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									The Poodle is one of the most popular dogs around the world, chosen for their lovely
curls and petite size. Little girls dream of these dogs as the perfect puppy, one they
can add a bow too and lead around with a pink lead. So you would assume that this
breed is fairly friendly and docile, right? Well you may be surprised to find that this is
not the case, in fact many people believe Poodles are more prone to biting than any
other breed.
  Whether this is case or not, the facts are that all dogs who are not trained properly
will have a number of bad habits that cause problems for their owners. Poodles are
much the same, but among their bad habit repertoire, biting is one of the most
  Avoiding a Biting Poodle Puppy
  There are a number of things you can do to reduce and eliminate your Poodle from
biting. The first is to ensure that your puppy is fully socialised before you bring them
home. Do not accept a puppy until it is at least 8 weeks of age. This gives them time
to learn how to be with other dogs, pups and people.
  When you do get your new Poodle puppy home keep up the socialisation,
introducing your new family member to your friends and family, as well as other
puppies at the park.
  Enrol your little Poodle in obedience school as soon as you can. Check with your vet
or the breeder to find out if there are any Poodle specific classes around as these will
deal with the biting issues that many Poodles can develop.
  Never yell or spank your Poodle, as they will not understand your anger. If your
puppy does bite you, make a soft crying or whimpering sound and provide your
puppy a toy. This mimics how another puppy may act if bitten.
  Older Poodles that Bite
  Biting in older Poodles can be harder to control, but you must persevere for the sake
of your Poodle, your family and the safety of others who may come in contact with
them. Remain calm and cool in all situations, you are in control, you are the alpha
leader and you need to show this at all times to your Poodle.
  Start by enrolling your dog in a class for older dogs who bite. Your vet may be able
to recommend a good one. These classes can deal with aggression and also address
any fear or anxiety issues that your dog may possess.
  Create a strict routine, so that your dog will learn when feeding time is, when
walking is and when learning time is. Practice all the commands that your dog is
learning. Poodles are quite intelligent so will learn quickly if you are calm and
consistent with your training.
  When walking your dog, always have him or her on a lead to protect others, but still
try and give your dog the opportunity to socialise and interact with other dogs or
people, if appropriate.
  Avoid games that your Poodle could misinterpret. These include tug-of-war, chase or
wrestling as your dog may become confused about when aggression is acceptable. In
addition your dog may take the game too far.
  Ongoing Issues with Poodle Biting
  If you have tried all these techniques without success, it may be necessary to get
professional help. Dog biting should never become acceptable and if left unattended
could escalate. Seek the assistance of an expert and keep talking to your vet.
 In summary, never let your Poodle bite you or anyone else, but be mindful of how
you respond to this action.
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