      Mercer, is considering the University as a choice               Mercer is a better institution than it is generally
dedicated alumnus and as chair of the Law Dean                                   for their child.”                                               recognized to be. He wants to be a part of
Search Committee, Bishop accepted a new                                              Bishop feels the University has many sellable               raising the visibility and awareness of Mercer to
responsibility in December when he                                                                                                                             a substantial and important
was elected the new chair of the                                                                                                                               institution of higher education.”
Mercer Board of Trustees.                                                                                                                                          The admiration is mutual with
    While many might consider the                                                                                                                              Bishop. “We are fortunate to have
position of chair mostly as an honor                                            “Throughout every town in Georgia,                                             the leadership of Kirby Godsey and
as it recognizes an individual’s                                                 you will find lawyers, pharmacists,                                           his staff.” Bishop said, “Through
leadership, Bishop has a more                                                                                                                                  the leadership of Dr. Godsey and his
demanding view of the position.                                                  doctors, engineers, business people,                                          staff — with the support of Mercer’s
    “Jim would look at his role as                                                                                                                             Trustees — Mercer has positioned
chair more as a responsibility,” said                                           nurses, accountants and pastors who                                            itself as one of the most respected
Godsey. “He knows that it is a strong,                                            have been influenced by Mercer.”                                             universities in the South, indeed,
influential and important board. He                                                                                                                            throughout the country.”
has great respect for his colleagues                                                              JIM BISHOP                                                       Bishop believes so strongly in
on the board, and he enjoys their                                                                                                                              the future of Mercer and the Mercer
respect, but he will be someone who                                                                                                                            Law School that he recently told the
will work to make sure the Board’s                                                                                                                             Law School faculty that he looked
work during his chairmanship is effective.”                                      traits to prospective students. “Mercer today has               forward to the day when his grandson, Jimmy
    Described by friends as “a tenacious worker,”                                10 schools and colleges. We are the most diverse                III, would follow his father and grandfather as
Bishop is not reluctant about becoming engaged                                   university in the country for a college with fewer              Mercer Law School graduates.
and working for the good of the cause or the                                     than 10,000 students. Our faculty and staff must                    Law School professor Deryl Dantzler quickly
institution in which he believes. The Brunswick                                  remain constantly diligent to be certain that the               adjusted the comment by adding, “Or your
attorney is known for taking initiative,                                         academic focus of our university stays in the                   granddaughter, Mr. Bishop.”
establishing contacts and connecting the                                         forefront. It is imperative that we maintain a                      “And she was absolutely correct,” Bishop said.
University with corporate leaders and others in                                  major emphasis on curriculum and instruction                        Combine a busy law practice with professional
Georgia who may not know Mercer otherwise.                                       in order to be the best of the best.                            responsibilities and community service and
    Bishop feels the insights that he and other                                      “I cannot think of another campus that has                  church commitments, then add his cherished
Trustees contribute are helpful to the University                                been so transformed into a modern environment                   role as a husband, father and grandfather and
and the President. He sees Trustees providing                                    as has taken place within the physical campus                   mix in some golf and bird hunting, and it is easy
points of consideration on Mercer’s future in the                                facilities at Mercer. We will continue to see this              to wonder how James A. Bishop could find time
academic side of life, in the development of the                                 transformation take place over the next several                 for his alma mater. However, it is all about pride,
social aspects of the University, and even in the                                years and I frankly do not think that any                       love and loyalty to Mercer.
development of the sports activities.                                            college campus in the country will be more                          “I am very proud to be a graduate of the
    “I think sports activities are certainly a                                   outstanding from a physical standpoint than                     Mercer Law School,” Bishop said. L

B   I   S   H   O   P   B   E   N   E   F   I   T   S   M   E   R   C   E   R                                T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   7
F   E       A       T       U       R       E

                                                    WALTER F. GEORGE
                                                    SCHOOL OF
                                                    LAW STUDENTS
                                                    Say “I Do”
                                                    by Matt Spaulding

                                                    ome of the best and brightest minds from all over the country come to Mercer University’s Walter
                                                    F. George School of Law, seeking enlightenment and knowledge in the many complex facets of
                                                    law and litigation. After three strenuous years of study, most leave having achieved this goal
                                                    while also earning a degree from one of the most prestigious law schools in the South. But, for a
                                                    number of these students, they leave with even more – a spouse.

                                                                            Despite rigorous classes that require hours of      “I was in classes with him for two and half years
                                                                        study and leave little time for socializing, many       before I noticed him,” Rachael said with a laugh.
                                                                        law students wind up meeting their future spouses       “Actually, I had noticed him, but we didn’t start
                                                                        at Mercer.                                              dating until the trial practice class, and that led
                                                                            Some of these couples attribute the Law             to being study buddies and eventually turned into
                                                                        School’s small environment to their matrimonial         a great relationship and then our marriage.”
                                                                        destiny. Small classes, small project teams and             Rachael and Ross’s first date was to the
                                                                        small study groups all contribute to “Cupid’s           Applebee’s in Macon. “Hey, we were college
                                                                        Arrow” flying freely –– and on target –– at the         students. We didn’t have any money, so going to
                                                                        Mercer Law School.                                      Applebee’s was a big deal.”
                                                                            From first dates at the local Pizza Hut to caring       Seven months after graduating in May of
                                                                        for triplets, these Mercer couples took the walk        1995, Ross and Rachael got engaged. They were
                                                                        down the aisle and have never looked back – except      married in October of 1996 and now live in Macon
                                                                        with fondness of their ties to the Walter F. George     with their 18-month-old daughter, Holland.
                                                                        School of Law.                                              Today, Rachael is the director of Career
                                                                                                                                Services for the Law School, while Ross practices
                                                                        Love at First Sight?                                    residential and commercial real estate with the
                                                                                                                                Macon firm of Martin Snow LLP.
                                                                            Ross Schell and Rachael Blenstroub met each             For Mike Rafter, the notion that he would meet
                                                                        other as first-year students in 1992. They didn’t       his future wife at Mercer was the farthest thing
                                                                        start dating, however, until their third year when      from his mind. “I made a promise to myself that I
                                                                        they were both on the same trial practice team.         wouldn’t date any fellow law students or lawyers

