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									The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has been developed by the
federal government of USA and is directed towards healthcare professionals such as
doctors, with an aim to protect patient's private information. It extends its control to
other healthcare workers such as insurers, healthcare companies, lab technicians,
healthcare managers, medical data transcriptionists, lawyers, staffing agencies and
home medical suppliers, who have access to patient's information. Many companies
offer HIPAA Certificate after successful completion of HIPAA training and testing.
But if you're looking for low cost but quality HIPAA training, HIPAA Exams is the
best choice available in the market.
  How To Obtain A HIPAA Certificate?
  HIPAA Exams has been providing quality HIPAA training including HIPAA Security,
HIPAA Awareness (privacy) and ARRA/ HITECH Act of 2009/2010 since 2004. In
order to obtain a HIPPA Certificate, the healthcare professionals need to take a HIPAA
course followed by a HIPAA test. For this, you need to buy an HIPAA training
program and go through it. A study guide is also provided with HIPAA course. It
contains real life scenarios and case studies for developing a better understanding in
those who are taking this course. HIPAA training program can be completed in one to
two hours easily. However, you can take your own time as it is not mandatory to
finish it in two hours. Once you're through with the course, you need to take a test and
can print the certificate immediately upon completion.
  What Does HIPAA Certification Program Include?
  HIPAA Exams provide the most comprehensive course that includes basic
information about HIPAA, insurance reform, the administrative simplifications and
accountability, standards for electronic transaction, privacy rule, security rule, HIPAA
rules and their interpretations, HIPAA compliance, HIPAA penalties for
non-compliance and implications of non-compliance.
  The course also includes Privacy standards, administrative requirements of privacy,
protecting policy, individual patent rights, notice, consent, authorization and
disclosure exceptions to privacy. Additionally, it also includes security rule,
administrative safeguards, technical and physical safeguards, security rule standard,
security management process, information access management, security breach
incident procedures, business associate contracts, workstation use and device and
media controls.
  In addition to this, HIPAA course also covers HIPAA implementation, FAQs, links to
actual HIPAA rules, standards and interpretations, ARRA/ HITECH 2009/2010,
overview of changes in rules, enforcement of business associates, individual privacy
rights and PHI scale exclusions.
  How To Buy HIPAA Certificate Program?
  In order to buy a HIPAA Certificate program, all you need to do is to visit the
website and sign up. HIPAA Exam offers you web-based HIPAA training program at
very low prices. It offers three month access and unlimited free support with instant
certificate printing facility. The best part is that it does not charge any set-up and
recurring fees. You just need to enter the number of HIPAA license you wish to
purchase. You can purchase this course for single as well as multiple users. Right after
buying, you'll have an instant access to the most comprehensive and
easy-to-understand HIPAA course. You can now review the material take final test
and print your HIPAA Certificate.
  HIPAA Exam offers a complete and full-fledged web-based HIPAA training program
with a facility to print your HIPAA Certificate right after taking final HIPAA test.
  HIPAA Exams offers high quality HIPAA training programs at extremely low costs.
It provides HIPAA security, HIPAA Awareness (Privacy) and ARRA/HITECH Act of
2009/2010 in one package. The company also offers a facility to print HIPAA
Certificate instantly right after finishing the final test.

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