How to open PDF or Adobe PDF attachment on the web by hkksew3563rd


									"I can't read my PDF files on my computer. How to do with it?" "What's wrong with
my Firefox, which can't allow me to read PDF attachment?" Have you met something
like that? The article will give you some tips to handle the problem.
  At first, i would like to introduce PDF file format:
  PDF (short for Portable Document Format), one of the most popular ebook formats,
created by Adobe Systems in 1993. PDF files are viewable and printable on virtually
any platform, including Windows, Mac OS, and mobile platforms such as Android.
Click here to read more about PDF features.
  Let's go the section 1: Open PDF file on computer
  What you need to do: Download and install Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader on your
PC or Mac. Free download the Adobe Reader 9 at
  Alternatively, you can choose online PDF conversion tool to convert PDF to HTML
or TXT format.
  Sometimes, you may need to read PDF attachments sent by your company or friends.
Generally speaking, you can read PDF attachments on the web as long as you install
PDF reader like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader on your computer.
  However, if you still can't read PDF document after the installation, you would better
follow the below guide to check out the possible reason and clear it up.
  1: Restart your PC or Mac and reopen the PDF file. Sometimes, it can solve some
common problem.
  2.Try to open your local PDF file in web browser In your web browser, choose
File-open File, then select your PDF from hard drive, click Open.
  If the PDF document can't be well displayed on the web, but it can well readable
with Adobe Reader, the problem results in the web server. Contact the webmaster to
find the solution.
  3.Select the option Display PDF in Browser Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat, choose
Edit-Preference, select Internet-tick Display PDF In Browser-click OK.
  4.Install the latest version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat, or uninstall and reinstall the
  Know detailed information about How to open PDF files or attachment on the web.
  Sometimes, you may also wanna open PDF on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad,
here share some tips
  Tip 1 View PDF e-mail attachments or PDFs from Safari with iBooks Only
applicable to iPhone and iTouch with iOS 4 or later.
  Tip 2 Desktop applications-Stanza or Good Reader, which can support you to view
PDF documents on iPhone, iPod Touch.
  Tip 3 Convert PDF for perfect playback on Apple products like iPad, iPhone, iTouch.
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iPhone/iTouch, hope these guides can give you some hints.

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