8       T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /     W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3                    L   A   W   S   T   U   D   E   N   T   S   S   A   Y   “   I   D   O   ”
Terry (JD ’97) and Allie Brantley (JD ’97)
   with their three daughters, Abigail, Grace
  and Katherine, who are identical triplets.
once I graduated. I just didn’t think it would                                                           “But Matt was very empathic and supportive and
                                                                         said Terry. “It was discouraging to get one
work out.”                                                                                               helped me a lot in my studies.”
                                                                         rejection letter from the same firm addressed to
    That promise quickly went out the window                                                                 They were married less than a year later on
                                                                         both of us.” They both eventually landed jobs in
during his first semester when he sat next to                                                            May 15, 1999, right after Matt’s graduation. In
                                                                         Atlanta –– Allie with King & Spalding and Terry
Carmen Rojas in Professor Mike Sabbath’s                                 with Dawson & Huddleston.       August, Kate took a year off from her law studies
“Contracts” class.                                                                                       at Mercer as they moved to Columbus, where
                                                                             Today, Terry and Allie are the parents to
    Mike and Carmen started dating that                                                                  Matt was offered a job with Butler, Wooten,
                                                                         identical triplets, a one in 8 million occurrence.
semester, and continued dating off and on until                                                          Fryhofer, Daughtery & Sullivan. In 2000, they
                                                                         Terry now works with the Atlanta law firm Swift,
their second year when Mike proposed to her in                                                           celebrated the birth of their daughter, Madeleine.
                                                                         Currie, McGhee & Heirs, while Allie keeps busy
February of 1994. They were married on Dec. 31,                                                              By August of 2000, Kate was enrolled back at
                                                                         attending to Abigail, Katherine and Grace.
1994, but had to postpone their                                                                                    Mercer Law School, commuting from
honeymoon to study for the bar. After                                                                              Columbus to Macon to complete her
graduating in 1995, Mike and Carmen                                                                                degree. Today, Kate is in the midst of a
moved to Texas, where Mike fulfilled a                                                                             two-year federal clerkship with U.S.
military commitment by serving as a                                                                                District Judge Clay D. Land, and Matt is
judge advocate in the U.S. Army at Ft.                                                                             a partner in the law firm he joined in
Hood, Texas.                                                                                                       Columbus.
    Two years later Mike was reassigned                                                                                Mike Chapman and Yvette Miranda
to Atlanta. Mike and Carmen now live in                                                                            had classes together during their first
Jonesboro, just outside of Atlanta. Mike                                                                           year in 1987, but didn’t start dating
is with one of Atlanta’s largest firms,                                                                            until their second year, when Mike
Kilpatrick & Stockton, while Carmen                                                                                asked Yvette out to dinner at the local
handles all non-immigration work for                                                                               Pizza Hut after dancing with her at a
the Latin American Association and serves                                                                          Halloween party. Less than a year later,
as president of the Georgia Hispanic Bar                                                                           Mike proposed, and in August of 1989,
Association. Two years ago, they finally                                                                           just two months after they graduated,
took the honeymoon they had to delay                                                                               they were married.
six years ago –– a cruise through the                                                                                  The couple spent a brief time in
Western Caribbean.                                                                                                 Atlanta before deciding to start their
                                                                                                                   careers in earnest in Tampa Bay, Fla.
Through the Good                                                                                                       “We knew we wanted to start a
                                                                                                                   family, and it was important for us to
Times and the Bad                                             Ross and Rachael Schell began dating
                                                                                                                   be close to Yvette’s family members in
                                                                   in their third year of law school.
    Not unlike the Rafters, Terry and Allie                                                                        Tampa Bay,” Mike said. “Our move to
Brantley were married between their                                                                                Tampa has been great.”
second and third year of law school. And             “It was such a wonderful time in our                              Today, Mike and Yvette have three
while they didn’t scrap their honeymoon                                                                            daughters, Miranda, 10, Rachel, 8, and
altogether, they did manage to fit in an          lives. We enjoyed talking about the great                        Megan, 5. Mike is with Holland & Knight
abbreviated one before returning to               classes we were taking and the professors                        LLP, and Yvette is the in-house counsel
Mercer for the start of classes. Terry said                                                                        for Liberty Mutual.
some of his fondest memories of his time            we had, and helping each other study.”                             When thinking back on their time
at Mercer are from his third year.                                                                                 at Mercer Law School, Mike and Yvette
                                                                  TERRY BRANTLEY, JD ’97
    “It was such a wonderful time in our                                                                           speak fondly of the people and the
lives. We were newlyweds and were                                                                                  camaraderie they developed.
enjoying each other’s company,” said Terry.               For Matt and Kate Cook, it was definitely love     “We loved the people at Mercer, from our
“We enjoyed talking about the great classes we        at first sight, but with a twist. They met in the  fellow students we studied and went to class
were taking and the professors we had, and            summer of 1998 –– she was beginning her first      with, to our professors and the staff at the Law
helping each other study.”                            year; Matt was beginning his third.                School,” Mike said. “It was really one of the
    After graduating in 1997, a more trying time          “Naturally, I was extremely busy that first    greatest times of our life.”
set in. “We were both trying to find a job in the     year, which made it difficult to see each other        A sentiment shared by many a Mercer Law
same city, and that became very frustrating,”         and spend a lot of time together,” Kate said.      School couple. L

10       T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3                L   A   W   S   T   U   D   E   N   T   S   S   A   Y   “   I   D   O   ”
  F       E       A           T       U   R           E

                                                              “What Are They Doing Now?”
                                                              CHECKING IN WITH

                                                              THREE ALUMNI
                                                              by Jennye E. Guy

                                                              A law degree can be used in many ways besides practicing law,
                                                              as these alumni demonstrate several years after graduating.

                                                                              “RETURNING RESPECT AND                                            election, capturing 59.6 percent of the vote.
                                                                                                                                                Taking office in November 2000, he is serving a
                                                                              CIVILITY TO CITY HALL” ––                                         four-year term.
                                                                                                                                                     Mayor Humphrey credits his legal training
                                                                              A CONVERSATION WITH
                                                                                                                                                and experience with helping him to spot
                                                                              MAYOR JIM HUMPHREY                                                opportunities for the city’s benefit. For example,
 “I owe a great deal                                                                                                                            his legal expertise enabled him to obtain more
                                                                                   “I went to law school to be a banker,” said Jim              than $1 million in uncollected development
 to those three years                                                         Humphrey, BA ’63, LLB ’65, mayor of Fort Myers,                   and re-zoning fees. The funds were used for
                                                                              Fla. “I thought that legal training would be the best             much-needed infrastructure and neighborhood
of education. I know                                                          preparation for a career in a bank’s management                   safety improvements.
  that I wouldn’t be                                                          or trust department.”                                                  He is equally proud of meeting his most
                                                                                   A stint in the U.S. Army’s Judge Advocate                    significant challenge — rebuilding the city’s
doing what I’m doing                                                          General Corps convinced Humphrey that he                          reserve accounts and reducing its long-term debt.
                                                                              wanted to be an attorney instead of a banker. For                      “When I took office, the long-term debt of our
   today, if I didn’t                                                         more than 25 years, Humphrey practiced law,                       city, per capita, was $2,100,” Mayor Humphrey
                                                                              specializing in real estate, zoning, land use and                 said. “That’s the highest in the state of Florida.
have the background                                                           governmental issues. Nearly 20 were spent with                    The benchmark is $440. We are a city that’s in a
                                                                              his own firm of Humphrey & Knott (partner George                  hurricane-prone area. Our need to have resources
    from Mercer.”                                                             Knott, JD ’72, is a fellow Mercer alumnus) in Fort                and reserve accounts is critical. I’ve focused on
      HOWELL WATKINS                                                          Myers, Fla.                                                       that and, in two years, the reserves have more than
              BS ’74, JD ’82                                                       During Humphrey’s appointment as Lee                         doubled. We’re also working on a plan to reduce
                                                                              County’s first full-time county attorney, he grew                 the long-term debt.”
                                                                              concerned about the direction in which the city                        In a roundabout way, Mayor Humphrey has
                                                                              was moving and felt changes were needed.                          also met his goal of being a banker. He helped
                                                                              Humphrey entered politics and ran for mayor.                      establish a community bank — South Florida
                                                                                   Running against two incumbents, the mayor                    Bank — which was sold to Fifth Third Bank, one
                                                                              and a city council member, Humphrey won the                       of the top 10 banks nationally. Mayor Humphrey

