How to Move the Refrigerator

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					Refrigerator is one of the most essential kitchen appliances and it is one of the
difficult appliances to move. When you make local moves or long distance moves, it
makes sense to move your refrigerator using the help of Mover New York.
 It is not possible to simply lift the refrigerator and pack it. You need large moving
dolly and ropes or moving straps. Cleaning supplies are required to clean the
refrigerator before moving it. Moving blankets and packing tape are also required.
You can get packing supplies from Mover NY who is moving your other goods.
 When you move a refrigerator, it should be empty and clean. All the contents
including those in the freezer must be removed. Perishables must be used up or given
away and packed items can be packed and moved separately. Defrost freezer and
unplug refrigerator and it is better to do this overnight. All loose items from the
refrigerator must be removed. The shelves must be packed using blankets. Wrap
power cord separately. Tie the doors tightly and tape them.
 Once your refrigerator has been cleared, move it using a dolly or other heavy
moving equipment. Use moving straps to secure refrigerator to dolly and move it.
When moving refrigerator in steps, move it bottom first. Then, load the truck. If this is
daunting for you, you can ask NY Mover to load the refrigerator to the moving truck.
You should never let refrigerator to lie on its side and it is better to move it in upright
 Moving is complete only if the refrigerator is appropriately placed in your new home.
Make sure that the refrigerator sits for at least a couple of hours to let fluid flow back
to compressor. Plug in the refrigerator and give it enough time to reach optimum
cooling temperature.

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