  C   H   E   C   K   I   N   G   I   N   W   I   T   H   T   H   R   E   E   A   L   U   M   N   I         T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   11
sits on Fifth Third Bank’s Florida                                                                                            of Stadler Real Estate Company, one
Board of Directors.                                                                                                           of Florida’s largest real estate firms.
     Mayor Humphrey says his                                                                                                       Complex real estate transactions
Mercer Law School education was                                                                                               excite Watkins. Sometimes,
so valuable that, “When I had                                                                                                 transactions that seem simple to him
opportunities to hire other                                                                                                   are “absolutely foreign” to others.
attorneys or law students, I always                                                                                           A transaction with one of the “most
considered Mercer at the top. I felt                                                                                          sophisticated real estate groups in
the school produced good attorneys                                                                                            the state” found Watkins explaining
who enjoyed practicing law. Even                                                                                              to them the concept of selling a
though I was in the middle of my                                                                                              contract. In cases where revealing
class, I was prepared to accept                                                                                               the client’s identity would cause the
greater responsibility. That’s why                                                                                            selling price to be inflated, such as
I have sought Mercer grads.”                                                                                                  sales of rock pits to companies in the
                                                                                                                              oil aggregate business, Watkins acts
                                                                                                                              as the client’s trustee in the purchase
LAW BACKGROUND                                                                                                                and works with several entities.
PREPARED HOWELL                                                                                                               Business deals like rock pit sales
                                                                                                                              involve government agencies and
WATKINS FOR REAL                                                                                                              organizations, such as the
ESTATE CAREER                                                                                                                 Environmental Protection Agency,
                                                                                                                              the Corps of Engineers, even the state
    “On the way to work this                                                                                                  legislature, in the rezoning and
morning, I was thinking about                                                                                                 planning issues that arise.
how people say that real estate is                                                                                                 According to Watkins, working
so boring. They have no idea. They                                                                                            with good people is key to success.
                                             Jim Humphrey, BA ’63, LLB ’65, was elected mayor of Fort Myers in 2000.
have absolutely no idea,” says                                                                                                “Good things happen when you’re
Howell Lee Watkins II, BS ’74, JD                                                                                             with good people. Someone told me,
’82, the owner/president of Howell                “When I had opportunities to hire other                                     ‘The number of problems you have
Watkins Properties and Howell                                                                                                 in any transaction is directly related
Watkins Realty Corp. Inc., in                attorneys or law students, I always considered                                   in proportion to the quality and
Miami, Fla.                                                                                                                   integrity of the people you’re dealing
    Watkins has combined his                    Mercer at the top. I felt the school produced                                 with.’ What he was saying is that if
knowledge of real estate with his                                                                                             you have a bad person involved in a
Mercer legal education to become              good attorneys who enjoyed practicing law.”                                     deal, then you’re going to have a bad
a leading Miami businessperson.                                                                                               time throughout the entire deal.”
Watkins entered law school because                  the contract concepts every week.” Dean Wilson,                   Watkins credits Mercer’s thorough
he thought a “law degree is probably the finest     a real estate investor himself, told Watkins that            preparation with enabling him to effectively work
degree you can get. You can do anything in life     “any wealth you achieve comes through capital                with clients, such as banks, when they’re taking
because it offers you the background, the           gains.” Watkins has parlayed Wilson’s advice into over major properties, or to confidently negotiate
knowledge –– every field that you go into is        a successful real estate business that has grown             with attorneys, like the representatives from five
intertwined with legal matters somehow. I use it    from handling residential properties to focusing             of this country’s top personal injury law firms as
every day in very complicated real estate           exclusively on “investment enhancement”                      happened recently in a case.
transactions and deals.”                            transactions for clients. For himself, Watkins has                Because Mercer has given so much to him,
    Two Mercer professors greatly influenced        recently purchased a marina in Fort Pierce, Fla.             Watkins gives back to Mercer. He is a member of
Watkins: interim dean Mike Sabbath and former           Watkins believes it was his legal training that          the President’s Club and on the Mercer University
dean Edward Wilson. Of Dean Sabbath, who had        prompted the Florida courts to appoint him as                Press Board of Directors. “I owe a great deal to
just begun his teaching career at Mercer when       the administrator in bankruptcy proceedings                  those three years of education there. I know
Watkins studied under him, Watkins said, “He        where real estate was involved. He has                       that I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today,
was an incredible teacher. I took business law      administered approximately 250 bankruptcy                    I wouldn’t get the phone calls I’m getting, if I
and business contract courses under him. I use      cases, including high profile cases, such as that            didn’t have the background from Mercer.”

12       T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   C   H   E   C   K   I   N   G   I   N   W   I   T   H   T   H   R   E   E   A   L   U   M   N   I
     George T. Williams, JD ’69, is vice president,
Government and Environmental Affairs, for
Darden Restaurants, Inc. (the parent company
of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze
and Smokey Bones Bar-B-Q and Sports Bar).
     After leaving Mercer, Williams joined Jones,
Cork, Miller & Benton, a Macon law firm. In
1972, he became general counsel for Red Lobster
(as the company was then known). Williams
                                                                                        Howell Watkins, BS ’74, JD ’82, at the Island Cove Marina, credits Mercer with enabling him to succeed in the
remained in the law department until four                                               real estate market in Florida.
months ago when he took a new position, which
includes four business units: (1) responsibility
for the company’s environmental affairs, as it                                          Darden Restaurants purchases seafood and                         “Working with others to ensure the
pertains to its supply chain; (2) supervision of                                    other products from 45 countries. Williams                           sustainability of the seafood products we serve
two people that handle governmental issues; (3)                                     spends approximately 25-30 percent of his time                       and the protection of that environment are key
administration of the company’s foundation,                                         traveling to those suppliers to observe their                        commitments of Darden Restaurants,” he
which last year gave over $4 million to charitable                                  business practices and represent the company’s                       concluded.
causes in the areas of arts and culture, education,                                 interests. An upcoming trip to a conference in                            Because Darden Restaurants has 1,200
social services and nutrition, and preservation of                                  New Brunswick, Canada, where he will be the                          restaurants and 135,000 employees in 49 states,
natural resources; and (4) supervision of its                                       keynote speaker, will see processors, fishermen,                     its government relations representatives work
Community Alliance Program, which works with                                        government officials, scientists and end users                       closely with national and state trade associations,
organizations representing diverse communities.                                     exploring how to achieve sustainability of the                       elected officials, and regulatory authorities.
                                                                                                      North American lobster.                                 Darden Restaurants also collaborates with
                                                                                                          “A sustainable source for                      educational institutions and other foundations
                                                                                                      the seafood products we serve                      to promote the sustainability of natural
                                                                                                      in our restaurants is required                     resources. One of the foundation’s grants was
                                                                                                      for Darden Restaurants to                          to support research on increasing the population
                                                                                                      meet its commitment for                            of two important fin fish species, tripletail and
                                                                                                      long-term growth,” he said.                        cobia, in the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S. South
                                                                                                                                                         Atlantic Ocean.
                                                                                                                                                              Williams believes that legal training has a
                                                                                                         “You learn the art                              “lot of transfer potential.” In his company, the
                                                                                                                                                         senior vice president of human resources is a
                                                                                                         of analysis in law                              former attorney, as are the vice president of
                                                                                                         school and in the                               communications and the chief financial officer.
                                                                                                                                                         “You learn the art of analysis in law school and
                                                                                                         practice that is very                           in the practice that is very transferable to other
                                                                                                         transferable to                                      As Williams looks back over his 32-year
                                                                                                                                                         career, he credits the managerial and writing
                                                                                                         other professions.”                             skills acquired while working on Mercer’s Law
                                                                                                                                                         Review (he was editor in chief his senior year)
                                                                                                    George T. Williams, JD ’69, is                       as being invaluable. “Get as much out of law
                                                                                                    vice president of Government and
                                                                                                    Environmental Affairs for Darden                     school as you possibly can because it sets a great
                                                                                                    Restaurants, Inc.                                    foundation for what you do well later in life.” L

C   H   E   C   K   I   N   G   I   N   W   I   T   H   T   H   R   E   E   A   L   U   M   N   I                T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   13
F    E       A       T       U           R       E

Mercer Law Alum Becomes
DeKalb County’s First Hispanic
Judge in Recorders Court

         n January, Nelly Fagalde                                                During her eight years of service,
                                                                                 she was a trial attorney, an
         Withers, JD ’81 became the first                                        appellate attorney and the head of
                                                                                 the Grand Jury Division.
         Hispanic associate judge
                                                                                     Beginning in 1992, she spent
appointed to the Recorders Court in                                              two years as an assistant to Judge
                                                                                 John Langford, providing research
DeKalb County, Ga. She is one of only                                            and writing and updating the
                                                                                 Benchbook for Superior Court
four Hispanic attorneys in Georgia
                                                                                 Judges. In 1994, she became a
who have entered the judiciary.                                                  special assistant attorney general
                                                                                 for Section 1983 defense in the
     DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer                                       Middle and Northern Districts of
Vernon Jones made the appointment, which                                         Georgia and the Eleventh Circuit.
was confirmed by the DeKalb County Board of                                          “I was working as a lawyer
Commissioners. Judge Withers is filling the                                      for many years in the American
unexpired term of R. Joy Walker, who was                                         mainstream before it became
appointed chief judge of the Recorders Court.                                    significant politically or otherwise
Her term expires July 31, 2003.                                                  that I was Hispanic,” said Judge
     “Ms. Withers has an outstanding reputation                                  Withers. “With the growth of the
in the legal community,” stated CEO Jones.                                       Hispanic community in this state,                    Judge Nellie Withers, right, with her mother,
“DeKalb County is fortunate to have her join                                     and the eventual Hispanic political                  Juana Fagalde, on the day she was sworn in.
our Recorders Court team of judges.”                                             power, it is important to have
     A native of Bolivia, South America, she came                                Hispanics represented in all areas
to the United States when she was 6 years old.                                   of public life.”
                                                                                                                                 “With the growth of the Hispanic
“My family chose to come to this country with                                        Prior to her appointment,                     community in this state, and
the hope of becoming citizens and a part of the                                  Judge Withers was an associate
life of this country,” said Judge Withers, who is                                partner at the Decatur law firm of           the eventual Hispanic political power,
a naturalized citizen and refers to herself as an                                McNally, Edwards, Bailey &
“American by choice.” “I am Hispanic by birth                                    Lander for three years. She had a               it is important to have Hispanics
and ancestry, but I am resolutely and completely                                 general civil trial practice in the
a proud citizen of this country.”                                                areas of domestic relations and              represented in all areas of public life.”
     She earned a bachelor of arts degree in                                     criminal defense.
journalism in 1975 from the University of Georgia                                    “I hope that my appointment sends a              education, I could not have accomplished as
and her law degree from Mercer six years later.                                  message to immigrants of what can be                 much as I have.”
     In 1982, she joined the Atlanta law firm of                                 accomplished, even in the first generation, by          Judge Withers and her husband, John C.
Bates, Baum, Landey & Slotin as an associate.                                    immigrants in this country,” she said. “I know       Withers, who is also a 1981 Mercer Law School
A year later she became assistant district                                       that without the strong support of my family,        graduate, have two children: Julia, age 11, and
attorney of the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit.                                 especially my mother and her emphasis on             Andrew, 15. L

14       T   H   E       M   E   R   C   E   R       L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3                       F   I   R   S   T   H   I   S   P   A   N   I   C   J   U   D   G   E
    Judge Bootle Celebrates 100th Birthday

                            is hearing                                                                                                                                    When Judge Bootle was
                                                                                                                                                                      introduced, he was assisted to a
                            may not be                                                                                                                                chair on stage, seated and wired
                            what it used                                                                                                                              for sound. But as the statesman
                                                                                                                                                                      he has always been, he promptly
to be, but his ability to orally                                                                                                                                      stood and made his way to the
                                                                                                                                                                      podium. When he propped his
inform those within the                                                                                                                                               cane on the side of the podium
sound of his voice is still of                                                                                                                                        and began to speak while
                                                                                                                                                                      standing, those in attendance
true statesman quality ––                                                                                                                                             gave him a standing ovation.
                                                                                                                                                                          Referring to his 1960 ruling
even as he approached his                                                                                                                                             that desegregated the University
100th birthday.                                                                                                                                                       of Georgia (UGA), Judge Bootle
                                                                                                                                                                      said, “It wasn’t hard to do. It’s
    Judge William Augustus “Gus”                                                                                                                                      never hard to do what’s right.”
Bootle, BA ’24, LLB ’25, LLD ’85,                                                                                                                                     His ruling led to the admission
who has a distinguished career of                                                                                                                                     of Hamilton Holmes and
landmark decisions that led to the                                                                                                                                    Charlayne Hunter on the UGA
naming of the federal courthouse                                                                                                                                      campus in 1961.
in Macon in his honor, was the                                                                                                                                            “In my office, I have a plaque
recipient of a 100th birthday                                                                                                                                         that says I was a ‘barrier breaker.’
celebration June 28 at the historic                                                                                                                                   Race should be no barrier to
Fox Theatre in Midtown Atlanta.                                                                                                                                       admission to a university. We’ve
The event was sponsored by the                                                                                                                                        had a whole century of change.
Mercer University President’s Club,                                                                                                                                   Barriers must be broken and
whose members gather annually                                                              President Godsey and Judge Bootle stand outside                            removed,” he said.
                                                                                        the Fox Theatre marquee, where Bootle’s birthday is featured.                     Judge Bootle also ordered the
for a weekend event. President’s
Club members consist of Mercer                                                                                                                                        desegregation of Bibb County
alumni, friends, faculty and staff who give                                               were in attendance.                                                         Schools and the access of
$1,000 or more to the University in a fiscal year.                                            Judge Bell, in his introduction, said, “I’m             African-Americans to the polls.
    Judge Griffin B. Bell, LLB ’48, LLD ’67, senior                                       not going to say much because (to do so in)                     After some brief comments, Judge Bootle,
partner with King & Spalding in Atlanta and                                               introducing Judge Bootle would almost be a                  announced he would entertain questions from
chairman of the Mercer Advancing the Vision                                               violation of a protocol. They say, if you introduce         the audience.
capital campaign, introduced Judge Bootle. Judge                                          the President of the United States, you are just                After most every answer to the questions posed
Bell said even though he is 83 years old himself                                          supposed to say, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, the                 of him, Judge Bootle received a rousing ovation.
that Judge Bootle still calls him “son.”                                                  President of the United States.’ Judge Bootle is                Most of those hearing Judge Bootle on this
    In addition to President’s Club members in                                            almost in that same category.”                              occasion sensed it was a special moment in time
attendance, many judges –– including                                                          Judge Bell called Judge Bootle “a wise man,             that would not soon be forgotten.
members of the Georgia Supreme Court ––                                                   a wise judge and a great American.”                                                       Continued on Page 19

B   O   O   T   L   E   C   E   L   E   B   R   A   T   E   S   B   I   R   T   H   D   A   Y                       T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   15
F    E    A          T       U       R       E


                         ercer University                                          During the past seven years, several                which brings outstanding law school applicants
                                                                               classrooms at the Law School — and the Moot             to Mercer for interviews by alumni and faculty
                         President R. Kirby                                    Courtroom — received major renovations that             selection panels; the Jesse Mercer Scholarship
                         Godsey named Michael                                  include state-of-the-art technology. The modern         Program, to attract the most outstanding Mercer
                                                                               technological and audiovisual equipment can be          undergraduates to the Law School; the Walter F.
Sabbath to the position of interim dean                                        utilized by professors in teaching their courses        George Foundation Scholarships, for applicants
                                                                               and by students using the Moot Courtroom in             with an interest in public service; and the Mercer
of the Walter F. George School of Law                                          their trial practice and appellate advocacy courses.    Lawyer Scholarship Program, which focuses on
in Macon, effective July 1, 2002.                                                  Another area of improvement has been the            applicants who have exhibited traits that will
                                                                               recruitment of the most talented law students to        make them outstanding lawyers.
Sabbath, who joined the Law School                                             Mercer due, at least in part, to the additional             In being named interim dean, Sabbath said,
                                                                               scholarship programs funded in recent years             “While I look forward to returning to full-time
faculty in 1978, had served as
                                                                               by the Woodruff Trust and the Walter F. George          teaching, I am very excited about serving as the
associate dean for the past five years.                                        Foundation. These new scholarship programs              Law School’s interim dean during the dean
                                                                               include the Woodruff Scholarship Program,               search. Larry Dessem has left the Law School in
    President Godsey expects to select a                                                                                                            wonderful shape. In recent years
new Law School dean by July 1, 2003.                                                                                                                our building has been renovated
University Trustee James A. Bishop of                                                                                                               substantially, and it truly is one of the
Sea Island, a 1967 graduate of Mercer                                                                                                               most attractive and technologically
Law School, will chair the search                                                                                                                   advanced law school buildings in
committee. Other committee members                                                                                                                  the nation. Several outstanding new
include: Suzanne Cassidy, director of                                                                                                               faculty recently have been added,
the Law library; David Hudson, an                                                                                                                   and applications by extremely
Augusta attorney and member of the                                                                                                                  qualified students continue to rise.
Mercer Board of Trustees; Stephen                                                                                                                   The Law School’s endowment is one
Johnson, associate dean and Law                                                                                                                     of the top law school endowments in
School professor; Patrick Longan,                                                                                                                   the country. The future of the Law
Law School professor; Emily Myers,                                                                                                                  School is very bright, and I am
senior vice president for University                                                                                                                confident that the Law School will
Advancement and University                                                                                                                          be able to attract an exceptional
Admissions; and Richard “Doc”                                                                                                                       individual to serve as our new dean.”
Schneider (JD ’81), an Atlanta                                                                                                                          Dean Sabbath is the Walter
attorney and member of the Law                                                                                                                      Homer Drake Professor of
School Board of Visitors.                                                                                                                           Bankruptcy Law. He received his BA
    R. Lawrence Dessem, who had                                                                                                                     from the University of Wisconsin, his
served as dean of Mercer’s Law School                                                                                                               JD from Emory University School of
for seven years, accepted the position                                                                                                              Law and was awarded the LLM in
of dean at the University of Missouri                                        Dean Sabbath recently welcomed Georgia Secretary of State              1985 from Columbia University
School of Law, effective July 1.                                                  Cathy Cox, JD ’86, for a visit to the Law School.                 School of Law. L

16       T   H   E       M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /     W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3              S   A   B   B   A   T   H   N   A   M   E   D   I   N   T   E   R   I   M   D   E   A   N
Advancement Career Allows
Alumna to Give Back to Law School

                  ne Mercer Law School graduate                  One of her goals for this year is to increase
                  is using her degree to benefit her        the percentage of alumni giving back to the Law
                  alma mater. Emily Turner,                 School. “The Law School frequently has the
                  JD ’99, has joined the Mercer             opportunity to apply for grants from foundations
University Advancement Office staff as an assistant         and other organizations. Many of these grants
vice president, with her primary role being fund            require a minimum of 20 percent alumni giving.
raising for the Law School.                                 Last year, only 14.3 percent of alumni made
    “An important factor in successful university           gifts to the Law School,” she said.
advancement is love and loyalty to the institution               She wants more alumni to be aware of the
for which you are working,” said Emily P. Myers,            financial support needed by the Law School from
senior vice president for University Advancement            its graduates. “While the Law School endowment
and University Admissions. “Emily’s ties to the             is impressive, only 5 to 6 percent of the income
Law School as an alumna and her relationship                earned from the endowment can be used each
with so many alumni will help her to do an                  year. Any additional earnings are rolled into the
outstanding job. She will also be able to use her           corpus of the endowment to encourage additional
law degree in assisting alumni and friends with             income growth,” Turner added. “The income                                                       Emily Turner
estate and planned giving opportunities.”                   from the endowment, coupled with tuition paid                                             Assistant Vice President for
                                                            by the students, does not cover all of the expenses                                        University Advancement
                                                            each fiscal year. In fact, tuition only covers
  “We have an opportunity to                                approximately 64 percent of the cost of educating                 We have an opportunity to work together to give
  work together to give future                              a student. Mercer Law School looks to its alumni                  future lawyers broader opportunities,” she said.
                                                            and friends to supply the additional funding.”                        Gifts to the Law School are tax deductible
lawyers broader opportunities.”                                  Turner points out that gifts of any size are                 and can be deducted for the calendar year in
                        EMILY TURNER                        appreciated. “Please be aware that your gift, no                  which they are given.
                                                            matter the size, enables the Law School to slow                       For more information, Turner can be
     Other Advancement staff who work with the              the increase in tuition. Therefore, you can help                  reached at (478) 301-5675, 1(800) 837-2911 or
Law School are Gloria Marshall, senior associate            future law graduates by reducing their debt load.        L
vice president for Advancement; T. Raleigh Mann,
associate vice president for Alumni Services and
University Special Events, and Richard L.
Cameron, assistant vice president for University
Relations and Marketing. In addition to fund-
raising, the Advancement Office assists the Law                                  LAW DAY 2003
School with publications, alumni events and                                                   Luncheon Speaker:
volunteer boards, special projects and special
events, such as Law Day and commencement.                                          Georgia Secretary of State Cathy Cox, JD ’86
     Turner, who was practicing with the firm of
Hall, Bloch, Garland & Meyer when she made
                                                                         Make plans now to attend Law Day 2003 on Friday, March 14.
the transition to Mercer, is excited about joining                              The following classes will have reunion opportunities:
the University staff. “After three years of practice,                        1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993 & 1998
I determined that a career outside of the practice
of law would be more appropriate for me,” she                                              For additional information,
explained. “I jumped at the opportunity to join                                      call Nancy Terrill at (478) 301-2204.
the Advancement staff. This new position enables
me to focus on the Law School daily.”

A   L   U   M   N   A   G   I   V   E   S   B   A   C   K                             T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /     W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   17
                                                                                                                University News
                                                                                                                ■ The Mercer Singers performed at the Vatican during
                                                                                                                   a two-week tour of Italy last summer. The group of 39
                                                                                                                   students performed seven concerts, which featured classical
                                                                                                                   sacred works, as well as several American spiritual pieces.

                                                                                                                ■ The first meeting of the Mercer Law School Dean
                                                                                                                   Search Committee, charged with conducting a nationwide
                                                                                                                   search to secure the next dean for one of the oldest law
                                                                                                                   school’s in the country, was held Aug.16 in Macon.
                                                                                                                   Brunswick attorney Jim Bishop, Mercer Trustee and 1967
                                                                                                                   graduate of the Walter F. George School of Law, is the
                                                                                                                   chairman of the Committee.

                                                                                                                ■ Mercer School of Engineering was selected as
                                                                                                                   host of BotBall, a program of the national KISS Institute for
                                                                                                                   Practical Robotics. The program, which requires that high
                                                                                                                   school student teams create robots, provides meaningful
                                                                                                                   engineering experiences that are fun and educational.
     2nd Annual John E. James Distinguished Lecture                                                                This was the first BotBall held in Georgia.
     – The Honorable Justice Louise Arbor, fourth from the left, was guest lecturer Sept.17,
     2002, at the Second Annual John E. James Distinguished Lecture in the Moot Courtroom of the                ■ More than 600 alumni and friends of the Georgia
     Walter F. George School of Law. The Honorable Justice Arbor has served as Justice of the Supreme             Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University
     Court of Canada since 1999. Her topic was “The International Criminal Court: Can It Live Up                   celebrated 100 years of nursing education excellence. The
     to Its Promises?” The Right Honorable Lord Gordon Slynn of Hadley, lecturer at last                           weekend event, Oct. 11-13, included the dedication of the
     year’s inaugural event introduced the speaker. John E. James is a 1964 graduate of the                        College of Nursing building, the establishment of the
     Mercer Law School.                                                                                            College’s Hall of Honor and the induction of its first
           Welcoming Justice Arbor to the Law School are: from left to right, John James, The                      honorees, the Centennial Gala and a worship service.
     Honorable Martha Christian, The Right Honorable Lord Gordon Slynn of Hadley, Mercer                        ■ The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) accredited
     Board of Trustees Chairman Bob Hatcher, Dean Sabbath and President Godsey.                                   the McAfee School of Theology for five years, the
                                                                                                                   longest period of time ATS will give for initial accreditation.
                                                                                                                   Dean Alan Culpepper officially received the accreditation,
                                                                                                                   and McAfee was granted full membership into ATS at the
                                                                                                                   recent biennial meeting in Pittsburgh.

                                                                                                                ■ The School of Medicine is commemorating two
                                                                                                                   decades of teaching, serving and healing with a series of
                                                                                                                   celebrations throughout Georgia this year. More than 130
                                                                                                                   alumni and friends helped kick off the Medical School’s
                                                                                                                   20th anniversary celebration in April at the home of Mercer
                                                                                                                   Trustees Chair Robert F. Hatcher and his wife Georgia.
                                                                                                                   Other spring receptions were held on St. Simons Island
                                                                                                                   and in Stockbridge.

                                                                                                                ■ Tift College of Education has introduced a new
                                                                                                                   teacher education program designed to prepare educators
                                                                                                                   to better meet the diverse needs found in today’s classrooms.
                                                                                                                   With the “Holistic” Program, future educators have the
     Dr. Godsey’s 9/11 Address – President Godsey addressed the Law                                                opportunity to maximize their teaching skills by studying
     School faculty, staff and students on the one-year anniversary of 9/11. Dr. Godsey told the Law               diverse groups of students.
     School gathering, “September 11, or 9/11 as we have come to call it, has become a watermark
     for America, imprinted indelibly, though not always visibly, upon everything that we do. This              ■ For the first time in modern history, the Department
     startling moment, this moment in which we all fell silent, has changed our nation forever. We                of Athletics hosted a NCAA Division I athletic event
     are unlikely to ever cross the threshold of this day on our calendar without being distracted                 on the Cecil B. Day Graduate and Professional Campus in
     from the ordinary.”                                                                                           Atlanta. On Dec. 2, the Bears men’s basketball team
                                                                                                                   hosted and defeated Reinhardt College 85-62 in the
                                                                                                                   Sheffield Center.

18      T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3
Teddy Bears Help Children Cope with Tragedy
                        hen Teresa Saggese Mills, JD and knew that she needed to start the Macon                        bears for their duty.
                      ’80, heard about the Teddy        Teddy Bear Patrol. She is a one-woman                               This mission also helps Mills with her
                     Bear Patrol on a business trip,    philanthropic organization and collects new and                 “shopping habit.” Instead of buying something
                  she knew that she had found a         “gently loved” teddy bears in her office on                     for herself when she has a shopping urge, she
calling. In 1998, she founded the program in            College Street.                                                 buys bears. Asked why she devotes herself to this
Atlanta that gives teddy bears to police officers            Every bear is given a Teddy Bear Patrol tag                cause, Mills said, “My personal feeling is that it
and emergency personnel for children involved           and lots of love. She finds that the bears often                is the duty of anyone in a law-related profession,
in accidents, abuse and traumatic situations.           soften clients and attorneys when they come to                  whether it is a police officer enforcing the law,
    Mills worked closely with the Atlanta Police        her office, and she spends time preparing the                   an attorney as officer of the court or a judge
Department to implement the                                                                                                                  upholding the law, to help
program. The police chaplain                                                                                                                 in any way possible to restore
blessed every bear before it was                                                                                                             order to the chaos in our
sent into the field.                                                                                                                         society. The teddy bears do
    Officers told her that the                                                                                                               that. And that’s why I do it.”
bears helped children cope with                                                                                                                  The Teddy Bear Patrol
terrifying situations and to                                                                                                                 has been featured on Macon’s
relate better to adults trying to                                                                                                            Fox 24 News and a Macon
help them. Her work in Atlanta                                                                                                               Kids First event. Mills
soon earned her the nickname                                                                                                                 contributes about 100 bears
as the “Teddy Barrister,” and                                                                                                                per year to law enforcement
one officer told her that she                                                                                                                officers. She accepts donations
would receive a reward in                                                                                                                    of teddy bears and plastic
heaven for her efforts.                                                                                                                      oven bags to protect them.
    Mills returned to her                                                                                                                    Volunteers are also welcome
hometown of Macon last year               Teresa Mills with the Teddy Bear Patrol.                                                           to join the cause. L

 Judge Bootle Celebrates 100th Birthday                                                                                 Save the Date
... Continued from Page 15                       in the building which resembles
Distinguished Alumnus
                                                 Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Other                                       Saturday, February 22
                                                 University administrators had expressed a
    In June 1998, the federal courthouse in      desire to purchase the former Sears building                                      9 a.m. – 1 p.m
Macon was officially named the William           in downtown Macon, but Judge Bootle was                                     The Atlanta Bar Association will
Augustus Bootle Federal Building and             convinced the availability of the Insurance                                sponsor a seminar that will focus
United States Courthouse.                        Company of North America’s building                                        on how to maximize your career
    The Mercer University Board of Trustees      provided the best facility for the Law School.
                                                                                                                              performance. It will also deal
voted to endow a teaching chair, focused on           Before Judge Bootle gave remarks, the
professionalism and ethics in the practice of    first miniatures available of the Law School
                                                                                                                               with strengthening a job for
law, in Judge Bootle’s name.                     building were presented to him as well as                                   those seeking new employment.
    Judge Bootle’s many contributions to         President Godsey and Judge Bell. Bob Steed,                                        Watch for additional details on
the University include serving as a Law          who could not attend the event, also received                                        this upcoming program.
School professor and then dean from              one of the first miniatures.
1933-37. He is a lifetime Mercer Trustee              The evening concluded with some 400                                    For more information, call
                                                                                                                            the Atlanta Bar Association
after serving five terms on the Board.           guests, including state and federal judges,
                                                                                                                                 at (404) 521-0781.
    He played a leading role in the decision     singing happy birthday to Judge Bootle. His
to locate the Law School atop Coleman Hill       actual date of birth is Aug. 19, 1902. L

                                                                                T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /   W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3   19
                                                 F ACULTY N EWS
    Professor Alice Baker ’s article,                                        Linda Edwards, professor, and five                titled Jurisprudence and the Rhetoric of Legal
“Legislative Prohibitions on the Enforcement                             other team members have completed and                 Writing, which Professor Edwards gave at the
of Post-Employment Covenants Not to Compete                              submitted to the American Bar Association their       national conference of the Legal Institute held
in the Broadcasting Industry” was recently                               accreditation fact-finding report on Fordham          at the University of Tennessee in June.
published in the Hastings Communications                                 Law School in New York City. The report is part            Relatedly, Aspen Law and Business will
and Entertainment Law Journal. Baker                                     of a regular seven-year review process to             publish Professor Edwards’ newest book, Legal
presented “Expensive Accommodations Under                                continue Fordham’s accreditation status.              Method and Legal Writing, this March. The
the Americans with Disabilities Act: When Does                           Professor Edwards’ book titled Estates in Land        book takes a more theoretical approach to the
an Effective Accommodation Cease to Be                                   and Future Interests: A Step-By-Step Guide            teaching of Legal Writing and includes chapters
‘Reasonable’?” at the SEAALS conference.                                 has been published by Aspen Law and Business.         on jurisprudence, legal method and forms of
    David Brennen, professor, will co-author                             The book is a text on the estates system designed     legal reasoning.
The Tax Law of Charities and Other Exempt                                for use in Property or Wills and Trusts courses.         David Hricik, professor, spoke on Aug.
Organizations, which will be published by West                           The text is being adopted at a number of law          23 at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on
in 2003. His co-authors are from the University of                       schools across the country for use in courses         “Satisfying the Duty of Candor in Patent
Pittsburgh, University of Florida, and Vanderbilt,                       beginning this fall. Professor Edwards has            Prosecution” at the 2002 American Intellectual
and their book will be the first casebook devoted                        returned from spending last semester as a visiting    Property Law Association Patent Prosecution
almost exclusively to the tax aspects of charities                       scholar at the Harvard Law School, where she          Basic Training Seminar. Professor David Hricik
and other exempt organizations. Brennen was                              conducted research on the intersection of             was recently appointed chair of the Ethics
elected to membership in the American Law                                jurisprudence and forms of legal reasoning.           Committee of the American Bar Association’s
Institute at its May meeting.                                            Her research formed the basis of a presentation                                     Continued on Page 22

     New Faculty
     David Hricik                                                          Bar Association Section of Litigation. He has      University, at Harvard College, and at the
     Assistant Professor                                                   published a book, and scholarship in the           Bowen School of Law of the University of
         Professor Hricik received his BA with high                        Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics, the            Arkansas at Little Rock. His research focuses
     honors from the University of Arizona, and his                        South Texas Law Review, and the University         on constitutional law, the history of political
     JD, cum laude, from Northwestern University                           of Texas Review of Litigation.                     thought, and the philosophy of law. His most
     School of Law. After graduation, he practiced                                                                            recent article, concerning the philosophy of
                                                                           Leighton Moore                                     H.L.A. Hart, appeared in Legal Theory.
     law for 14 years, first with Baker Botts, and
     then as a founding partner of Slusser & Frost,                        Visiting Assistant Professor
                                                                                                                              Colleen Hartman
     and finally as Of Counsel with Yetter &                                   Professor Moore earned his BA in
     Warden. Prior to coming to Mercer, he taught                          philosophy, magna cum laude, from                  Visiting Assistant Professor
     as an adjunct professor with the University of                        Georgia State University and his JD, magna            Professor Hartman graduated with
     Houston Law Center, the University of Texas                           cum laude, from Harvard Law School. He is          highest distinction from the Pennsylvania
     School of Law, and St. Edward’s University                            also a PhD candidate in philosophy at              State University in a self-designed pre-law
     Graduate School of Management. Professor                              Emory. After law school, Professor Moore           major and is an honors graduate of Emory
     Hricik has written and spoken extensively in                          clerked for the Hon. Richard S. Arnold, United     University School of Law. She practiced
     the area of intellectual property and                                 States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit,    commercial litigation and bankruptcy law
     professional responsibility, and is the                               and then came to Atlanta to practice in the        with the Atlanta firm of Troutman
     2002-03 chair of the Ethics and Professional                          litigation group at Sutherland Asbill &            Sanders, LLP before joining the faculty at
     Responsibility Committee of the American                              Brennan. He has taught at Georgia State            Mercer in 2002.

20       T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /    W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3
                                                        C LASS N OTES
                1957                                     1988                    birth of their daughter, Sarah Allene,           for settlement statute.                            The couple resides in Macon.
   Richard Mills, LLB, celebrated             Lise L. Hudson, JD, has            on Sept. 22, 2000. The family resides                Capt. Brian J. Suckman,                            Catherine M. Rudder-Leek,
35 years as both a trial and appellate    become a partner with Arnstein &       in Charlotte, N.C.                               JD, is chief of military justice at                JD, is a drug prosecutor in the
judge at the state and federal levels     Lehr in West Palm Beach, Fla.              Jeffrey N. Powers, JD, and                   Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. He is                 Oconee Judicial Circuit. She resides
on Dec. 5, 2001. He resides in                Jay D. Mitchell, JD, has joined    his wife, Katie, announce the birth              the recipient of the 2002 Federal                  in Cochran.
Springfield, Ill.                         the health care group at Nelson        of their daughter, McKay Louise, on              Bar Association’s Younger Federal
                                                                                                                                  Lawyers Award.                                                     2000
                                          Mullins in Atlanta in August 2001.     June 6, 2001. The family resides in
                1970                                                             Macon.                                                                                                  Cristen Howard, JD, married
    Lawrence J. Phalin, BA                               1990                                                                                    1998                                James Freeman, BA ’96, JD ’99.
                                                                                     Michael G. Webb, JD,
’68, JD, of Mateer & Harbert, P.A.,           John W. Geiger, JD, and his        announces the formation of Webb                     Ray A. Lord, JD, and his wife,                  Cristen is a law clerk to a federal
was recently included in Orlando          wife, Mia (Brown) Geiger, BA ’89,      and Zagoria, LLC in Union City.                  Lori, announce the birth of their                  district court judge in Macon.
magazine’s “Orlando’s 55 Best             announce the adoption of their                                                          daughter, Jessica Haley, on Aug. 21,                   Christine M. Livingston, JD,
Attorneys” list.                          daughter, Madeline. The family                         1996                             2001. The family resides in                        joined the law firm of Shepherd &
                                          resides in Perry, where John is an         Bradley R. Coppedge, BBA                     Charleston, S.C.                                   Johnston in Griffin in October 2001.
              1971                        attorney with Geiger and Geiger, PC.   ’93, JD, is a partner in the law firm
   John L. Merritt, JD, retired                                                                                                                  1999                                               2002
                                                          1990                   of Hatcher, Stubbs, Land, Hollis &
from Robins Air Force Base and is                                                                                                    James Freeman, BA ’96, JD,                         Marcus S. Henson, JD,
                                              D. Jay Stewart, JD, has become     Rothschild, LLP in Columbus. He
now practicing law in Cumming.                                                                                                    married Cristen Howard, JD ’00.                    practices with the Colorado State
                                          a partner at the law firm of Brown     and his wife, Catherine, announce
                                                                                                                                  He serves as house counsel for                     Public Defender’s office in Colorado
                1972                      & Rountree, P.C., now Brown,           the birth of their first child, Alicia           Progressive Insurance Company.                     Springs, Colo.
    Michael O. Hawkins, BA ’70,           Rountree & Stewart, in Statesboro.     Frances, on April 27, 2001.
JD, is the chief legal counsel for the        Linda G. Willis, BA ’87, JD,           Cherine C. Dabbagh, JD, has
Western Integrity Center, which is        recently became head of SunTrust       received a business degree from the
                                                                                 London School of Economics. She
responsible for the detection of
Medicare fraud in 12 western states
                                          Bank’s retail brokerage division,
                                          Alexander Key Investments, Atlanta     works as a financial consultant/                                      I N S YMPATHY
and three Pacific territories.            division.                              legal advisor in London, England.
                                                          1992                       Christian Hardigree, JD,                                              1930                                      1955
               1978                                                              is an assistant professor at the                          Lawson Bell, AB ’28, LLB, died            B. Bartow Johnson, LLB, died
                                              Michael E. Hendrix, JD,
    Bradford R. Pierce, JD,                                                      University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in                       June 1, 2002, in Peachtree City.          Dec. 15, 2001, in Leslie.
                                          and his wife, Dina, announce the
married Laura Lark Ledbetter on                                                  the College of Hotel Administration,
                                          opening of their law firm in                                                                                     1936                                      1956
May 25. The couple resides in Albany                                             while maintaining a caseload at her
                                          Hayesville, N.C. They also announce                                                              Harry Lichter, LLB, died                  Edward P. Riley Jr., LLB, died
where Pierce is an assistant district                                            law office of Parnell & Associates.
                                          the birth of their daughter, Claire                                                              June 19, 2000.                            July 21, 2001, in Greenville, S.C.
attorney.                                                                            Paul D. Meyer, JD, and his
                                          Elizabeth, on May 30, 2001.
               1980                           Lisa Jones Moore, JD, is the       wife, Jennifer, announce the birth of                                     1937                                      1966
                                          circuit director for the Guardian      their second child, Mary Jane, on                         Willis I. Allen, LLB, died April          Joseph Benjamin Newton
    David H. Connolly Jr., JD,
                                          Ad Litem Program in the 4th            Sept. 1, 2001. The family resides in                      19, 2002, in Macon. He was an             Sr., LLB, died Jan. 1, 2002, in
earned a master of arts degree in
                                          Judicial Circuit. She resides in       Savannah.                                                 attorney for more than 60 years           Waycross.
history from the University of
                                          Jacksonville, Fla.                         E. Michelle Robinson, BA                              and established the Willis I. Allen
Georgia. He is now enrolled at Rice                                                                                                                                                                  1967
                                                                                 ’93, JD, and her husband, Steve,                          Scholarship Fund.
University seeking a PhD.                                 1993                                                                                                                       Gordon L. Jackson Jr., LLB,
                                                                                 announce the birth of their son,
    Tina Gwen Stanford, JD, has                                                                                                                            1947                      died April 26, 2002, in Macon.
                                              Pamela M. Boylan Hill, JD,         Connor Everett Tyde, on Oct. 29,
changed law practices from Atlanta                                                                                                         William W. Daniel, LLB,
                                          and her husband, Markus, announce      2001. The family resides in Atlanta.                                                                                1972
Legal Aid Society Inc. to the office of                                                                                                    died Jan. 8, 2002. He served as a
                                          the birth of their daughter, Nicole
Michael Morant Associates.                                                                       1997                                                                                Earl B. Benson Jr., JD, died
                                          Eileen, on March 30, 2001. The                                                                   Fulton County Superior Court
                                                                                     Allison (Strazzella)                                                                            Aug. 14, 2002, in Ellijay.
               1982                       family resides in Macon.                                                                         judge for 23 years.
    Mark William Clark, JD, has               J. Kirk Fisher, JD, and his        Brantley, JD, and Terry O.                                                                                          1982
been named a trial advocate by the        wife, Kate, announce the birth of      Brantley, JD, announce the birth                                                                    David R. Martin, JD, died July
                                                                                 of triplets, Abbey, Kate and Grace,                       William F. Nee, LLB, died
National Board of Trial Advocacy.         their daughter, Ava Elisabeth, on                                                                                                          25, 2001, in Pinehurst, N.C.
                                                                                 on Nov. 1, 2001. The family resides                       March 26, 2001, in New
He resides in West Palm Beach, Fla.       June 26. The family resides in
                                                                                 in Smyrna.                                                Kensington, Pa.                                           1988
    Richard S. Thompson, BA               Greenville, S.C.
                                                                                     Render Heard, BA ’96, JD, and                                         1950                      Michael E. Ingram, JD, died
’79, JD, was confirmed as a U.S.                         1994                                                                                                                        Nov. 14, 2002, in Tallahassee, Fla.
Attorney for the southern district of                                            his wife, Stacey, announce the birth                      Jack M. Smith, LLB, died
                                              James J. Cooney, JD, is a          of their daughter, Alexandria Rae,                        April 16, 2002, in Marietta.
Georgia on Nov. 30, 2001.                                                                                                                                                                            1998
                                          partner with Jackson & Hardwick, an    on Dec. 20, 2001. The family resides
                                          Atlanta-based firm that was awarded                                                                              1952                      Jeffrey W. Cacioppo, JD, died
               1984                                                              in Tifton.                                                                                          Nov. 11, 2001, in Eastman.
                                          the 2001 Partners’ Circle Award by                                                               George J.L. Napier, LLB,
    Cindy Morris, BA ’80, JD,                                                        Stephan M. Lampasso,
                                          Chicago Title.                                                                                   died Jan. 30, 2001, in Macon.                             2000
was sworn in as the first female                                                 JD, argued before the First District
Superior Court judge for the                           1995                      Court of Appeal, in defense of an                         Selwyn D. Pack Sr., LLB,                  Natasha Olds Quinn, JD, of
Conasauga Judicial Circuit. She              Anna K. Blackwelder, JD,            award of attorney fees and on                             died Feb. 27, 2002.                       Mableton died Nov. 14, 2002.
resides in Dalton.                        and her husband, Jon, announce the     compliance with Florida’s proposal

                                                                                                     T   H   E   M   E    R   C    E   R       L   A   W   Y   E   R   /    W    I   N   T   E   R    2   0   0   3    21
                                                  F ACULTY N EWS
... Continued from Page 20                                                Disability Discrimination,” which can be                         presented by the Middle District of Georgia
Section of Intellectual Property for 2002-2003.                           accessed from Professor Colker’s Web site at                     Bankruptcy Law Institute Inc. His topic was “How
Hricik served on a panel discussing the ethical                  The                           Revised Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial
issues arising from the use of high technology                            supplement includes the Supreme Court’s                          Code Affects Your Bankruptcy Practice.”
at the ABA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.,                            decisions since the Third Edition was published
                                                                                                                                               Jack Sammons, professor, recently
Aug. 11, 2002. Hricik also gave a presentation on                         as well as recent developments in the lower courts.
                                                                                                                                           moderated the plenary session of the Georgia
Aug. 23, 2002 on inequitable conduct at the                               In addition, Professor Milani wrote a new section
                                                                                                                                           Jury Summit, a three-day conference to examine
American Intellectual Property Law Association’s                          on the Individuals with Disabilities Education
                                                                                                                                           the role of the jury sponsored by the National
Annual Program for New Patent Lawyers in                                  Act (IDEA). Milani made a presentation on an
                                                                                                                                           Center for State Courts and the Georgia Judicial
Washington D.C. He has taped a series of CLE                              article he co-authored with his Mercer colleague,
                                                                                                                                           Council. His article titled “On Cheating and
presentations regarding various ethical issues                            Professor Michael Smith, “Playing God: A Critical
                                                                                                                                           Legal Ethics” will be published as part of a
that will be available to lawyers through the                             Look at Sua Sponte Decisions By Appellate
                                                                                                                                           symposium on legal ethics by the University of
West LegalEd Center.                                                      Courts” at the Tenth Biennial Conference of
                                                                                                                                           Idaho and his article on curriculum reform
                                                                          The Legal Writing Institute, University of
    Hal Lewis, professor, who recently                                                                                                     will be part of a symposium on legal education
                                                                          Tennessee College of Law, June 1. The article can
returned to Mercer after serving as a visiting                                                                                             published by Gonzaga. In November, Professor
                                                                          be accessed from Professor Milani’s Web site at
professor at George Mason University, spent the                                                                                            Sammons will be a featured speaker at a
past year working with many aspects of Civil                                                                                               national conference on Christian perspectives
Rights and Employment Discrimination Law.                                    Mike Sabbath, interim dean, spoke at                          on legal thought. He is currently vice chair of
He served as consultant to the Chief Counsel,                             the 5th Annual Bankruptcy Law Seminar Sept. 6                    the Georgia Formal Advisory Opinion Board.
Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor
and Pensions, concerning the Employment
Nondiscrimination Act of 2001, which would be
the first national bill banning employment
discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
During the past summer, Professor Lewis                                                                    Did You Know...
published a new chapter on Civil Rights
substantive violations, attorneys’ fees, procedures                                                            the Law School Career Services Office
and other remedies for Stephen Yagman’s                                                                           has a Web site designed to help
book, Section 1983 Federal Jury Practice and                                                               students and graduates seeking employment?
Instructions. He is currently completing the 2002
edition of Litigating Employment Discrimination                                                                   Visit our Web site at
and Civil Rights Cases with co-author Elizabeth
Norman. They completed the 2001 edition last                                                         
fall, and it was published in January 2002. Last                                                   Use the Quick Jump drop down menu to link to Career Services.
spring the Journal of Southern Legal History
published Lewis’ article, “Affirmative Distraction:                                                  We now list all Job Opportunities on the Web site. From the Career Services site,
Race Preference and Bias in the New South.”                                                    link to Job Postings. Scroll down to select “Alumni Job Postings.” Users will be
                                                                                               prompted for a User Name and Password. The User Name is Alumni. The Password is
   Jim Marshall, professor and former                                                          Franklin. We encourage users to be broad in their search criteria.
mayor of Macon, was on leave during the fall                                                         We also have a Web Resources page that contains helpful career information and
2002 semester as he was successfully elected to a                                              employment databases. From the main Career Services page, link to Web Resources.
seat in Congress. He will represent the 3rd
Congressional District of Georgia.                                                                            Questions? Please call the
                                                                                                       Career Services Office at (478) 301-2615.
   Adam Milani, professor, and Ruth
Colker, Ohio State professor, co-authored a
supplement to the Third Edition of “The Law of

22        T   H   E   M   E   R   C   E   R   L   A   W   Y   E   R   /    W   I   N   T   E   R   2   0   0   3
F r o m                 t h e         A l u m n i                                     P r e s i d e n t

                                                                        HE VALUE OF A                     exceeds $80 million. This is by far the largest in
                                                                        Mercer Law School                 Georgia and gives Mercer one of the top 15 law
                                                                        education can be                  school endowments in the country. Our financial
                                                                        judged in more                    strength enables the Law School to provide
                                                                        areas than just the               scholarships, and with your continued support,
                                                    courtroom. Mercer certainly has its                   scholarships will be even more generous.
                                                    share of quality attorneys and judges                     Facilities have been updated and with the many
                                                    who are among the finest in the                       computer enhancements, our Moot Courtroom
                                                    Southeast and around the country.                     and classrooms are touted as some of the “best
                                                    However, many graduates of the                        wired” in the country. Also, work is winding down
                                                    Walter F. George School of Law use                    on installation of a new roof on the Law School
                                                    their law degrees to make their mark                  building. The contractor’s scaffolding can be seen
                                                    in other ways.                                        for miles, reminding central Georgians and
                                                        In this edition of The Mercer                     hundreds of tourists that our School is certainly a
                                                    Lawyer, we have the opportunity to                    beacon to behold.
                                                    read about three of our fellow alumni                     One of our fellow alumni, Jim Bishop, is
                                                    who are excelling in three distinct                   chairing the Law Dean Search Committee. This
                                                    fields: entrepreneurial, political and                committee has a necessary blend of Law School
                                                    corporate.                                            faculty, staff and alumni to give valued input in
     Preston Lewis, JD ’79                              Also in this issue you might be                   selecting the individual who will lead the Law
   Walter F. George School of Law   surprised to learn that even among the rigors of                      School into the future. The Committee is hopeful
        Alumni Association          obtaining a law school degree Cupid manages to                        to have a new dean in place by the start of the
                                    intervene among our students. I know you will                         next academic year.
                                    enjoy reading of five couples who met and married                         We are thankful to Mike Sabbath, who is
                                    as a result of their meeting at law school. Not to                    providing great leadership as the interim dean.
                                    mention the Brantley family whose union has                               As we look ahead to our future issues of Law
                                    resulted in triplets. Now that’s a challenge for a                    School publications, we would be appreciative to
                                    two-lawyer family.                                                    learn of ideas for stories about our fellow alumni.
                                        Many exciting happenings are occurring at our                     If you have an idea for a story, please contact
                                    Law School. Mercer continues to attract some of the                   Patricia Bass at (478) 301-2615 or Rick Cameron
                                    brightest law school students. We have significantly                  at (478) 301-5500.
                                    upgraded facilities and now we are in the midst of                        As a final note, mark your calendars for Law
                                    searching for a new Law School Dean.                                  Day 2003. This year’s event is scheduled for March
                                        Both in the undergraduate and professional                        14. We look forward to seeing each of you for this
                                    schools, Mercer is attracting its most academically-                  celebration. It is a pleasure to serve you as
                                    gifted students in the institution’s history. We are                  President of your Law School Alumni Association.
                                    proud of this year’s first-year class –– perhaps our
                                    best ever. Through the generous support of alumni
                                    and friends, the Law School’s endowment currently                         Preston Lewis

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Mercer Legacies
Among Law Graduates
Mercer University President R. Kirby Godsey, left, and Advancing
the Vision Campaign Chairman Griffin B. Bell, LLB ’48, LLD ’67,
right, were among the proud parents and grandparents at the 2002
commencement for the Walter F. George School of Law. Stephanie
Godsey Jansen, second from left, Dr. Godsey’s daughter, and
Griffin Bell III, second from right, Judge Bell’s grandson, were
among those who earned their JD degree in May 2002.

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